Curiosity Killed the cat. (come take a peak)

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  1. So I have been watching Game of Thrones, Reign, Spartacus, Tudors, Vikings, Salem, and Camelot. Borigas kinda

    so as you can see I want a medieval rp a very good Medieval rp where people will stick with the rp and make cs's on time.
    I have no plot, I would like it a lot like Game of thrones except the woman smarter and not such psychos, I mean a few are okay but God damn all the woman are insane in that show.
  2. I am so in!!
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  3. I can honestly say I have never seen any of those...
  4. Le gasp such a sin, do you like medieval at least.
  5. I've been looking for a new medieval setting to play around in but unfortunately I will need to know more about the world before I can officially say yes or no. Questions such as "does magic exist as it does in Game of Thrones?" Come to my head immediately...

    I've been really itching to play as a newer character of mine who happens to be a smart woman, I'd gladly fill that role if I find this interesting enough. She will go batshit insane if you threaten her daughter though.
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  6. yes magic will be allowed
  7. Alright, I'll watch for your thread, but until its up color me as a maybe, I don't want to make that decision just yet.
  8. No worries I am working out a plot suggestions always welcome.
  9. I'm in with caution
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  10. wish to help any of you?
  11. I can help if you'd like since I'm well versed in Medieval and Renaissance era RP's and have seen most of the shows. PM whenever. ^^
  12. I know a lot about the medevial era.
  13. so do I'll add you
  14. I would consider my specialty to be lore, not plot, so uh...that's a thing.
  15. see this isn't a know problem, more a lack of what to do with the plot. Also I fricken love jaqen h'ghar from game of thrones if you have no idea who this is. here we go
  16. I would have joined, but my curiosity killed me )':
  17. Yes I love medieval... Sorry, I forgot to watch the thread...