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  1. Alright so this is a reboot of my Cupid Preparatory Academy role play. You'll post your CSs here and then when I approve them, I will send you an invite to the group.

    Welcome to Cor Mundum, where cupids are created and raised!

    The Creation and Education of Cupids

    All cupids are created by the Eros Deities; Teneris, Amare and Cura. The three deities live in Eros' domain along with the God. However, they live in a separate section of the domain so they rarely ever see him.

    When the cupids are created they are sent to live and grow up in Cor Mundum, a world created solely for cupids, by Eros. In this world there are the care facilities where the cherubs stay until they grow to the second stage of their growth, and then they go to the learning facility aka Cupid Preparatory Academy. And after they graduate from there, they reach the third level of their growth and they go on to spread love and happiness on Earth.

    The Growth Cycle of a Cupid

    The first stage of growth is Cherub

    The human terms for this would be infant and toddler. But unlike human babies, cherubs have small fluffy white or light brown wings. They can't fly very high but they can hover. Cherubs are usually fat and generally very happy. The eyes of every cherub is grey at this point.

    The second stage of growth is Cupid in Training or CT.

    At this point, the cupids are no longer cherubs and they resemble human teenagers. Their wings are larger and have either stayed white or brown or they have become a mix of the two. Their eyes have also changed from grey to either brown, blue, green, or hazel or hetero-chrome (two different colored eyes).

    Upon entering Cupid Preparatory Academy, all CTs must choose a Main section and a sub section.

    The third stage of growth is Arch Cupid.

    A CT can only reach the cupid stage if they graduated from Cupid Preparatory Academy. If they haven't graduated then they stay as CTs and must repeat their schooling from the beginning.
    At this point, Arch Cupids resemble adult humans, their wings are a foot shorter than they are. (So if someone is 5'7" the wings are 4'7"). The wings are also all white. Their eyes stay the same color as when they were CTs. Arch Cupids have the option of leaving for the human world or staying at the Cupid Preparatory Academy to teach.

    Welcome to Cupid Preparatory Academy, where you will learn how to be a cupid so you can fly off into the world and help people or animals fall in love!

    There are two major sections in the school;

    The Homo Amans or just "Amans"
    These are the cupids that dedicate their lives to learning about humans and hope to be assigned to helping humans fall in love.
    The Bestias
    These cupids want to help animals find love within their own species or out of it.

    And of course there are minor sections of cupids;

    Familia Cupids
    Cupids that bind families together.
    Amicitia Cupids
    Cupids that help establish friendships.
    Fata Cupids
    Cupids that help beings pursue their destiny.

    Amor Cupids
    Cupids that help beings find love with each other or another.

    Male Female
    All student wear these sandals

    All students carry either a bow and arrow, a crossbow or a blow dart (not a dart gun).
    However these weapons are used to shoot cupid pierces at targets on their list. They should not be used against other cupids.
    [suggestions welcome]
    Remedial Flight
    [Not a strong flier?]

    [Learn to hit the mark perfectly!]

    Reading Your List
    [Learn how to read your list, so you don't make any mistakes as an arch cupid!]

    Earth Field Trips
    [Visit Earth and see humans or animals]

    Bestiary Class
    [Interact with and Observe Animals. Bestia only class.]

    Reading the Atmosphere Dos and Don'ts
    [When to shoot.]

    Oh no! A Human Saw Me! (ON AHSM)
    [What to do when a human spots you?]

    Invisibility, Camouflage and Undercover Class (ICUC)
    [Blend in with humans or animals. Hiding from humans.]

    Genealogy Class
    [Who's related and why you shouldn't shoot them.]

    Human Behavior
    [Studying Humans. A Homo Amans only class]
    Males and Females sleep in separate buildings.
    The sleeping areas are shared by all cupids. It is basically a huge building with a lot of beds. Their are shared bathrooms in each building.

    Female Sleeping Area
    Male Sleeping Area


    - Site rules apply
    - No super powers.
    - No godmodding.
    - No hyper sad backgrounds.
    - At least five sentences per post. No one liners.
    - Read all of the posts that come before yours.
    - Two character per person. And two additional teachers (optional)
    - If you read the rules put 'BBQ Wings' at the end of your CS post.
    - A main plot will be added but I just wanna see how this works out for the first few postings.
    - I know everyone wants to be special in their own way, but please don't go overboard with whatever you add to make you 'stand out'.
    - No back and forth posting between two people. Include others and don't ignore them just because you found your 'buddy'.
    - No one is a God or a deity. You're just a regular CT or Repeating CT. Or if you're a teacher you are an Arch Cupid.
    - As the GM, I reserve the right to reject your CS.

    Student Character Sheet
    Appearance: [Real Picture Only]
    Wings: [If they aren't in the appearance section, describe them or put a picture here.]
    Name: [Greek or Roman names only, no last names]
    Age: [Either CT or Repeating CT]

    Flight: (Do you suck a flying? Are you really good?)
    Classes: [Pick five]

    Teacher Character Sheet
    Appearance: [Real Picture Only]
    Wings: [If they aren't in the appearance section, describe them or put a picture here.]
    Name: [Greek or Roman names only, no last names]

    Classes: [That they teach]
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  2. Hm, interesting. I might put a CS later. If I do, I'd just like to say BBQ wings in advance in case I forget to later.
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  3. @Cassette

    Glad you guys are interested and sure you can reserve a spot. ^^
  4. Uuuhhhm… for me to please but my sheet will be added at the end of the week. (No need to worry about names this time.) ^^
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  5. Appearance: (I assume by real you mean an image of a real person. So I used a picture not in uniform, but he would be in the roleplay.)
    Name: Horme
    Age: Repeating CT
    Personality: Impulsive, careless, confident, adventurous, brave, curious, and blunt.
    Major: Bestias
    Minor: Fata
    Weapon: A crossbow
    Flight: Meh, average
    Classes: Bestiary Class, Archery, Earth Field Trips, ICUC, Reading the Atmosphere Dos and Don'ts.
  6. @Cassette

    Accepted! I will be sending you an invite shortly.


    You forgot something! ^^
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  7. @Ravenbelle

    Yeah I saw the images. ^^ I just needed to know that you read the rules. ^^ I'll be sending your invite in a sec.
  8. It's no biggie. :3
  9. DONE

    it's a real picture (open)

    big picture (open)

    Her wings are a bit on the bigger side. But they grew a bit clumsy and she can't fold them well yet. She can point them down to make them a bit smaller.
    Name: Junilla
    Age: CT
    Personality: She is a person who is easily distracted and has most of the time her head in the clouds. If you suprise her when she is like that then you have a big change that she really will be with her head in the clouds. But when something catches her interest then she has a lot of concentration. She loves expirimenting with things, mostly just normal things like food or clothing. Just don't say anything that can give her weird ideas. And she loves to laugh about things that happen to someone. Jokes aren't her thing tough.

    Major: bestias
    Minor: familia
    Weapon: bow and arrow
    Flight: She is actually quite good at it, she just can't control her wings. A moment of too much excitement means being flung in the air. She can fly normally when she is calm.
    Classes: bestiniary class, Archery, geanology lessons, ICUC and Earth field trips for the BBQ wings.
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  10. Where would I find the invite? (Sorry, i'm new!)
  11. @Casette I think that if you didn't mess with the settings then you should get an alert. Or a message notice
  12. Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    Wings: Egyptian-style, sort of like these:
    Show Spoiler


    Name: Asterope
    Age: CT
    Personality: Calm, loving, wise
    Major: Homo Amans
    Minor: Fata Cupid
    Weapon: Bow and arrow
    Show Spoiler


    Flight: Good stamina, bad speed. In essence a marathon runner, not a sprinter.
    Classes: Archery, Reading Your List, Earth Field Trips, Reading the Atmosphere Dos and Don'ts, Invisibility, Camouflage and Undercover Class

    BBQ wings

    Show Spoiler


    Show Spoiler


    Name: Pleione
    Personality: Pleione is a gracious but free spirited cupid. She believes that every person, no matter what gender, sexuality or mindset they have deserve to find love. She also loves music, and plays the harp.

    Major: Homo Amans
    Minor: Amicitia Cupid
    Show Spoiler


    Flight: Pleione is an excellent flyer, having achieved arch cupid status. While she may not be the fastest, she excels at performing tricks and avoiding getting hit while in the air.
    Classes: Genealogy class (I wanted to put something else, but it would clash with Asterope and I don't like having two characters active at the same time)

    BBQ wings
  13. Haven't seen it yet, i'll look on my laptop instead of my phone later though (in case that makes a difference).
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  14. @loviebeest
    Those classes are good ideas, but they wouldn't quite fit in this roleplay. Also I meant to delete that bit about the classes because there are already a lot.
    Also, the name needs to be of Greek or Roman origin. Arinia is not a name. It is a type of snail.

    @Lady Bernkastel
    You didn't have to repost in this thread, you were already accepted. xD I meant to post it in the group thread. :3


    Also guys I just made two big changes.

    One, I added a Human Behavior class. (Sorry Lady Bernkastel I forgot it! Forgive me! T.T)

    And two, I changed the Bestiary class and Human Behavior class description to Bestia only and Homo Aman only class, respectively)
  15. Ahh I see... And yes, Pleione will teach the human behaviour class. I think the reason it isn't in her CS is because we made that up afterwards and I just copy pasted these :P
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  16. Um, can we just go ahead an post in the group when we want to?
  17. @Cassette
    Once you post your character in the rules/character sheet thread, you can start in the dorms or cafeteria.

    It'll be morning time by the way. :3
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