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  1. Greetings, Welcome to
    Cybernetic Squad Intergalactic

    A group of talented student brought together to be the guardian of the universe

    What is Cybernetic Squad Intergalactic?

    Cybernetic Space Intergalactic or CSI for short is a Squad full of young people which chosen across the galaxy to retain the balance peace of it. Currently there are 1,403 universe listed on the main branch of CSI which located 40 million miles away from the earth, approximately in mercury. Member of CSI was selected through harsh audition, held in every world. Only 100 people are accepted among 100 thousand people, they will be first trained at CSI academy before going to fieldwork and eventually graduate which 90% of them failed for each batch.

    This will be a story of a group of teenager strives to be the guardian of galaxy and brought human race to be known and not underestimated by other beings. Like in everyday school, CSI academy gives assignment homework and exam as well. Candidates will have approximately 2-3 years before graduate from the academy. Marks below 50 would end up in expulsion. Romance is allowed by the academy but pregnancy are strictly prohibited and directly dropped out of the academy.

    Sexual orientation:
    Planet origin:(just any name)
    Expectancy:(what your character expect from joining the academy)
    Solo or Co-op:
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  3. Name: Lily Meyers
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Sexual orientation: Bi-sexual (Leans more towards guys)
    Planet origin: Earth
    Expectancy: Lily wants to become a fierce warrior and protect the people of her planet. She also wants to make friends and find romance
    Solo or Co-op: Co-op
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  4. Accepted~!
  5. Name:
    Igor Biscan



    Sexual orientation:

    Planet Origin:

    He's looking for his true self as he never been so expressive or showing his true feeling towards other, he's looking for someone that trust him or even understand him.

    Solo or Co-op: Cooperative
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  6. Name: Arianna Statten
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexual orientation: Pansexual
    Planet origin: Earth (lived on Saturn all of her life where her parents were stationed.)
    Expectancy: Arianna wants to make her parents proud. She is fasicnated by the galaxy and its people, and wants to learn more.
    Solo or Co-op: Co-op
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  7. Name | Malichai Evans.
    Age | Nineteen.
    Gender | Male.
    Sexual orientation | Bisexual.
    Planet origin | Venus.
    Expectancy | Hardwork and drama... He expects to be more deep in though than usual,
    which is a little worrying because he's already always thinking.
    Solo or Co-op | Co-op.
    Appearance |

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  8. [​IMG]
    Planet origin:
    Savta (Save-yet-yeah)
    Raven Is in hope to get away from her past. she wants a friend. she wants a future. she just hope her past doesn't follows her.
    Cooperative or Lone Wolf?:

    (Small thing she a plant like being but looks human soooooooooo I AM RAVEN!

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  9. All of you are accepted~!
  10. CS:
    Name:Eric Vanhan
    Sexual orientation:Bisexual
    Planet origin:Saturn
    Expectancy:To figure out who he is and what he wants to be
    Solo or Co-op:Co-op
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  11. Accepted~!
  12. Still calling dibs on Eric xD
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  13. RAVEN choose me (waving frantically)
  14. Yes i think we all know that one xD
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  15. Lol I was just to make sure >////<
  16. uh huhhhh ;)
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  17. ohoho if a new member come they would be like... did I miss something?
  18. I may change her name...... >.>
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  19. I believe they would XD
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  20. Igor: but Raven sound nice...~
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