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In the absence of nyone posting something I can join/joining my RPs, I will try my hand at this whole One[x]One shenanigan.

Imagine a continent split into four - north, south, east and west.
The northern country is a frozen, barren wasteland, where only the hardiest can even hope to survive. Farmable land is scarce and often fought over, and even then it's hard to even have turnips sprout. But tough conditions breed tough people - the inhabitants, the animals, even the trees are durable. Their tenacity and sheer ability to weather even the greatest of hardships is unmatched.
The eastern country is a land where the ingenious have risen to fame, having found many ways to survive in the desert's unforgiving conditions. The merciless heat and cold affect not the merchants and treasure hunters who situate themselves in this country - while the risks are great, the rewards are greater. Scattered around the desert are various caves, often leading underground, and are brimming with precious stones and much-needed ores. Hoowever, many a foolish adventurer has lost their life to the creatures that stalk such caves, or the disasters that can befall them (rockfalls, drowning, etc).
The southern country is little more than a large collection of small islands in the southern sea, with tropical climes and fascinating culture. Home to honourable warriors, legends of great and powerful dragons, and many ways to cook many fishes. The people tend t live a peaceful life, thought the odd village gets destroyed whenever a clan war breaks out. Though unpleasant, it's expected.
The west is a country populated by great, sprawling cities, attracting mny types of commerce and trade. The people wake up, they work for a while, and go back home to their families. Dinner is eaten, laughs are had, and a generally satisfying life is led. That is, if you are part of the (comparitively) few who are not in the slums. Squalid conditions include, but are not limited to: disease, pestilence, disgusting and/or lack of food or water, dangerous or otherwise unpleasant jobs with minimal pay, and being seen as the scum of the earth by "higher class" people. They make up the vast majority of the western populace, and it's them that keep the country going, through their sweat and toil.

Despite their differences, each nation hs one thing in common - Ralkin. Ralkin is the energy that flows through the RP's world, keeping nature in balance, and keeping the flow of life going. It allows crops to grow, fires to burn, tides to ebb - without it, everything would die. Literally. In the dead centre of the continent is a gem the size of a man's fist. This is, in a sense, the heart of the continent. It regulates the flow of Ralkin, and alters its quantity as and when needed. It is only natural, then, that each country would wage war over it. But each knows that they would be far too vulnerable if they did. But one must gain control over it, so a mutual agreement was settled - in the centre plains, little more than a grassy expanse, small battalions would be sent to gain control in skirmishes, as and when the rulers decided. But what if, by some ghastly turn of events, the heir to the throne of the western country went with the battalion, in order to see the conflicts with his/her own eyes? What if he/she formed an attachment to the soldiers, and despite their father's techings, grew to understnd and respect the lives of even their enemies? Or would no compassion be felt on this jpurney, and would horrendous fate lie waiting for the prince/princess?

It's a bit rough around the edges and long winded, I know. But I still need opinions on this, so pwetty pwease?
Goody, I'll get us a thread set up, but can we sort out who plays the heir first? I'm impartial, but if you want to play them, then it's cool.
An heir hmmm? You may know more of this than I do, seeing as though you are the main creator, so I'm throwing the job of heir at your face you. I'd rather have someone impartial than clueless. ^^
In tht case, I'll hop right to it and get up a thread. Watch this space, hm?
would I be mistaken in thinking this has become a small group rp? Are you still taking joiners?
Ah, yes. I see it. I will work on it as soon as possible.
would I be mistaken in thinking this has become a small group rp? Are you still taking joiners?
I'm afraid that this is but a one-on-one affair. However, give me time, and I'll give consideration to shuffling it up a bit.