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  1. So I have this idea for the basis of a plot. Nothing special, the kind of thing done because nothing better's turned up.

    I play a bloke who seems to have skin thicker than a plank of wood. His standard reaction to anything - be it a compliment or outright verbal assault - is to shrug, and deliver some sort of noncommittal response. Naturally, his complete lack of emotion has led many to many people rejecting him, having had a tough time dealing with him.
    Enter your character.
    Your character will be innately rude, offensive, or just plain prone to hurling abuse about like a monkey with the proverbial. So what happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object? Answer: they surrender.
    With my character not responding, and your character unwilling to let up, they would make for quite the comedic duo. Naturally, we'd need some sort of setting - if you have no plots, I'm willing to to pull one out of a hat for you, as long as you provide some specifications.
  2. hmm...sounds cool. What if they met at a bar? And there's a lot of people there, so it becomes like entertainment?
  3. You'll have to clarify that second part. Entertainment for whom? Are they the ones providing entertainment? I'll need a bit more to go on.
  4. yes, they're the ones providing the entertainment. My character comes in and starts messing with you, but you just shrug it off, and she gets mad and tries harder, and everyone starts watching.
  5. I'm afraid that just doesn't seem like it would work. Security would throw her out without blinking, and nobody would stop them. Not even my character. About as reactive as a noble gas, remember?
  6. hmm..right. Uhh...yeah, I'm dead now. lol, sorry. I don't do good with plots
  7. Not entering, but I get that reference.
Thread Status:
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