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  1. Plot:
    When your world’s resources are being poisoned and there is no cure to save the dying planet and its citizens what’s one to do? You could just horde up all the resources that are clean or clean enough to use, like the rest of the population. Or you can take charge and seek a cure. That’s what this princes is doing despite her parent’s warnings about dangers of the outside world. To hell with them is what she said before she took off to search for a cure. Looking and mapping out the stars isn’t a very exciting thesis for a paper or fun to most. But for him it’s the best topic he could be assigned to do. So what’s he to do when what looks like a star is getting bigger and closer? Panic of course! Too bad this star just landed in his back lawn at his cottage up north!
    name: Ryan Zanner
    age: 20
    appearance; He has light brown hair, pale skin, and green eyes. He's also rather scrawny.
    personality:He is kind, but generally quite shy at first. He tends to obsess over things that interest him, such as space and the search for life elsewhere in the universe.
    history: His childhood was fairly uneventful, he was an only child and had few friends at school because he was a "nerd." He is now going to college and helping out in the search for other life by working in an observatory used for that purpose.
    skills: He reads very quickly and is very good at chess. He is also able to focus on one thing for a very long time.
    name: rannavinkolinea hinanokotaori (ranna hina)
    age: Looks 20 (753)
    personality: She's a enegertic pearson who won't stop till the jobs done. she's quite the rebel for a princess but her parents woudl have her no other way
    history: born as the princess her life on her home planet was strict. Or as strick as she was able to let it be, she refused to take classes in doors and prefered to learn hands on as well as out and about in the kingdom. She often would dress up as a maid or a servent just to mess around or find things out that no one would tell her. When desease struck her planet and startd to suck the place dry she ran off to find a cure for her home
    skills: telepathic, supper strong and very fast

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  2. Ryan sat alone in the middle of the night at the observatory, staring in complete boredom at a computer screen, just one of many that surrounded him. Despite his life-long obsession with space exploration, even he had to admit that it could get really boring when nothing was happening or being discovered. Well, he thought while half asleep, at least this was a better job than most his age seemed to have.
    A short while later, he was jolted awake as every computer in the room suddenly burst into life; beeping, sounding alarms, and spitting out sheets of information on an incoming object and accompanying signals. He rushed around, collecting data before looking through the observatory's telescope in an effort to see what the object was. Technically he should have called his superiors by now, but he did not, suddenly feeling like this might be a big discovery and fearing that they would take all of the credit for the find.
  3. "no no no no no no " she cried out as she woke up in a panic, she'd some how nodded out off on the controls and slipped out of her seat, hitting the sprial jump. She was currently travling much to fast and if this kept up she'd defently crash land after her space craft came out from the sprial space. She'd be just on the edge of the system where the computers said she'd be able to find the cure for her dying home. from there at the speed they were at now she'd make a very big hole on some plantet as she whizzed therough them.
    "cafuferry!" she cursed as she coudn't get her space craft to slow down or even jump out of the sprial space, then again if she did she could end up lost in some distant system from where her target was! that'd be a distaster! she'd needed to be on a planet with life to get fuel to put in her space ceaft orther wise runngin from home to fine the cure would be totaly useless! She started to press random buttons curssing her self for not paying attention to her flying lessons back home "nayo! why won't you work!" she screamed as she slamed on a gray button that suddenly shut the ship down. she looked down to see what she struck and paled. "ah voona" she curssed as the ship suddenly lit up like a ball of light and she was slammed to the back of the bridge as she was now going 10 times faster then before, she clawed her way back to the seat and managed to get the space craft to slow down after stearing in to what the computer Id'd it to be a gas planet. but that was only after going through 3 of them, she was still going to fast to make a safe landing no matter where she landed
  4. Ryan couldn't really see anything using the telescope, her ship was too small for that, but the computers in the observatory reported that the object was now flying very close to, seemingly nearly inside, Jupiter. He watched the computers, amazed at how quickly the object was moving. It would be passing Earth very soon, within a matter of minutes, and he returned to the telescope in the hopes of seeing it as it went by. He still had no idea what the object was, and the computers offered little more information than it was fairly small, moving at high speeds, and emitting signals in much the same way a ship would. Ryan was quite excited by this possibility, but tried to keep calm for now in case it was something else, something much less interesting, as these things so often were.
  5. she managed to get the colaking system actavated before she was tossed back and blacked out as her ship crashed in to the plant, it looked like a shooting star at first but it wasn't, Her ship slammed in to the lake near the observatory forcing all the water out of the lake only to have it fill it again but with some fish and plants spewen all over the place her ship air tight kept her dry as her ship folated to the surface of the deep lake, it'd taken some damage but none the less it survives and it was nothign she coudln't fix later on
  6. Ryan managed to catch a glance at the object through the telescope before it crashed down to earth, feeling even more sure now that it was a ship of some kind. Not only that, the next round of data from the computer showed that the crash site should be in an area very near the observatory. He ran outside as quickly as possible and ran towards where the computer had indicated, quickly noticing the displaced fish and water plants strewn about. From this, he decided the object must have crashed into the lake, and rushed there to see the ship floating on the lake's surface. He stood on the bank, contemplating how he'd get out there to get a closer look. If it was warmer, he'd have just jumped in and swam, but he was already cold just standing outside without a jacket and assumed it would be unsafe to try and swim that far in these temperatures..
  7. " head"she wailed as she landed on her head. she rolled over and cried out in pain as she looked back to see her tail stuck under the seat "why me" she cried as she tried to get her tail out. While she tried to get her tail out the windows on her ship were covred in mud and plants. her systems were still slightly working but not fully. "yes!" she cried out as she got her tail out and sat down and started to stroke and clean her messed up tail "it'll take me for ever to get you clean again" she frowned as she coambed her tail and cleaned it
  8. Ryan eventually fount a boat, and after finding the oars and bailing out quite a lot of water, he paddled out to the floating ship. That being done, he paddled around, looking for a door or other way inside.
    He quickly determined that he could not find a way inside, and instead cleared the mud off of one of the windows and looked inside, tapping on the window to get the attention of what -or who- ever was inside
  9. when she finished she got up and started to clean and try to salvage what was left of her ship. the controls were a bust and she knew the vegeation had gotten in and done damage, she could already smell them in her ship. it mad her gag a little and shudder. soon she managed to pack her things up and she started up her instruments to start tesing the place for oxygen. After all she did need to breathe. with out it her helmet and suit could only last so long before she'd need to go back to her ship to reintake O2 and get back out there to find what she came here for. A cure to save her dying planet. She also put up her shields to keep others away from her ship while she worked sadly she was so in to her work she didn't notice the knocking on her windows when the shields activated trapping all in it.
  10. Ryan tried to look inside, wondering what exactly was in there and not responding to him. Was it dead? What would he do about this? He was still undecided on telling his superiors, especially since it seemed fairly likely that something was alive in there. He ended up waiting, to see what would happen.
  11. she looked at her readings and smiled. The planet had life on it indeed. a lot of life. that only ment one thing it had oxygen as well! she smield as she looked at her bulky suit "guess I won't need you after all" she smield as she unpacked the food and other suplies out of her bag that would have been nesary if the planet had been empty and desetated. "much lighter" she smiled. All she had in there was clothing and other things to matain hygine and health.
  12. Ryan sat down by now, waiting for whatever was in the ship to come out. He figured it'd be intelligent, the ship looked pretty advanced, and wondered what it'd look like. He also figured they'd be coming out pretty soon to fix their ship, since he could see that it was damaged and he didn't figure they could just stay in there, floating on the lake, forever.
  13. She strapped on her bag and went to open the hatch at the back of the ship only to find it jammed shut. "the impact must have jammed the door" she thought as she kept trying to get the door to open but with no luck. SHe could just shoot the door locks but if she did that then she'd lose the door and with it the ship seeing how it wouldn't fly anymore and she'd be trapped here on a forgien planet forever, she had her people to rescue with the cure not get stranded in the middle of nowhere in her case. she sighed and turnned to head back to the bridge when she saw the escape pods. A smile lit her face happily. the ship had 5 pods but one passanger. she coudl spare a pod and not lose the ship! plus it'd be a lot lighter making her fuel takns less strained and her trip that much faster home. She got in to the pod and launched out in to the water below she watched in fascination as fish and other things flew by her window and grunted when the pod broke the surface and she smacked her head against the pod wall. "ouch" she said rubbing her head
  14. Ryan had fallen half asleep by then, bored, but was awake again completely when the ship moved in reaction to releasing the escape pod and made waves, which rocked his small boat more than he was comfortable with. He looked inside again, and then around, wondering what had caused that. It was then that he saw the escape pod break the surface of the water. He paddled over, and began shoving the pod with his boat towards shore, figuring whatever living thing that was in the ship was now in there.
  15. She waited for the pod to stop rocking and bobbing when it hit the sandy shores and she quickly clicked on her colaker. She'd done a bit of reasearch while she waited for he pod to dock on it's own. The lake wasn't very big but it was very deep. Drowing was not somthing she needed to do today seeing how he fur would never dry if she did. She glanced at her self in the pod windows reflection. She looked like one of the inabants now. A red fox. She had debated on a two legged form but decided that there would be too much work for her to do. She opened the hatch with her tiny paws and stroded out of the pod she pulled out a mini remote and the pod retratcted to the ship and she odred the ship to submerge under the water and contuine to hid unless she commanded it to rise
  16. Ryan was surprised by that. An alien fox? How strange, but perhaps it was disguising itself to better fit in on Earth. Truthfully, he'd do the same if he found himself on another planet. He tried to catch the fox once he got out of his boat. He wanted to communicate with this creature in some way and learn about where it was from, and that would be impossible if it ran away.
  17. She got on her hind leggs and streched her body. she could still stand on two leggs as a fox in this form. It was tiring after a while but she could do it. "wonder what I should do first?" she thought as she looked around the place in curosity. "I know! I'll explore this world then I'll get to work" she thought. If she knew the place first hand she'd be able to adapt better and get cracking on her real task faster and better then if she just jumped to it blind as a bat in brad daylight
  18. Ryan tried to grab the fox, hoping to catch it and talk to it in some way. He wondered if it had any unusual abilities besides being obviously more intelligent than most foxes.
  19. "hey!" she squeaked out as she sensed someone behind her and jumped away from him, hackles raised she hissed at him, she didn't come here to be caught! She looked at the creature that had tried to get her. he looked normal other then the fact that he had no fur or ears or a tail of any sorts. She was curious and blinked at him wondering what species he was
  20. "Wow! You can talk?" Ryan said, trying to catch her still. He didn't want her running off, he'd never find anything out about what she was if she disappeared into the woods. "Where are you from? Why are you here?"
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