Cupid's Illusions

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  1. So i usually hate to share my poems, but i got inspired and figured id give it a try. Basic poem format. I will take any opinions, i aint scurred! =}

    Stuck with duds from cupid
    Trapped in distractions
    Enlightened to feel stupid
    Hypnotized by false actions
    An illusion to the heart
    And to the mind an ease
    Love is a poisoned dart
    Brought by an emotional tease
    A heart perpetually split
    The inside hollowed out
    Small pieces left to transmit
    It's bittersweet route
    The numerous attempts failed
    To heal its despair
    Came more tears inhaled
    And one more deep tear
    Crooked smiles to the public
    Broken frowns in my head
    A body completely sick
    And a heart damn near dead
    Condensed to only lust
    And acts to see it through
    Convinced of lying trust
    Until the final adieu
    Another moment neglected
    Another cry for concern
    One heart deeply infected
    With another's cryptic burn
  2. Yay! Im so glad you like it! its so emo-broken hearted-lovehate and old, but one of my favorites! So THAAANKS!
  3. Kunari let out a pleasurable sigh.
  4. Astaroth pulled back from the kiss and smiled down at her.
  5. What's yours, since apparently we're doing this now?
  6. "She follows Lucifer and you're his heir."