Culture Creation Challenge #2

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  1. Today's Culture Challenge is a little different for those that have participated in last week's. This week, we're going to be making a culture with more detail than previously!

    CHALLENGE RATING: Today's Difficulty is a ** Challenge (Two Stars), meaning there is a challenge and two stipulations.

    Today's Challenge is:

    *Design a Culture Based around worshiping the light.

    Today's Rules are:

    *The culture must have a nature based economy.
    *The culture must have at least one festival.

    Information examples;
    1. How the culture is structured in regards to power, who rules it? A patriarchy, matriarchy, or is it anarchy?
    2. What festivals does this culture have? What does the culture celebrate?
    3. What is the culture's economical foundation? Does it sell food, jewels, or jobs?

    I hope you have fun attempting this challenge! :D
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