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  1. Hello hello Iwaku! Would anybody be interested in doing a Cthulhu based RP set in Modern or even post-modern era? I was thinking about doing it with a few people who would be dedicated to carry it through far enough to finish it. Lots of adventure and untold horrors of the black and deep await you.

    It is not dead, that which can eternally lie. And with strange aeons even death may die... Cthulu fhtagn!
  2. Hot dayam, you got in fast! Got anyone else you know who would be interested?
  3. Grumpy, Jack Shade, Warmaster Death, Vay and TheNeverThere.

    We did a CoC roleplay last year.
  4. X3 Awesome sauce!

    Recomended form of contact?
  5. Just PM them or write on their visitor messages, and then name drop that I sent you and they'll come running like goodly serfs.
  6. Excellent... Lord Cthulhu will be most pleased...
  7. >:[

    *has Asmodeus ritually drowned as a sacrifice to Dagon*
  8. I would be most definitely interested in this. Sign me up!
  9. O_O

    Please, oh sweet lizard baby Jesus, please make this real. <3
  10. Expedition team, Unite! I shall put up a thread in the... Urm... Sci-Fi section and I will link it here!
  11. We're not doing character sheets, or an OOC... or an explanation of what you have in mind before we get started?
  12. Ah, indeed, thank you for the reminder!

    Charachter sheets probably wont need to be extremely and deeply discriptive, just the discription of appearance, short personality section and why they would be chosen for the expedition, thready and linkage will appear here soon.

    I will get an OOC thread up also and I may as well explain what I had in mind in said thread front up.