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  1. Welcome to Cupid Preparatory Academy, where you will learn how to be a cupid so you can fly off into the world and help people or animals fall in love!

    Damali stretched in her bed, her wings fluttering slightly as she removed all the kinks and cramps in her joints. She had fallen asleep while reading a text and now her neck was aching and it was hard to move. She slid out of bed, nearly falling flat on her face when she realized that she had a top bunk and not a bottom one.
    Her wings flapped vigorously as she tried to stop herself from committing to a very embarrassing incident. Her stomach growled loudly as she hovered to the bathroom, and let out a loud scream because she was still asleep and she had gotten in after turning on the cold water and not the hot water.

    "AAAAAHHHHH! ITS SO COOLD!" She shrieked, her flapping wings only helping her get colder. "I'm me-elting!" She exaggerated, as she flopped onto the ground. But the water had woken her up and she jumped to her feet and into the shower (making sure to use hot water and not cold). Completely ignoring the fact that others in the room where probably asleep, she began singing at the top of her lungs.
    "Flappy, flappy, flappy, flap flap flap! Wiggle your wings, straighten your back!" It was an old song that was sung to cherubs when they were learning how to fly. Even though it was terribly juvenile, Damali still loved and sung the song on a daily basis. "Fly, fly, fly into the sky! Don't stop flapping or you might dieeee-eee!"

    - -

    Titanius was already awake and out of the shower. At the moment he was trying to decide on how he should part his hair. He had decided, despite his joking disposition, that he would straighten up and graduate this year. So of course he had to look the part of the serious CT. And everyone knows that serious people part their hair.

    "Left or right?" He said to himself. "Leeeeft or Riiiight?" He repeated, dragging out his words, as he flicked his comb from left to right.
  2. Ajax woke up, groaning. He didn't want to wake up. Sleeping was good, good for the soul, one does not simply need to be awoken from sleep. Ajax sat up with another groan. He was glad that he had a bottom bunk. It would be easier to get up and out of bed for the day. Ajax brushed his black hair from his blue eyes and pushed himself off of the bed. His light brown wings flexing behind him. He grabbed his duffel bag that was filled with his toiletries.

    He stood up and began walking towards the bathroom, swinging the bag beside him. Ajax couldn't fly, despite having wings, flying was the one thing Ajax couldn't figure out. He was stuck on taking off.

    A loud thud could be heard, followed by a flutter of wings.
    "OUCH! CRAP OW, THAT HURT!" Ajax seemed to have tripped on his own feet. He had landed face forward against the ground. Ajax was clumsy, very clumsy. He was the only one that was able to walk through an open space and trip on nothing.

    He immediately got back up and brushed himself off, duffel bag still in hand.
    "I'm alright. I'm alright." he muttered. Ajax continued on into the bathroom, not taking notice of Titanius.

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  3. Colette had been sleeping her in her bed on the bottom bunk when she was forcibly woken up. Not by another person, she had woken herself up. She turned too far and fell off the bed and onto the floor with the cocoon blanket wrapped tightly around her. "Meerrrrr.... Too tight.." She mumbles while trying to wiggle her way out. "Erm.. Let me go squid." Her arm was now free and lazily unwrapping her way out. Taking the blanket, she placed it back on the bed before shuffling to the bathroom. Grabbing her bag of toiletries as she passed the door.

    Pink hair was disheveled and sticking up in so many places that it was comical.
    "COLD!!!" Her yell echoed from within the girl's shower as her wings flapped quickly as if to make the cold water stop. After that, Colette managed to get the water to the right temperature. Then the only thing besides that sound of water, was her humming.

    Half an hour later, the pink haired female came out with her uniform on. Sitting down, she pulled on her sandals before running her hands through her hair. Then used her towel to dry it.
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  4. Asterope slowly lifted the spoon to her mouth with one hand while her face was resting on the other. She was almost all alone in the whole cafeteria, but she liked being alone in the mornings. Listening to the birds singing, watching the sun rise... Soon the place would be full of CT's eating breakfast, but she didn't mind. Asterope sometimes had a hard time dealing with other people being overly energetic, so one might assume she liked sleeping in, but in truth she woke up earlier than everyone else so that she could spend some alone time. That way, she was prepared for the day to come. She had another spoonfull of her cereal, and continued meditating.


    Pleione was not a morning person at all. She sat by her desk trying to pat down a lock of hair she hadn't managed to straighten out this morning. Gulping down her coffee, she had a look at all the things she had to prepare for the day. "If only this school didn't have s much paperwork, I wouldn't have to wake up so early..." The mornings were the only time you'd find Pleione, an otherwise very decent and law abiding woman thinking such thoughts. "Flappy flappy flappy, flap flap flap. Wiggle your wings, straighten your back..." She slowly hummed to herself, and smiled. After all, teaching was one of her passions in life. Watching young CT's growing up into full fledged arch cupids, and helping them on their journey, was her call in life. She had another big gulp of coffee, and continued her work.
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  5. Talia woke up to yelling and 'coldness'. The girl slowly gestured herself sitting at the very top bunks and stretched her arms up in the air along with opening her wings widely. On the other hand, Sonya was found. Already up and clean in Her uniform and she grinned at the sight of Sonya's awakening before climbing over her bottom bunk and tippy toeing to poke Talia's side, causing her to jump slightly.

    "You can go without me Sonya." Groaned Talia rubbing eyes. She yawned rolling off the bed and walked to the shores adjusting the temperature before getting in. Sonya shrugged getting out the dorm, probably being the first and had wore her uniform as well as a messy bun over her head. Unlike Talia, she didn't care about elegance or appearance and the girl skipped down some stairs making her way to their cafeteria.

    "Hippity, hoppity! Hoppity, Hoppity!" She grinned chuckling to herself before walking to breakfast and getting a large portion of food. 3 pancakes stacked mainly visible and some bacon. Not to mention upon sitting at the table she went back to get the rest of her breakfast which was eggs and sausage patties and soon sat down beginning to eat messily. A cloth at her chest and lap. It wasn't long before Talia got out. She had dried her hair quickly and threw on her uniform. She disliked how the uniforms were right below the knee and a few days ago had cut and sewn it shorter. Probably like what, 3-5 inches above? It wasn't to short or long in a bad way and the girl did a fancy braided up-do wrap and wore an accessory which was just a flower crown that had purple and white flower colored petals. Soon Talia calmly walked her way to get breakfast with her friend, Sonya and saw her at a table already. Talia simply grabbed a waffle with syrup and figured Sonya would share some of her food -even though she wouldn't want to!- and joined her friend sitting across from her. Sonya giggled sweetly and sighed.

    "You seem calm. Planning mayhem?"
    "Mayhem is in the making and on hold!."
  6. Someone else entered the bathroom, but all Titanius heard was a thump and someone saying "alright, alright". "All right?" Titanius repeated, moving the comb to the right. He shrugged and began parting it in that direction. "Alright!"

    When he was finished, he straightened his toga, tightened his sandals and flew to the cafeteria building. Usually he would get quite a few muffins and sweet milk and maybe a few oranges, but since he was 'straightening up' this year, he decided to eat a serious persons breakfast. But what did a serious person even eat? He needed to find a model. Someone who took their duties seriously...Someone--"Talia!" He cried, zooming over to the other cupid. "Hey, T! Whacha eating?" He asked, grabbing a chair and plopping down into it. He could clearly tell that she was eating waffles but maybe she had something else on the way. Like breakfast caviar or...A fruit bowl or something just... serious.

    - -

    Clean and ready to get going, Damali literally flew out of the bathroom and down the hall, although she was going at a lethargic pace. Not that she was trying to. She was just a slow and weak flier. She was actually going at her fastest speed at the moment.
    "Breakfast, breakfast!" She chanted, pumping her fists in the air. Reading before bed always made her practically ravenous in the morning.
    When she reached the cafeteria, she began piling her plate high with her favorite breakfast dish, crepes. Blueberry crepes, strawberry crepes, chocolate, honey, eurocream..."CREPES ARE LOVE, CREPES ARE LIFE!" She screeched and settled down at her table and began gobbling them down.
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  7. Talia was suddenly approached by Titanius. She seemed wide eyed by surprise momentarily before shaking her head letting out a grin."Just waffles for today. Nothing fancy like the usual." She answered. Sonya swiped a piece of Talias waffles and began eating it before getting up with her breakfast looking at Damali and her creeps. She quickly shook her head before seeing a lunch mother Cupid had a large plate of eclairs, to which Sonya grinned taking them and nodding politely.

    Talia looked at Titanius as she only ate half of her stacked waffles and offered him the left overs."Want the rest?" She asks eyes switching from him to Sonya. Sonya shook her head eating her eclairs with delight. She treated breakfast like lunch and dinner and she looked at Titanius holding out a eclair offering. But then ate it afterwards mischievously snickering.

    "So--mmf...anything new?"

    Asked the girl shoving her face with eclairs.
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  8. Ajax sat his bag next to the shower bent down to retrieve his shampoo and conditioner from his bag. Once done with that, he stepped into the shower and began stripping himself of clothing. When finished, he reached outside of the curtains and sat his dirty clothing on top of his duffel bag.

    Ajax pulled back in and turned the water on. He let out a sigh as the hot water hit his face. He quickly began to finish his shower so he could get down to breakfast in time.

    After his shower, he pulled his toga on and his sandals. He grabbed his brush from his back and brushed through all the tangles in his hair. Stuffing it back in his bag, he lifted up his bag and dashed out the door. Ajax tossed it on his bed before running out of the dorms, and towards the cafeteria building. His wings flailing behind him. At some point, he tried to fly, but he only ended up almost falling once again.

    Upon arriving, Ajax let a sigh escape his lips. He made it. In the nick of time too. He got his food, a simple plate of pancakes and a glass of milk, before sitting down at one of the tables.
  9. Holding her pajamas in hand, the cupid-in-training walked back to her room and put her clothes back in their place. Colette hummed happily as she skipped her way toward the cafeteria with a spring in her step. Her pink locks curled naturally when they dried, and bounced with each step. Hazel orbs searched the clear blue sky while she headed inside the cafeteria. "It's such a beautiful day." She proposed to herself as she remained in her own little world for time being.

    While her stomach growled for nurietment, she quickly got her food that consisted of french toast and chai tea. The french toast sprinkled with powdered sugar, cinnamon, and pieces of strawberries. Before heading to a table to properly eat, she poured in some milk and honey to her tea to give it more flower, as well as add the sweetness she loved.
    "Sweet treats are good to eat. How I love my sweet treats." Colette sang softly as she planted her rump in a chair at a table.

    Thus began her meal, using her utensils to cut into her french toast, as well as bring the pieces of strawberry to her mouth for her to enjoy it's flavor.
  10. Titanius frowned, staring at the offered waffles as if they had given him a huge riddle to decipher. Really? Was Talia really eating waffles? What wasn't she going to have coffee and crumpets and read the newspaper?! Isn't that what serious people did for breakfast?? Titanius sighed and nodded quickly and scarfed down her waffles. He could always get his own, but he usually overate and fell asleep in his first class. He decided to act 'serious' in class instead of breakfast. "Thanks!" He said happily while munching on a waffle. When Sonya offered him an eclaire he shrugged and reached for it only to have her yank it back, he rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out at her. The tongue that happened to be covered in chewed up waffle. He liked Sonya she was his kind of cupid, but maybe he needed to wean himself off of her to become a truly serious CT...? As he contemplated this huge decision he completely missed her question.

    - -

    Damali looked up from her crepes and grinned at Colette who had sat down at her table. "Hey, Colette!" She greeted, and wrinkled her nose at her choice of beverage. Even if it wasn't completely covered in honey, Damali despised tea. It had a weird taste. She preferred juice and milk, respectively. "Looking forward to class? What's your first? Mine is ICUC with a teacher named Sirius. Do you think he's serious?" She asked, gigglesnorting at her play on words.
    Biting into her eurocream crepe she gasped and spat it out all over the table, "Aaah! Aaaah! Eeew!" She spluttered, wiping her tongue with a napkin and trying to wash down the horrible taste out of her mouth with milk. The crepe wasn't eurocream it was a disgusting vanilla cream crepe!

    She hated vanilla flavored anything! Ever since she was a cherub when she had gotten into the kitchen spice room and knocked over a rack. The entire thing had fallen onto her and covered her in nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla extract. The nutmeg and cinnamon were completely fine, it was the vanilla that did the most damage. It had gotten into her eyes, and nose, wings and hair and it had taken weeks before she had smelled normal again. The care takers at the facility had started calling her 'Putrid Cupid' because the vanilla smell was so horribly strong! After that, Damali had despised anything vanilla flavored or scented with a passion.

    "Yuck! Bleehh!" She spat, launching the crepe into the trash. She snatched up another one, this time making sure it was eurocream and sat back down at the table speckled with pieces of chewed up crepe. "Hehe...Oops." She laughed, running a hand through her hair and running to get some napkins. "I'm soo-osorry Colette!" She cried.
  11. "Good morning Damali." Colette quietly responds with a bright smile resting on her lips. Though they were covered for a moment as she laughed at her friends reaction to her tea. "I know you don't like tea, but you know what coffee does to me." It was true, coffee made the pink cupid very anxious and gittery. Combined with her horrid aim, that meant the people around her had to wear armor in archery class to stay safe when she was normal. The school banned her from school out of the safety for their students and teachers. Yet, she still wore a smile. Not dampered by her lack of aim in her quest to bring love to all. That was a quest she wanted since she was born, even before it was even told to her.

    "Oh, yes. I am looking forward to class." She answered before her eyes widen a little, her smile growing as well. "I have that class first too. But I don't think Sirus would be serious. Maybe he is funny?" The girl rambled on for a few more minute about the teacher and what his traits might be. Missing Damali's joke entirely, mostly because she was a little dense in the morning. Taking her tea in her hand, she luckily had moved it out of spitting range of her fellow cupid. "Tis not a problem love." Colette assured with a wave of her hand before drinking the warm tea that relaxed her throat and body in a warm haze.

    "If you had let me know, I could have gave you a napkin to spit into." The pink haird cupid suggests as she set her empty cup down with a happy sigh.
  12. Talia nodded at Titanius and soon Sonya smiled before pushing Titanius lightly."Ew! That's an awful lot Disgusting Titanius!" But instead of a shriek or tone of disgust and disapproval, she seemed to be giggling and shaking her head."Sorry, I don't need to be bird fed, I'm no longer a baby! mother hen!" She laughed covering her mouth. Talia grinned. They looked cute together and she excused herself to hang with her other friends to perhaps leave the two lovely looking birds alone."C'mon! Eat properly mr. Serious!"
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  13. Zaccheus stood at the front of his classroom, the large chalkboard behind him covered in a mixture of Greek and Latin (roman) writing. He wasn't one for 'ice breakers' and 'get to know you' games. He was the type of teacher who got straight to the point with no bullshit mixed in. He had written his name on the board along with a few key rules regarding behavior in his class. "1. No whining 2. Raise your hand 3. Always bring your mock lists." Mock lists were like textbooks to humans. It had multiple fake pairings with guidelines written on it. They would serve as the students study guides, tests, and homework. If he so chose, Zaccheus could change them everyday, but at the moment he simply left it with three pairings on it, human and a human, human and a beast and a beast and a beast. The most simple ones. He would stick with the major sections of love for that day and move on to the minor sections the next day.
    And now, all he had to do was wait.
    - -

    Damali grinned sheepishly and was about to respond when three different toned chimes rang out through the cafeteria. That signaled the beginning of classes, or break if you didn't have a class yet. Even though she had a break, she was nervous and jittery. She needed to prepare! She should re-read the texts that she already had! She should practice hiding from humans! She should--Probably work on her flying honestly. She didn't want to stay in remedial flight forever. And she knew just who to ask to help her. "Colette! Pleea-se, give me some flying tips!" She pleaded, doing her best to give her friend 'puppy eyes'.
  14. Colette looked up as the sound of the bell chiming caught her attention. As of right now, she had break. Her first class being at the second bell. Tapping her pointer finger on her lower lip as she thought for a moment. She could go to the library to read some novel of romance. Or she could practice her archery... That really needed some work. "Hmmm. Oh! Uh. Well, I don't know what to say that would help at the moment. I'd have to see you fly first." The pink cupid said with a pout. Not from her friend's question, mostly from her inability to help.

    Though, as quickly as her pout showed, it went to a smile.
    "We should keep you on the bare minimum... Probably hovering. Depending on whether you can do that with difficulty or not, then it might be how you move your wings." Colette explains as she went off on another tangent, but this being her own ramblings on flying. Really, if she had seen Damali having trouble with flying, she would have helped sooner. Without being asked. That was one of the things about her. Despite how eccentric she could be, how she rambled, or even her weird obsession with love. It was clear, her friends did have a high place in her thoughts and what she did.
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  15. Talia had soon made it to first class with her materials. She took a seat up front in the center and smiled nodding at the teacher, Zaccheus, as a greeting in silence. The girl looked around the class before suddenly looking at the door and seeing Sonya skip in grinning as usual. The girl stopped right Infront of Zaccheus desk cheerfully and cocked her head to the side before leaning over his desk slightly towering his sitting height and puffing out her cheeks looking down at his desk. Simply just looking as she folded her hands behind her uniform."Heya!hmm......" She said lowly before seeing his name on the board."Zaccheus?" She said slightly hesitant before slowly backing away. He seemed scary, his name too. And the girl walked backwards very slowly and foolishly, backing down to the center of the class and grabbing a seat. Not to up front, not to in back.

    Sonya was also known to be cheery during classes. Forming strong bonds easily with teachers and making them Atleast sneer, but Zaccheus in her opinion looked to scary to befriend and the girl slowly slouched in her seat hiding her face. Not to mention, she was also known to "back talk" teachers at certain things and that will definitely not happen on his class she had promised herself. He'll probably punch her. She soon found herself going to hate this class and groaned loudly as she waited with Talia, before getting smacked upside the head by her best friend.

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