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Link to the site!
Welcome to the Oasis, a place for writers to be surrounded by like-minded
people and feel safe that their creations will not be stolen. I recently created
this site for not only role-players, but for free-writers as well. We keep in
contact via a discord channel where there is plenty of conversation to be
had! This site is 13+ with an optional area for those who are 18 years of
age and older to role play more mature themes that are unable to be seen
by anyone else who does not wish to see it. Feel free to sign up, there are
no requirements to sign up except for a want to write!

Upcoming for the site, we will be having a site-wide rp coming up in the
near future. The site does have it's own lore with creatures and maps
that are derived from both mythology and the ideas of the site. I hope to
see you all there soon at the oasis!

-Site administrator and founder of the Oasis, MickeyRose.​