Currancy points?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Roleplayluva, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Can I ask what those points are for and what can we use them? Also I saw that the more we post in a post the more points we get. Is that true?
  2. Yes the more you post the more you get! If you click on the Currency tab (Located below the navigation buttons up top) you can see how many coins you are getting per post. One thing you can do is go to the VBshop and purchase some customizing options.
  3. Not a lot of things you can buy. Why not put some more things in the shop?
  4. Because A) I am super lazy (AKA; I can't figure out how to let people buy gifts for -other- people!)

    And B) Um...

    mostly just lazyness. XD

    BUT BUT BUT you can use the currency with our two games, the Iwakumon and the Iwaku Triad card decks! Which are two randomly fun things people can fiddle with when they're not roleplaying. So luckily it's not just the super empty (and seriously needs work... koff.) shop.
  5. Ok thanks for the info.
  6. Diana, I am a graphic designer, if there's someway I can help, like make some icons, for example you could be able to buy smileys, just let me know, I don't have much time, but I'm sure I'll have much fun!

  7. Also I made my iwakumon, what does it do? besides looking awesome!