Cupid College, Salem Witch Trials and more!

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  1. So...

    Cupid College.

    A place where future cupids go before they are released into the world to bring love and happiness. But something is brewing in the school. Something twisted and full of hate. The cupids are getting infected and their pink and red tipped arrows are turning a vile shade of green. Their wings are becoming skeletal and almost bat like. Their beautiful white gowns are tearing and turning ashen.

    The cupids are becoming tainted. When they are given a mission to make two people fall in love, instead of blessing them with eternal love and happiness, they are shooting the people and turning them into heartless monsters full of blood lust and hatred.

    What is going on? What's happening to the cupids?

    There's only one being who would know, Eros. But the God is MIA. Where is Eros? And what does his disappearance have to do with the tainted cupids?

    - -

    The Salem Witch Trials were a brutal occurrence. Hundreds of men and women were killed because of false assumptions.

    However there are some people who's accusations are not far from the truth.

    Enter the real witches. And they want revenge.

    - -

    Servants revolt against the Royals

    - -

    During a field trip the floor caves in and a group of students are thrust into a hidden underground world. Will they stay or will they return to the surface?

    The thing is, the underground civilians want them to stay.

    - -

    It's hard to fit into Henrietta's School for Prim and Proper Women. Even if you've been there for years, there's no guarantee that you will ever be accepted into the fold. You have to pave your own path, and even that's extremely hard. Nothing is new anymore. It's already been done.

    But four girls are determined to be accepted, adored and in charge. So they team up and make a plan;

    1. Get rid of the current heads of the school; The Little Women.

    2. Steal Liam's School for Men's school mascot, The Bold Bull.


    3. Get dirt on every single club captain. Including the Student Council.
  2. The first and the last sounded quit interesting actually.
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Thread Status:
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