Cure My Boredom! (Looking for males)

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  1. Hello!

    So I have been getting bored lately and so I have opened up a request thread! I am really almost up for anything right now. PM if you have an idea you want to run by me.

    Status: Still looking!

    Currently Craving: Bad Boy X Good Girl

    If there is romance, I normally play M/F couples and I usually play the female.

    I really don't care about the post length and such but I do care about how someone flows with the story. I understand short post, especially when characters are having conversations. It's a little hard to type exactly what you want to happen when the other characters are being played by another person. But please, do not be afraid to give me all you got. Also, I am no Nazi when it comes to grammar but, if you do L33T speak to me, I may have to kill you.

    I like to roleplay in pms but I am willing to do forums too.

    Maturity level: I am a big girl (age 21) and I am okay with roleplaying any level of maturity. I do not care for all smut roleplays though. I, also, will not roleplay rape or violent sex of any kind. It can happen but a time skip will be asked for. I have had characters that have been raped before, but never in text. I do not feel comfortable with typing it and I will terminate the roleplay if you push.

    Hope to roleplay with you soon!
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  2. I'm interested, pm me if interested.
  3. SO! My depression is getting real bad right now and I need a distraction. So PM ME!!!!!!!
  4. Hey Im really interested in roleplaying with you, of course if your up to dealing with an insane character.
  5. I like crazy characters. What are you thinking?
  6. Well, not expecting a fast response! but well here we go, I loved the idea with the rich and poor but I want to twist it a little, we live in the kingdom Elfice, your father is the king of the kingdom, he rules over almost a thousand peasants such as myself and has control in the surrounding country's and kingdoms, this really has nothing to do with you other then the fact that your the only royal that does not have her or his own magic archetype. My character on the other hand does, this is really just the outline for our characters, of course you can spice yours up if you want to! But the plot is gonna be that the kingdom is overrun and you manage to escape before being captured, you stumble into my character and he saves you and surprises you that he can use powers (( he was a hidden royal who was birthed her in secrecy.))
  7. That seems really interesting! I actually have a character that I have used before that would work well with that.....
  8. Well is there anything else you would like to know or add, as well as where shall we start this roleplay and what are its limits?
  9. What do you mean by limits? (like maturity level or things that we are not going to include in the roleplay?)

    Also, where would you like to do this? PM or Forums?
  10. What I mean by limits, is how far you will go, will you allow godmodding or not etc.. lets do it in the forums, of course if you want to private message it we can.
  11. Oh yeah, no godmodding. It's okay if he is super powerful but he shouldn't be invincible...that is the only limit I've got....Do you want to make the forum since it is your idea?
  12. Yeah sure, I will send you the link once I am done, also lets have so you are just know escaping the castle and we run into each-other, I will set the world for use, trust me it will be fun!
  13. Alrighty! Sounds good! Can't wait to start!
  14. Hello! I may be interested in some kind of bad boy/good girl thing. What age group did you have in mind? I tend to prefer to play older characters (like 19 or 20 at the absolute youngest, unless we're playing children), and I also like to play characters with a few dark tweaks, if you're alright with that.
  15. I usually play 18 or older. I only play younger when it's vital to the roleplay some way (aka the characters in high school) I prefer not to play children unless they are important side characters.....
  16. Okay, I like the sound of that. And also, just so you know, I'm not fond of mature roleplay, so if that's what you're looking for, I am /not/ the partner for you, haha.
  17. No, that is fine. The reason I like doing 18 or older is because I feel the characters can be a bit more independent without the need to kill of me and we can chat about it.....