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  1. This is an RP about black magic and its practitioners. It concerns things such as necromancy, Elemental magic (pyromancy, aeromancy, hydromancy, things like that), spiritual control and manipulation, and other forms of what could be considered the "dark arts". It takes place in a Medieval setting and time period in a land called Goetia. Their are many tribes and clans of practitioners, one of the larger ones being the Cult of The Blackened Veil. The CoBV holds control over much of Goetia, and is constantly seeking to increase their landholdings by whatever means, assassination, war, whatever it takes. Their are some smaller tribes as well, among them being the Order of The Crystal Divinity, and the Followers of the Burning Martyr. I'll leave it up to those who partake in this RP to come up with their own tribes if they so wish. If this interests you then please reply.
  2. This sounds really awesome
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  3. count me in
  4. Name: Kunjiri
    Age: 39
    Tribe/clan affiliation: <Cult Of Death> aka <Order Of Death> (assassins clan)
    Main type of magic used: Alchemist, can mutate water into metal, metal into water, stone, and more. Shapeshifting. Non destroyable skin that he mutated.

    Looking for a pyro and necro mancers for the clan.
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  5. Character sheet for those interested:

    Character Name:
    Character Age:
    Tribe/clan affiliation:
    Main type of magic used:
    (More may be added to list later on)
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  6. Name: Kenna

    Age: 26

    Affiliation: Followers of the Burning Martyr

    Main Magic: Fire Manipulation, Pyromancy
  7. Name: Trivak Grislac


    Affilation: Cult of the blackened veil.

    Magic: Necroelementism.
  8. Is this a free-form roleplay? When do you plan on putting up the IC thread?
  9. Sorry folks, I was on a hunting trip and had no way of getting on here to do anything about this RP. the IC thread will be put up tomorrow.
  10. Name: Hira Swann

    Age: looks in her early 20's

    Affiliation: None, normally handles her own business.Works as an assassin

    Magic: Necromancy and Hexes

  11. Name: Hira Swann
  12. I'll join.
    Will have a CS up soon.
  13. I must admit I'm a little confused as to the setting in which this story is being set. There are many references to tribes, a strange choice of words compared to countries or nations. Does this mean that the world is more of a Hyborian theme than one of High fantasy?

    Perhaps this means that the various tribes or cults exist inside the confines of other larger nations?
  14. Correct. The land itself is Goetia, and it is ruled over by tribes. Seeing as how the tribes are always in constant conflict, the names of the land divisions never really stay the same. So yes, the tribes and cults all dwell within the same Nation, the rest of the world is undeveloped and uninhabited.
  15. I am interested in joining this, though I would like to say a small something if I may be so bold.
    There are a few mistakes visible in the intro post of this rp. I would suggest double checking spelling in some places and adding a slightly more in-depth explanation of the world and the tribes. Otherwise, I love this idea and will be putting in a character right now.
  16. Character Name: Kalista von Kelten

    Character Age: 23

    Tribe/clan affiliation: Followers of the Burning Martyr

    Main type of magic used: Disease/Affliction Control.

  17. Your character is accepted, and as for the depth of the tribes and world, I'm not going to add to much explanation of the world at the outset, as it is open for the creation and molding by the players. However, I didn't really notice to much with my spelling, and spelling doesn't matter so much here as does what is being said and that we know what is trying to be said.
  18. That is fair enough to me. So you wish the world to be more shaped by the players? I believe I will enjoy this.
  19. [​IMG]

    Ashen Fell

    Age: 24
    Tribe/clan affiliation: Followers of the Burning Martyr
    Main type of magic used: Necromancy
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