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  1. Hello everyone! I am not new to role play, but I am new to libertine roleplay. I am interested in someone helping me get better at that via a role play. While I usually put adept or advanced as my writing quality, I've never done this before except one story right after I lost my virginity that is so shameful I didn't save it and as such I put elementry.

    I'm interested in playing a female character, and would prefer stick to fxm for this first role play. Also, I want to stick to characters my age or older, not kids or even people under 18. Other than that I am open to learning and all of that. (Except incest, or furry, those two are too much for me...)

    Please leave a message here or PM me to let me know if you are interested! Thanks a bunch for reading!
  2. Hey I would be down for this, I like a good smut-with-plot myself.
    I personally consider myself advance out of sheer experience!

    Are you into any particular genre or themes? Are there any kinks
    you're interested in trying? Other than furry or incest are there
    any other no-nos (other than the obvious scat/watersports kind
    of thing as I'm not terribly into those myself)?

    By the way my name is Egolegume, you can call me Ego. I'm
    female IRL and 27 years old. If you want to contact me outside
    of the forum you can add me to skype (Princess.Power.Dynamic)
    I personally prefer to RP over skype, but google documents or
    a thread work too.

    All my characters average in the 30+ age range. I play characters
    of all genders, sexual orientation and gender identities. I play all
    types from human, alien, furry, creature/monsters, and I have a
    varied array of kink with few limits.

    So don't be shy if there is a 'thing' you want to do I am all ears,
    no matter how strange you might think it is! Who knows I may
    have already been there done that! XD

    Guess the only thing to say is I do reply to skype the fastest,
    if you add me just tell me it's you (since that is my RP skype,
    I try to keep it clear of randoms!)

    Thanks for your time and sorry if that was a bit overbearing or
    forward. Trying to cover the bases in a single post! XD
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.