Cupid Camp (Males needed!!!)

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Welcome to Cupid Camp!

A place that was made by Lady Kaitlyn Jacobs; a woman who had spent her entire life knowing the suffering of not being loved. Cared for by a husband that cared only for the fortune she brought in. At the age of 35 years old, Lady Kaitlyn got a divorce with her husband and started a camp for young adults who have yet to find their soul mates.

People with a different ethnicity, eye color, background, appearance, size, shape and personality. Cupid Camp is currently under the care of Kaitlyn's descendant; Jenny Gorman.

With each application that is mailed to the camp, Jenny personally puts the couples together. Going off their personalities and just how one and easily support the other with their differences.


  1. Sexuality: I really don't mind if your character is heterosexual or not but I do want everyone to have someone to enjoy. Just make sure its even, ok?
  2. Romance: This rp revolves around romance but please be realistic with it. I don't want a "fell in love at first sight" bull. And no, I don't believe in love at first sight ;]
  3. Grammar & Length: Intermediate or Adept. I don't want you signing up for my rp if you don't use what you learned in school~
  4. Iwaku Rules- Obviously
  5. I choose who your partner is. Not you x]
  6. Co-Gm: If this gets more attention then what I think it will, I'll need a co-gm who can help with ideas and plans

Not open for further replies.