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Men want to be help women want to get laid......?

I though it was the opposite! Then again looking at Iwaku...
Well, it's true. :I

At least, by my experiences. I'm not all that affectionate in real life and could do without cuddles. My boyfriend and past boyfriends on the other hand... Well, rejecting them any cuddles gets me a frown. Not just any frown. =__=; The kind that makes me guilty.

I think men just like something to hold on to. Something to protect. <3
No touchie for me. :yeti:
Hmm. I have known a lot of men that placed a lot of value on physical interaction (hugs/cuddles).
It doesn't seem too strange. Plus I know a lot of women worry over having a fulfilling sex life (pfft, just look at Cosmo) so I suppose I'm not too surprised...
Well I know for one I'm twenty years old and I still haven't had sex and I badly want physical attraction, but that doesn't mean to say it's what everyone wants.

I am going on a date with a girl who's a mormon who has the same values that I do, and wants to wait til marriage for any serious physical depth, which I'm fine with. Not every guy is the same, I for one can wait for sex. For now, I'm stuck with slightly almost cuddles, AKA light hugs. But then I remember, hell, there's always porn.
I have known many guys who love to hug / cuddle. So to me it seems a little odd to think of a guy who doesn't like to. I know more females who very much dislike that kind of contact.

Though I on the other hand am a cuddler, and always have been. The idea of sharing a hug or cuddling up to someone you enjoy the company of just makes me feel happy and warm inside. It's a way of bonding. Plus it just feels sooooo good~! ^^
I like to cuddle, but most girls I tend to meet like them more than I do.
Hell yeah, guys want to cuddle. Cuddles occasionally lead to sex, after all. And besides, my gender is the emotionally fragile half of the human race, as I'm sure any dude who's gotten rejected can attest; the ones who get over it quickly and get back on their game just happen to be very very good at rebound. Its a pride thing, really. We want physical attention because its equated with emotional security and a sense of self-esteem that a hot chick digs you. Totally a pride thing.

I just happen to understand this and weaponized it to pick up chicks. Well, used to. Now I just flirt for kicks, whilst planning my wedding.
I MIGHT like cuddles.

It's just almost POSSIBLE.

My two best friends are ALL FOR cuddles. Something is wrong if we are hanging out on my bed and not hamster piled on top of each other.

And we are all very close.

One of said friends is my current boyfriend. Other friend has been my bestie since middle school. They used to go out.

So we have a weird triangle relationship but cuddles are damn important to us.
Also, spooning leads to forking.