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  1. So . . . you know those days when you go to make food, only you haven't gone to the store yet and there's not really a lot of options from what you have in your pantry?
    What do you do?
    Drag yourself to the store?
    Pull out a can of soup?
    or get inventive and make up a meal as you go?

    I tend to default towards making up some kind of soup.
    Usually I have veggies and broth to spare so I add in some rice or noodles and whatever meat I have leftover.
  2. I drag myself to the store. I usually need something else, so I go.
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  3. I have a few recipes that can be made out of literally anything I have in the house. There's always stuff I never run out of. I call these meals "leftover casserole". You basically take anything in the fridge that's good to eat hot and mix it up.
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  4. I just eat stuff raw or out of the can. XD Tuna, a half-brown banana, the stale heel of the loaf, and spicy brown mustard. yep, that's lunch.
  5. I once ran out of everything but noodles and peanut butter.

    I had peanut butter pasta.​
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  6. I usually starve to death. D:
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  7. There is always milk and always butter....

    MAC N CHEESE!!!!

    Edit: October left me no milk

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  8. All sort of depends on what's available. :D My sister and I have come up with some crazy but delicious meals out of things we found in the kitchen. They're tasty and affordable enough that I try to keep the ingredients stocked so we can use them on days where I don't want to be fancy, or we have so little money.

    Sometimes I'll make quick trips to the store for a thing or two. I might need a can of cream of mushroom for my casserole, or a loaf of bread, something simple and only costs a couple bucks y'know? Chances are that I'll have everything I need except one thing. xD

    Worst comes to worst, I'll arm myself and go out to kill something for dinner.
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  9. I do the same soup thing. Thankfully I always have some miso, so a delicious soup is never far away no matter what else I put in it.
  10. I'm now stuck in this predicament and I really don't feel like going to the store. >>;

    Noodles... etc... @_@
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  11. I suddenly really want spaghetti tacos.
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  12. I am the queen of making dinner out of thin air! Growing up poor and learning how to cook anything has it's advantages. O__O When you're having a bad month and can't buy a lot of groceries it comes in handy.

    Like cream chipped beef on toast. >:3 flour, water/milk, lunch meat and bread. DINNER. I can make cat scratch biscuits and pepper gravy. Noodles are always good, you can make ramen more satisfying and fancy just by tossing random shit in it. >>; Or I can make egg fried rice. We always have flour and rice on hand!
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  13. To quote That's So 70's Show.

    "They're some crackers. With ketchup for the zest."
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  14. With kids, I've learned how to pull a meal out of thin air. If you have ground beef, you pretty much have a meal right there. Ground beef or Tuna with mac & cheese, Spanish rice with tomato sauce and ground beef, cut up chicken with ramen noodles. I've pretty much used it all.
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  15. Salad is another good one. Salad doesn't have to be leaves, I've made carrot salad, broccoli salad, rice salad, pasta salad, potato salad, pea salad... just mix up a bunch of veggies, you can put fruit and nuts in too if you have them, some appropriate seasonings or dressings, and omnom. Not much good for dinner unless you also have meat to add, but it makes a fair lunch.
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  16. I once survived on nothing but tomato soup, canned salmon, and shell pasta for two weeks. ...I to this day can not even look at those items without a slight twitch in my gut. Can't even stand fresh tomatoes and just caught salmon. I mean what self respecting native doesn't like salmon?

    This one
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  17. First time I lived on my own, this was me and Hamburger Helper.

    I cannot stand Hamburger Helper, to this day. I've made HOMEMADE versions that have been amazing (something akin to a casserole), with my own spice blends, etc.. But I cannot stomach legit Hamburger Helper. /vomit
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  18. It isn't really a cupboard meal, but I survived a week off of a 120 Pack Pizza Rolls....

    I can no longer eat Pizza Rolls....
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  19. I fuckin' love Pizza Rolls. I'll take your Pizza Rolls!
  20. My fall back is usually grilled cheese or noodles. I ALWAYS have the supplies to make grilled cheese and noodles.
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