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  1. Hello everyone!

    So I'm currently looking for a few OnexOne RPs with romance as a main, or maybe one of the main plots, if possible in a high school or college setting. I have three heavy action RPs going on at the moment so I need a little breather from all of those. I'm looking for both serious RPs, meaning well-thought posts and character build-up with a good plot, and also light-hearted RPs wherein there's just subtle amount of drama, a few plot twists here and there, well, in short, something that you don't need to think that much. lol Also, I think it will be dull if it's just all-drama, throwing a bit of humor here and there would be cool too!

    For pairings, anything is fine. We can do the StudentxTeacher (though I prefer to be the student), or just the normal StudentxStudent pairing. Lastly, I can play both genders but AS OF NOW, I will be playing the female role. If you want, we can have multiple characters in an RP. I'm pretty much open with that.

    Other than school setting, here are some of my RP cravings as of the moment:
    Medieval Fantasy (You know, castles, knights, princes and princesses, stuffs like those)
    Sci-Fi (Quite picky here but I'm open to any suggestions)

    Oh, and whether you want it to have a few smut/mature content, I don't mind as long as, well, you're 18+ and the plot should be story-driven. What else... What else.... Oh, through PM or thread? I prefer RPing in the forums but I'm fine with PM as well. Length of post, personally I can post a minimum of 3 paragraphs but that really depends on the flow of the story. Err... I can't think of anything anymore. OTL I have a few plots on-hand, also I'm open to working on a plot together but I really wanna start RPing right away~ ;A; Okay, forget it. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a PM or leave a post here or you could check out my RP resumes on my profile to see my preferences.

    Okay, that would be all. Thank you for reading up until the end! And please, give me something to do!~ I'll give you cookies! <3
  2. I would be open to the StudentxStudent pairing! <3
  3. Cool! I already said this on my post but just to make sure. I'll be playing the female role this time, so is it okay for you to play as the male?
  4. I'm interested in the medieval one XD I am a sucker for romance but I love the story buildup not just wham bam wine dine we're done ^^ So... you said you'd like female first I don't mind playing the male or more than one character either. Feel free to pm or visitor message me if you're still interested. I too would like to start right away... I have about 6 RP's going and still am wanting more x3
  5. intrested
  6. [MENTION=3809]Metal_Baby_Lulu[/MENTION], YAY!~ I'll be PMing you in a short while! :hyper:
    [MENTION=2029]Kronas17[/MENTION], Which one piqued your interest? The one in a school setting, the Medieval Fantasy, or the SciFi? :3
  7. totally okay with me! Just PM me =)
  8. If we do a role play, I'd like to double up so we could both play one male and one female.
    I'd like to do a student x student role play and a prince x princess role play, if you feel up to it.
    I'm eighteen, and I do like some smut, but I like a lot of story too.

    If you like, we can discuss more plots through PM.
    I'll be online for a while, so PM me whenever you get the chance. :)
  9. [MENTION=2340]Severusx[/MENTION], Cool! I'm fine with a double up! :D I'll be sending you a PM now~
  10. hmm studentxstudent and what's your writing style
  11. Writing style, do you mean if it's in first or third person? I do write in third person but there's also no problem if you want me to write in first person. :D
  12. -raises hand hesitantly- would you want to do another studentxstudent one? If not tell me your thoughts on syfi
  13. [MENTION=2953]YamiNoOkami[/MENTION], I don't mind doing another StudentxStudent! Though I have a plot on sci-fi that is school-based too, XD
    Send me a PM for any ideas or plots you have in mind? :)
  14. lol I mean how much do you write
  15. [MENTION=2029]Kronas17[/MENTION], Ah! Well, I can write a minimum of 3 good paragraphs, depending on my partner's post. :)