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  1. I think we all know the drill for this thread! CTRL V the last thing you copied, and no cheating!

    A little context :P My friend said I'm a bat after I called him a frog.. so I sent him this. XD

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  2. I legitimately have not copied anything today.
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  3. Oh, my god. I'm not going to post it here, but it's binary code for the 'n word'.

    It really is a long story.
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  6. Pahn

    This makes me look like a creeper >.> I was trying to start a DM with her in Discord and didn't feel liken typing her name in. This is the copy/paste from my cellular device. I think it's an rp reply if I was on my computer.
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  7. Capricorn: B You obviously lack spontaneity to be a real bitch. However you’re the type of person that will give others perfectly structured essays telling them how unworthy and pathetic they are making you a bitch.

    Lol just trying to copy and paste shit from Tumblr xD
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  8. [​IMG]

    I was image searching for a character since his old picture was broken and his new one wasn't making me feel like it was him. It need some more sassy, found this beauty and edited it in. There's the sass I was looking for.
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  9. Umm...not going to post it here, but it's an assignment for school that I was moving to another doc because OpenOffice is idiotic with tables :P
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  10. I was curious if someone was pulling my leg with something or not and was trying to look it up.

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  11. Yay Sia :'3
  12. [​IMG]

    Now I'm hungry...
    ooooooooooooooo  o o
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  14. Premise: Part one of the "Lunardust" series, a group of adventurers come together under the guidance of the Goddess to raise her from the "dead"... relatively speaking.

    Genres/Tags: High Fantasy , Adventure , Character Death

    Pre-requisites:Intermediate+ writing, posting speed of "every few days" or "once a week".

    Disclaimer: All Iwaku Rules apply, and also this has the potential of being mixed, so keep it PG-13, please.

    Sign-Up Status: Closed Sign-ups.

    IC Thread: Here

    Player Tags: @Joan , @Dip , @rechonq , @Isomia.n , @ERode , @Why Not? , @LavnderLights , @GrieveWriter

    • "When the King falls, and what was once green turns red, I shall stir.

      It shall be on the day that dogs bark, and birds flee,
      the clocks shall stop ticking, the age of the once fallen will arise.

      Watch for my blessings of my children, and you will be blinded.
      Listen for the rumors of my blessings, and you will become deaf.

      On the day that Life and Death greet one another, hand in hand,
      a child will be lost- yet alas, they will not.

      With the rising of the new god, comes the decrepit loss of tradition.
      The lands will turn to rust, the clock will start once more, and my children will strike.

      On the day that the sun becomes the moon, I will rise.

      And my anger will rage across the land,
      my rage shall burn everything I love,
      it will make the sun shiver,
      it will cause the waters to freeze over,
      it will bring Death himself to my knees.

      Only then, will immortality become nonexistent,
      as shall mortality,
      with Time being my only witness."

      - The Almighty GoddessZycie, at her deathbed.
    ...I was trying to just copy the prophecy from my phone so my sister could read it XD
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  15. [​IMG]

    @Joan Thanks for the unintentional call *high fives*
  16. Well I could have edited out the @ signs but I figured y'all would find my goof-up funny...well that and I forgot XD

    Anyway, back to my Ctrl V...It's the same as before so I'm not going to paste that again XD
  17. [​IMG]
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