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  1. What is the currency? Why is it there? Is it important?
  2. currency is kind of like money, you get it for posts and when you are active in different ways.
    With this iwaku money you can buy for example cards in the iwaku triad so that you can play that game :9
    And in the VBshop (in quick links) you can buy things to make your profile a bit more funky :9 there isn't that much there but you can for example change colour on your user title.
  3. Mmmmm, you gain currency every time you post. Listen to Redblood about the Iwaku Triad. =p

    There is also a shop where you can buy things to make the words under your avatar fancy. You could have "The Multi Personality" be a color, underlined, italicized, or bold.
  4. Celestial, the decks of cards is in iwaku triad not iwakumon ^^ There is two different games :9 Never got iwakumon though so don't know if it costs something or not xD
  5. I made an iwakumon named it Barnabus, and that was to the extent I played. I bought cards once buutt yeah! Thanks! =p
  6. XD thank~ I probably wont even use it anyway.
  7. I never did figure out how to use the money to change the color and text of our custom titles. I've bought a few packs of the triad cards though.
  8. Here's the link to the VBshop. You can add bold, italics and underline, too.
  9. Not a whole lot of use for it at the moment but that will change. We've several long-term projects planed that will use the currency.
  10. Oh wow! This is really cool! I'm not even a full member yet, but that sounds great. :)
  11. oh thank god im not the only one asking this x.x
  12. I know right?
  13. heeeey its you again XD
  14. Yes, I got bored.
  15. Please keep talking in the question/answer threads to a minimum so that both elements can be easily located. :)