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    Hello and welcome to my brand new one x one search. I would first off like apologize if I have stolen / copy and pasted any of your ideas recently, that is a huge no no and that was really fucking dumb. I also would like to thank @Scorpio Queen for these amazing and beautiful pairings.

    Okay now that is out of the way, let me get a few things out of the way and then we can roleplay
    • I am not the queen / goddess / god / anything of roleplaying. I make mistakes (sometimes they are really big and really annoying and piss people off and...well you get the picture. I won't get mad if you make a mistake.
    • Please let me know if you're going to be gone for a while (I'm starting to get into the habit of updating my status, but I'm still having a little trouble)
    • I'm around the terms of elementary to adept but it depends on my current mood, and sometimes I will mirror posts.
    • I play both genders and will in fact play the male to your female and so on and so forth.
    • I will do sexual content but only if you're not a minor (I have another search for that)
    • Fandoms , originals, it doesn't matter with me.
    • I tend to not really contribute to the planning process (It does not mean that I'm bored or anything, I'm just a little off track)
    • Please do not come to my search asking me to pm you, it is one of my pet peeves
    • I am not really good with when it comes to planning (so please don't be mad, if I don't really help plan out the roleplay.
    Word Bank Time
    Genres I like
    romance, fantasy , supernatural, mpreg, pregnancy, medevil , fandoms, originals, magical girls, dark romance, age gaps, drama , music , Face Claim (anime or real) , Fluff , Anime/Slice-of-Life , Cyberpunk , steam punk , Apocalyptic , Post-apocalypse , yaoi, yuri,

    bathroom play, scat, furries, anthros and people posting on my search and asking me to roleplay with them.
    Sample (from current roleplay with @PinkPixieDust and @TickToc)

    with @TickToc
    "You sure this is a good idea, Hino. if your secret where to be found out then we would be in sort of trouble. this person could be some rapist or a terrorist and if something would happen to you, that means my job would be at risk and I would have to go back to my boring job as a delivery job driver, and they don't make enough money!" a man's voice screamed as he slammed his left foot on the break, nearly slimming past the house and turned his head noticing Hino was rubbing her forehead with her hand.

    "You're worrying too much." she muttered under her breath and moved to stepped out of the car, pushing her glasses onto her nose and tying her light brown hair in a low ponytail, she grabbed her suitcase and turned towards her driver. "I'll meet you at the cafe later for work." she said and quickly took off towards the steps of the house, nearly tripping and ramming her nose into the door.

    with @PinkPixieDust
    Sarabas expression was a mixture of both boredom and irritation as the water fairy's speech drowned on and on, he was very gallant and seemed to have most of the subjects of the kingdom entranced in his words his actions. He remember when he would bring his wife to these gatherings, how she would whisper in his ear and make gestures, imitating the king and the other subjects, she also drown on and on about all the outfits some of the more finer fairies were wearing much to the horror of some of the nobles.

    However when the dancing began, he decided it was about time to return to his "work" in the garden but blinked as he bumped what seemed to be a young woman, his violin case sliding out his grasp and ending up on the dance floor. "Forgive me..I should have watched what I was..." Sarabas paused as he glanced up at her noticing the only daughter of the garden fairy's king and smiled at her. "Sorry." he muttered stepping back, his entire face a dark red.
    Current Cravings
    I'm currently craving a slice of life roleplaying with a minor mix of romance and supernatural elements, I'm also craving something to have to do with pregnancy.

    my other current craving is a traditional wedding with a pregnancy that isn't part of it, sort of like an asian tradition where the bride has to be a virgin in order to be pure and her being pregnant causes problem (pregnancy can be removed for a more supernatural element

    currently craving a roleplay with elves and other supernatural creatures.
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  2. Original Pairing (Central)

    okay now here is where it gets a little tricky ( if the pairing is in bold it means I'm craving it but if it has a :microphone: near it, means I have an idea or a plot in process)

    Pairing Set One (Slice of Life)

    School Boy or School Girl/Popular Schoolgirl
    Boyfriend or Girlfriend/Girlfriend
    Pregnant Girlfriend/ Girlfriend or Boyfriend :microphone:
    Cheerleading Captain x Rocker Boy
    Good girl x Bad boy
    Bad girl x Good boy
    Boss x Intern
    Ice Skater x Trainer :microphone:
    Ice Skater x Banned Skater
    Ice Skater x Trainer
    Fashion Designer x Model :microphone:
    Therapist x Client
    Therapist x struggling client
    therapist x therapist
    chef x baker
    chef x chef
    chef x apprentice
    Suicidal Girl x Best Friend
    Suicidal Girl x Guardian Angel
    Druggie x Best Friend
    Druggie x Drug Dealer's Son
    Druggie x Drug Dealer
    Gang Member x Scared Girlfriend
    Gang Member x Leader's Daughter
    Gang Member x Pregnant Girlfriend :microphone:
    Fighter x Girlfriend
    Fighter x Protective Girlfriend
    Fighter x Pregnant Girlfriend
    Village Girl x Farmhand Boy
    Village Girl x Traveling Prince
    Village Girl x Abandoned Male :microphone:
    Dancer x Non Dancer
    Magical Girl x Cosplaying Boy
    Real life anime girl x Cosplaying Boy
    Cosplaying Girl x Cosplayer Judge
    Cosplaying Girl x Cosplaying Boy
    Graduating Girl x Super Senior
    Graduating Girl x Vampire Senior
    Neko Girl x Cosplaying Wolf Boy
    Disney Lover x Non Disney Lover
    violinist x non violinist :microphone:
    Pairing Set Two (Let's Get Historical)
    Assassin x Assassin
    Gypsy x Gypsy other clan :microphone:
    Prince x Spy of other country
    Prince x Prisoner
    Geisha x Young Lord :microphone:
    Escort x Client
    Geisha x Tourist
    Geisha x Geisha :microphone:
    princess x prince
    princess x maid of another household
    princess x peasant
    gypsy x demon :microphone:
    Pairing Set Three (Into our wildest fantasies)
    fairy princess x elf prince
    fairy princess x dark elf prince :microphone:
    fairy princess x unwed fairy king :microphone:
    fairy queen x elf king
    elf queen x fairy king
    spring sprite x winter sprite
    fall sprite x summer sprite
    Beastmaster X Shapeshifter
    Angel X Demon
    Vampire X Nephlim/Angel
    Elemental X Elemental
    Demon X Human
    Ghost X Human
    Dragon shifter X Soldier
    Dragon King/Human Queen :microphone:
    Dragon Rider/Dragon :microphone:
    Dragon Queen/Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Queen/Dragon Guard
    arranged marriage
    unplanned pregnancy :microphone:
    stolen idenity
    traveling into an unknown world
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  3. Fandoms

    Video Games
    Fallout 4
    Dragon Age
    Mass Effect
    Final Fantasy VII
    Final Fantasy XII
    Final Fantasy X
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Kingdom Hearts
    The Witcher (I'm kinda new at this, so maybe oc's)
    Death Note
    Hibiki Euphorium
    Sword Art Online (I'm kinda new to this)
    Fruits Basket
    Kiniro no Corda Primo Passo
    Fate/Stay Night
    Mirai Nikki
    Food Wars
    Black Butler
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Yu-Gi-Oh/Yu-Gi-Oh GX
    Ano Hana
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Vampire Knight
    Soul Eater
    my neighbor totoro
    full moon wo sagashite
    howl's moving castle
    spirited away
    T. V / Movies
    Criminal Minds
    Wolf Children
    Once Upon A Time
    Winx Club
    Ever After High
    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
    Monster High
    Vampire Diaries
    Steven Universe
    Adventure Time
    my neighbor totoro
    full moon wo sagashite
    howl's moving castle
    spirited away
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  4. Hi! I'd be interested in doing a good girlxbad boy. I haven't had one of those in awhile and they've always been my weakness.
  5. sure. mind messaging me.
  6. I'd be interested in doing an rp with you i dont care what it is
  7. I'll do the fate/stay night with you.
  8. sure mind messaging me, I don't know the series that well, but I get the gist of it.
  9. uh sure, I'm not quite sure what you want to do though, mind messaging me.
  10. still searching, updated!
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