Currently looking for new partners to rp with.(OPEN)

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  1. Okay, I'm an rp-holic. Might as well get that out. *throws it into the sky so it rains over me*

    Anyways, I'm also a sucker for romance. Gay romance, straight romance, boys, girls, forbidden relationships, cheesy movie nights, romantic candle-lit dinners, proposing, and everything else that's fun about couples.

    I have a few plot candies/ideas(ish?) that I really love taking different spins on:

    - The forbidden romance (this can be rivals, or same-sex relationships, or family issues, incest even. Though last-mentioned is something I don't do often)
    - The cheesy, awkward teenage romance (the whole awkward situation thing with brushing of hands and peeking on each other secretly.
    - My favorite settings are modern and the victorian era, but I am a heck lot interested in the 20s and 60s at the moment, though I don't know where to start!
    - I love it when the possessive partner of the characters gets all awkward and fidgety.
    - I am absolutely open to all kinds of romance, and I don't care whether it's mxm, mxf or fxf as long as we can get something interesting going!
    - Work relationships (strained, preferably, the boss/subordinate thing, maybe, other than that then just two coworkers who hate each other's guts)
    - Strange abilities with the main characters.
    - High school rivals in love

    ... aaaand basically anything.

    Now for the cons(sort of) :

    I don't really like horror(and to this, violence and such, I can be pushed to an assault but I won't be describing it, hell no), sci-fi(I just really suck at it. I'm such a tech dummy.), historical/military(doesn't give my romance-heart anything to go with) and fandoms (I simply lost interest for these kinds of rps. But do try me if you want. I might say yes)

    Anyhowdihow, if you feel interested, do message me ! In private if you prefer or just a reply here in the thread. Hope to get a lot of new friends ~ !
  2. I'm interested in doing an rp if you're still looking for someone, I like all of your ideas... So if there is one you really want to do I'll do it :)
  3. Right at the moment, the high school rivals in love in an mxm rp. How's that sound for you?
  4. I'm still trying to work on my writing as a male character, but I'm up for it. It just might sound a bit awkward at first.
  5. Males can be a lot of different things, haha. But we can talk more about that later, I am off to bed now ^^
  6. I am interested in a forbidden love plot. Involving a human mutant who hunts down paranormal predators for a living. Your character could be a priest or priestess of the organization I am hired to help, due to several gruesome murders taking place within the holy sanctuary. The church finds my characters unnatural birth to be revolting, likening my kind to a demonic plague. Hiring her under the notion that only a monster can truly slay another abomination.
  7. Inkheart789: I'm back as of now in case you wish to talk.

    The Underdark Rises: That sounds cool. So something about them meeting, and because he goes against her religious beliefs she'll have to have a mental showdown with her own faith because of him?
  8. Sorry! I totally didn't see that you were on, I don't think I clicked watch or something. Anyway, yeah, so do you want a character sheet? And what kind of rivals? Like geek and jock?
  9. Well... I guess the opposites, yeah.
  10. Alright, because it could be different type of jocks, like football and basket ball, or something like that. Complete opposites works for me too.
  11. Yeah, anyways, could you start the conversation? I don't trust my computer right now.
  12. Do you want to do it just in the onexone section or in mature?
  13. Well that depends. I'm under 18, meaning it will have to be in the onexone if you're 18 or above.
  14. Onexone section it is! What would you like the title to be?
  15. I don't know... but is it okay if I play the sport's guy? I want him to be the leader of the baseball team! And then maybe your guy could be a socially awkward guy from the art club or something of the like... or maybe in no clubs.
  16. That's fine! I think I'll have him just take a bunch of art classes and stay near that area most of the time or something. And how about just simple "high school rivals" or something like that?
  17. Yeah, but mostly because your guy is very shy and stuff and the baseball captain gets curious about him.
  18. Sounds good, I'll make the thread now.
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