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  1. The ultimate purpose of this project is currently unknown. It is to eventually emerge into an RP, but not of the open world variety, as I have learned that I am not capable of hosting those.

    Said RPs will be of Group-based nature.

    I have a hunch that I'll need an NSFW tag at some point but ultimately these be just wordos from the birdo. No pix.

    This setting has no overall overarching plot, but the various RPs that occur in different parts of this world have their own unique plots. Still deciding where and when I should include wars, since the RPs that emerge from this are intended to be more Action-Adventure-themed.​
  2. The two primary supercontinents, Aslania and Westburough, are seperated by the Frost continent, a merciless wasteland of ice.

    The Eastern continent.

    The Western continent.
  3. These are the various races that inhabit this world.

    I'm doing what I can to refrain from using the common races seen in most Fantasy settings, since I wish for this world to stand out a little bit more.

    This is still a work-in-progress.

    Human (open)

    Humanity goes by many names, and are found on both continents. They are said to be the most 'template-based' race appearance-wise, and are the most widespread. They are said to have the most average of skills overall. If there is anything humans do better than other races, it is changing the environment, as opposed to adapting to it. They may have short lifespans, but they are the most populous race.

    Yokai (open)

    A race than exists in the lands of the continents Sekkaichi and Wangguo. Yokai have a wide plumage.
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