Curing the Black Heart

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  1. Messorem gazed into the midnight sky with half-closed eyes… soon he had fallen asleep on the cold marble floor of the balcony… wakening to the clouded morning sky he raised from the floor and walked over to look at the edge of the balcony, it was a different kind of morning; nightmares haunted him in his dreams… making him shift in his sleep almost to no end.

    He walked out of his room and down into the dining room he went to see his parents dining in utmost quietness. He sat across from his mother and next to his father which sat on the head of the table. He gave a slight nod in greeting and started to eat his morning breakfast. Dining went on quietly… none of them spoke a word out; he finished his food quickly and quietly paced out of the room.

    Walking out of the palace he went over to the training grounds, he trained and honed his skills through the whole day. The training masters were worried over his state, he and his powers were spot on and his power have grown and surpassed even his fathers and mothers combined. The darkness in his heart has unleashed such potential and power in him that is never achievable through the gray heart… but the cost was too great. Upon the orders of his masters he stopped training for the day and returned to the palace where he took a bath and left again.

    Heading for the city alone he wished to be left alone, heading for the grand city inn he walked in there quietly, the inn was always fool… girls to entertain and people to lose their money to them, everything worked in a circle there money only circled around and some of it ended up in the kingdom’s pockets. He took a stool and asked the barkeep for a drink, which he very shortly received. The barkeep mumbled as how he was happy to see a member of the royal family… Messorem nodded in compliance and continued with his drink.
  2. Lounging in a private booth that was cordoned off by both fancy rope and a curtain, though the curtain was mostly open, was a young woman. A young, very bored looking, woman. Playing with one of the tassels on the end of the decorative rope that was wrapped around the closest curtain, she looked around the inn with glittering purple eyes, trying to find something or someone that would give her at least some form of entertainment. In a way she was meant to be an entertainer herself, though that was only to particular paying customers, of which right now there were none.

    Spotting a somewhat familiar figure off at the bar, she pushed herself up off the lounge and stepped over the rope barrier to begin her walk over.
    "Well, look who it is. Fancy seeing you here, in a place like this." She teased, head slightly cocked to one side as she took the stool beside Messorem and faced him. "You look how I feel." She added, referring to that air of boredom. Waving the barkeep back over she was handed her usual drink and as she bought the glass up to her lips she looked back at the man again,
    "I'm Gemma, by the way. Or Gem, if you're diggin' the one syllable gig." Tilting her head back and parting her lips, she shot the drink down before returning her head to it's usual position, though now her hair had been flung forward and hung over her face. A simple gentle toss of her head to one side removed it from her eyes, at least.
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  3. Messorem turned to look around to see if the woman was actually addressing him, because he couldn't not recognize her. He turned to look at her "Excuse me, are you talking to me?" he finished his drink and waved at the bartender for another "If you are... I am sorry but I cannot recognize you. But you seem to know me..." he paused for a moment as he looked at her "...nice to meet you Gemma." his face was plain and emotionless as they talked to eachother, the bartender brought him another drink and he drank it slowly. He looked in-front of him again as he talked to her "So, what brings you here Gemma. I can sense you are bored." he stared down the wall in-front of him then he turned to look at the people around him as he heard a loud laugh coming from a table. "Wenches..." he muttered to himself as he looked at his drink before taking a sip of it.
  4. A small laugh left the woman and she shook her head as the other spoke.
    "Yes, I was talking to you. And honestly, I haven't a clue who you are, I just find it easier to break the ice coming across as if I know someone; normally it has a better result though. As for what brings me here, well, where else is there to be? What else is there to do, other than linger around and waste time and life watching others do the same?" Following Messorem's gaze as he looked over at the laughing women, she raised an eyebrow at his comment but a smirk etched it way onto her lips anyway. Though she didn't know who the guy was, his blank expression and sort of empty air about him made her incredibly curious.
  5. He looked at her with the same gaze and face he kept at all times, the bartender leaning across the bar over to Gemma looked at her and chuckled "You don't know who he is? From where are you? You must know about Messorem Mortifer the son of King Reaper and Queen Pestilence, The next heir of the title King of the land of Reapers. He is also the most powerful being that existed in this world and even exc..." Messorem looked at the bartender and he immediately became silent "I will leave you to your introductions your Majesty." the bartender slowly paced away from the two "You got the brief version of who I truly am, if you are still here by the time he finished I congratulate you for still having talking to me." he looked in-front of him then turned to her to see if she was still here
  6. As the bartender had lent towards her, Gemma had pulled back a little, giving the man a disgusted look that he got so close to her, and gave a small hiss at him for being so nosy as he moved away. Her expression relaxed again and she returned her gaze to Messorem upon hearing the other speak, to which she then gave a small laugh,
    "You think something like that should scare me off? Pft. I'm not that pathetic. In all honesty that's quite fascinating." She gave a one-shouldered shrug before bringing her drink to her lips to take a sip. Not immediately caring for the validity of the story, she'd heard far stranger ones that had turned out to be both true and false. Though Gemma wasn't gullible, she enjoyed finding out new strange things and going on whatever kind of journey was personally required to get to the bottom of ones that truly interested her.
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