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    It's twelve in the afternoon and everyone is rushing towards the train station. A special train called the Crystalley Express is at Platform 3. It leaves at one o'clock sharp. No one knows where it's headed but you, your parents/guardians, and whoever else was accepted into the school. You have all of your things for school on a cart and you're pushing it while heading to Platform 3.

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  7. Maggie moved through the crowds with her books and familiar in tow. She waved goodbye to her parents and walked up to the train, finding an open seat. She saw a cute boy and opened her spellbook, wondering if there was some sort of love spell contained within. No such luck.
  8. Loki walked through the crowd and towards platform 3. He waved goodbye to his parents as this was the 3rd consecutive year he has gone to the academy. "WAIIIIIIIT" is yelled by some girl and boy. Storm turns around and he is attacked by the boy and the girl. They were his brother and sisters who happen to be older than him. "We're gonna miss you Loki!"

    Loki: G-get off me!

    Loki gets them off him and he looks at them. He begins walking away and he shoots them a thumbs up with a smile. Arriving at platform 3, he laid against a wall and waited with his arms crossed.
  9. "Have a safe trip dear!" Melody looked back at her parents and gave them a smile and waved.After loading the last of her luggage on the cart,her parents gave her a final goodbye and drove away."Well Luna,are you ready for another year in Crystalley?" she asked her kitten who was sitting on her shoulder.She wasn't sure how or why,but it seemed like Luna never grew out of being a kitten,not like Melody complained.She actually likes it better this way.

    She pushed her cart towards platform 3 and looked around.Some students had already arrived and are waiting for the train to come.She quickly scanned the area.There were a few familiar faces from last year,but none of them were people she recalled talking to.The rest she assumed were newcomers."I guess we'll be staying here for a while"
  10. After gave the instruction to one of the student, Allain sat back to his seat in his laboratory and opened one of his book. "the new semester has begun. i wonder what will happened this year" he starred at the windows where the blue sky spread to the horizon. Today is the beginning of the new semester in the Crystalley Academy and his tenth years of him as a teacher in Crystalley. "let's see. there are some troublemaker in the first year, also...." he opened his book's page one by one to check the new student and their personality.
    When he done examined his book a teacher came to his room and told him about the opening ceremony. "oh it's almost that time, just wait for a sec" he looked at his watch then went to the Auditorium to attend the opening ceremony. New semester in Crystalley, will it be good or bad, no one know.
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  11. [I create an RP and then take forever to post my starting post >.<]

    "C'mon, Princess! We've got to hurry!"

    A girl was running towards Platform 3, huffing and puffing. A Snowy Owl was right behind her, soaring above quite high. She maneuvered her way around other people, saying "Sorry!" and "Excuse me!" when she bumped into other people. They either just smiled and kept walking or looked her over with a scowl. Either way, she ignored it all, trying her best to reach her destination. She was already pushing her luck by waking up late that morning. She definitely needed to push it if she wanted to go to Crystalley this year. The young girl didn't know what she'd do if she missed a year at her home away from home.


    'Dylan' whipped her head around as someone shouted her name. Seeing it was no one behind her, she looked forward once more. A smile overtook her features as someone from Crystalley waved towards her eagerly. Picking up her already fast pace, she finally reached Platform 3. Hugging her friend, she began to put her things up while chatting with her friend. The two of them chatted briefly with others and waved to their classmates. Finally, they both got on the train, splitting to go to different compartments. Dylan sighed as she relaxed in her seat, looking out of the window. My fourth year at Crystalley. Sheesh, so much has happened in the last three. And I can't wait to see what this year will bring!
  12. [BCOLOR=transparent]As Edgar walks through the train station with a bag in one hand and the book he is reading in the other, he starts to bump into people and apologizing but without even lifting his head up from the novel. Finally he stops and closes the book with sigh and says “well another one done” under his breath, while looking for a place to sit. He spots a bench not too far away and decides to rest there.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Stopping and putting down his bag, then sitting down. He opens up the inside of his coat and talk to his little rat, “hey buddy want something to eat”. After that he rummages through his coat pocket and pulls out a treat giving the treat to the rat. Afterwards he lifts his and says in a hush tone “and now we wait”.[/BCOLOR]
  13. Arial pushed her cart full of school supplies with some effort. Having come alone, she didn't have anybody to smother her with love, wishing her a good trip. It wasn't like she didn't have any family, it's just her family couldn't care less about what she did. Arial pushed the cart along the side of the train, her eyes glancing over the other kids her age with their families. "They don't notice how lucky they are..." Arial said under her breath, blowing a strand of light brown hair out of her eyes. When she got to the area where the other students were getting on, Arial hesitated outside the train, waiting for something. Her family? Who knows. Arial shook her head in an attempt to clear her head, knowing they wouldn't even think twice about her.

    Looking up at the clock, seeing that she had plenty of time. Her body was buzzing from the nerves, but she just ignored it. She had been in these situations before, dealing with these things on her own. A few small noises came from her cart and Arial looked in. She smiled at her barn owl, knowing that he didn't like cages. "Don't worry Louie. You just need to be in there for another hour or so." she said quietly, pulling her cart to a wall and standing against it.
  14. As Loki leaned against the wall with his eyes closed he heard the train. It was preparing to leave. Loki walked towards the train with his supplies. He found a seat and sat down with his arms crossed and eyes closed. A white mouse with glasses popped up from inside his leather jacket. "Why so grumpy?" said the mouse.

    "I'm not grumpy. Just thinking. You know i'm always like this so why do you ask?" asked Loki toward the mouse. "Eh I guess. By the way, I been studying the students this year. You reeeeallyyy got a run for your money this year, champ. I think you may lose your title as one of the strongest in the academy."

    "Hm. Is that so? Good. I hardly want the attention this year. I need my space."

    "Hehe what ever you say." The mouse jumps onto his lap and sits there.
  15. Arial heard the train whistle and jumped, pushing her cart to the train. She quickly unloaded her supplies and walked down an aisle, searching for a spot to sit. Suddenly, her foot caught on the carpeted flooring, sending her tumbling to the ground, hitting her head on one of the sliding doors to a seating area. Arial groaned in pain and rubbed her head, squeezing an eye shut. She looked over at Louie, who seemed to have narrowed his eyes at her. "I'm in here you know." he said, tilting his head to the side slightly. Arial sucked air in through her teeth and kept rubbing her head. "Sorry Louie!" she said, looking over her owl. Louie made a noise of satisfaction and stayed quiet. Arial pressed her head against the sliding door behind her and closed her eyes. She heard some people talking inside, but didn't want to disturb. As she stood up, Arial accidentally slammed her hand on the door. Her eyes widened as she made a small noise in her throat. "Oh great. Wonderful. Haven't been on the train for five minutes and I already start messing with things." Arial said quietly to herself, feeling the bruise starting to form on her head.
  16. "Haha Loki you gotta check this out! This chick is so clumsy! I'm dieing here!" is said by the chuckling mouse. "I don't care." says Loki in a serious tone. "Ahhh you're no fun! Hmm...hey that's one of your classmates. I studied her history. She's pretty strong, but after seeing that I think my theory is wrong! Haha" says the chuckling mouse.
  17. Arial groaned and stood up, feeling her face redden in embarrassment. She picked up Louie's cage and felt like she should apologize to the person inside the seating area. She hesitated at first, then slid the door open. Her eyes roamed the room before landing on a boy. "Oh, hi. I just wanted to say sorry for being so loud and disturbing you a few moments ago." she felt completely embarrassed but felt that it was the nice thing to do. "Yeah, you do that. Apologize for being such a klutz." Louie said with a roll of his eyes. Arial sent her owl a warning look before turning back to the boy. "Anyway, I'm really sorry." she said, moving her light brown hair from her face.
  18. "..." Loki remains with his eyes closed and arms crossed not paying any attention. The mouse suddenly thinks of a plan and chuckles. He sits up and climbs up to Loki's shoulder. "You! How hare you?! You're disturbing the one and only...THE LION! One of Crystalley's strongest wizards! How dare you disturb him!"
  19. Arial's jaw dropped and she tried to say something. "I-Oh wow, I'm so sorry!" she said, starting to back out of the sliding door. "Hey, don't let this pea-brain mouse scare you. You're tougher than that, Ari. If we have a problem, let me loose and I can get rid of this little pest." Louie's eyes were trained on the mouse sitting on the boy. Arial narrowed her eyes at her owl and Louie shrank back. "Louie..." she said in a warning tone. The owl raised his wings as if in surrender. "Okay, okay. Geez, I'll back off." Arial sighed and turned from her owl to the boy. "Again, I'm really sorry. I just thought I needed to apologize for being so rude." Arial said politely, poking her head out to see if there were any empty spots to sit in.
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