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    Welcome to Crystal Valley High

    This is not a normal school by no means. This is a school where young kids come with the potential to do great things. None of them seem like your normal kid for they may have supernatural abilities known as powers. Others are extremely intelligent or seem to have a natural feel for a blade or even gun. To develop these skills parents send them here to us who teach at Crystal Valley High school. All the students seem to prefer live on campus, and this is highly suggested. They take classes teaching them many things some to be a citizen and fit in with society, some of the classes are to teach them how to do good with there powers even if they may seem like trouble makers. Our goal is to one day end the rein of villains in the world, and galaxy.

    We hope you take consideration in applying your student here at Crystal Valley High with there unique and incredible talented abilities. While they are here be aware they will be aloud to go on missions, but shall usually have a teacher with them and a team. And we can not guarantee complete safety of your child but will do are best.

    The Principle Frost


    "Hello students. This is Principle Frost" The Principle stated on an inter come as new comers were starting to arrive along with those who have gone here the last few years. The school hadn't been around as long as some but Crystal Valley Highschool has some of the usual expected classes. Along with a twist of a little more than just English, and Math, but things those with supernatural abilities may wish to know the maybe fit in, use there powers, how to help or in some devastating cases destroy the world and many others. "Now students there are maps all over the school. And all of you will need to make your way to the auditorium by nine o' clock. This gives you an hour to get your schedule. Meet possible room mates, even catch up with old friends. If you are not in the auditorium at nine please find one of our staff to lead you there, or even a student volunteer, to take you there if you are lost." She paused. "However if you are not lost and just delaying trust me on that you will regret it for much needed information shall be missed and we will not just repeat what you miss easily." The intercom shut off.

    When you are on the front campus it appears a little like a mix of a college campus and a high school. There is a water fountain in the center of the court yard. Straight ahead appears to be the main building and there is a map closer to it for students and even staff to find there way around if lost.


    Maro had come to school a bit early this would be his first year coming for Frost had felt it was time for him to meet more people. He knew the school probable just as well as her even if he hadn't been going here since it was first built or well more like when Frost became principle. He sighed where he stood waiting for people to come in. He was who got stuck handing out the schedules for kids to learn there electives and so he could show them how far the auditorium was.


    Kimi was sent to Cyrstal Valley Highschool for her first year and she had no idea why she was told to come. She also didn't know the place or area. When she heard the Principle's voice she keep looking for her but Kimi never saw her once. It made her rather nervous to not have found where the voice came. Kimi was truly confused and looked around not sure what she was suppose to look for on the ma.

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    -- { Dione Adalwolfa Roux & Damian Adalwolf Roux } --

    "I can't say I'm surprised to see we have similar classes again this year." Damian spoke, amber hues focused on the slip of paper nestled between gloved digits. "It's not too bad besides I doubt you'd sign up for Drama willingly." Dione retorted smoothly, retrieving her folded up schedule from her pocket. "Are you implying I wouldn't go for it or--...?" The male stated, motioning for her to continue her previous statement. A small huff escaped from the female as she promptly shrugged it off, instead choosing to glance over at the other students making their way through campus. "Forget about it. By the way, should we.. uh offer help or just head over to the auditorium already?"

    "Honestly, I'm not eager to start that lecture already." Amber hues rolled at the thought of that. "Pfft. You're not thinking of skipping out on it, are you? Actually you know what-- let's go check out some of the other buildings around here." Dione stated, reaching a hand out and pulling her brother along to a steady pace towards the main building. Despite the obvious reluctance, Damian followed along in suit beside her, though his gaze frequently traveled over to the other students. It was surprisingly easy to figure out which students happened to be new to the academy.


    -- { Katarina Wolf } --

    The brunette's head was raised as cerulean hues flickered around Crystal Valley's campus, eagerly taking in the sight around her. While she was here for her own reasons, Katarina couldn't help but feel excited at the endless possibilities here. Before she could let her feelings come to light, her father's face suddenly came to mind. She couldn't lose focus- especially not right now. With the constant jabs at her father's mob and their personal life, this was the first priority in her mind. Power. She needed more power if she wanted to protect the family she had grown up with- the same one that others sought out to destroy so consistently and persistently.

    With that thought in mind, Katarina made the small trek towards the map and quickly scanned it. "Alright.. it should be easy to find this.. I just turn down this hallway.. or something like that." She muttered to herself, eyebrows furrowing slightly at the thought. Maybe the brunette was just overthinking this- yeah, that was probably it. Just a simple turn in one hallway and the third hallway from there. Releasing an inaudible grumble, Katarina spent a few more minutes trying to clarify the directions once more in her head.


    -- { Alastor Alf Heron } --

    His purpose of being here was solely to get stronger and finally surpass the expectations his father placed on him, either by word of mouth or directly to the teen. Either way Alastor was going to make sure he made his father take back his previous words. One way or another he would do just that. Slender digits briefly ran through windswept russet locks before dropping back to his side. Releasing a small breath, he continued the trek towards the main building on Crystal Valley's campus- taking a brief moment to peer at the contents of the map. It shouldn't be difficult to navigate his way to the entrance of the auditorium and receive his schedule for the following semester.

    Shaking his head at intruding thoughts, Alastor walked past other students as he made his way through the mass of chattering students. It didn't shock him that some questionable looks were received- something told him his father's career was the cause of this. Rolling his eyes at the thought, he reached a hand out and pulled open the door before making his way inside of the main building. Maybe he'd be able to find a mentor here.. someone who would offer some guidance to the male. Given the stress he carried, Alastor had no qualms in being put through training once more.
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  3. "Move! Assimilate! Asunder!"

    A young lass shoved her way through the students, seeming to be in a bad mood. It was the first day of school, after all. If she was going to do something, making a good first impression was definitely not one of them. Once in a clearing, she looked at her dons.

    "These restraints... They seal me... why do humans have to wear these... things..." she utters as she - she didn't unbutton them - strips her blazer off, sending buttons flying in a few directions, possibly hitting a few others. The blazer was tossed aside, slamming into the face of what appears to be an accurately depicted Velociraptor.

    "Hey, watch the face bud," the Velociraptor tells her off.

    "I'd watch your face if I were you, bird brain," the lass roars at the Velociraptor.

    "You don't seem to be in a good mood. Maybe a fight can cheer you up?" the dinosaur suggests as it shrugged its wings.

    "That is not a bad idea! I should start by punching everyone!" the lass smiles.

    "No! No! No! That's not what I meant! Are you even listening?"

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    Sighing he stood at his post a while. Looking around he spotted one of his favorite teachers, Damon Kane. Or well one he knew he liked when they visited his adoptive mother. "Hey Mr. Kane." He called and waved the man over. "Can you trade places with me? I really want to move around some before many of the other new students get here." He said and stood slowly showing him the wavers.

    Damon sighed. "Ms. Frost assigned you here didn't she?" He asked the boy who nodded but soon explain his case. "Alright I suppose I could just this one. But you'll owe me Maro." He said and placed a hand on his side the other stuck out for the papers. "Just make sure your back in twenty minutes." He added so neither would get into much trouble if they were discovered.

    Maro gave a nod. "Yes sir thank you Mr Kane." He said and gave over the flyers then took off. He moved a bit quickly through the halls obvious he'd been in them many times before the first day actually attending. He then slowed down seeing some of the others who appears to maybe be students. "Um Hi" He called to them.

    Damon stood wishing he didn't just trade with Maro but understood why the boy wanted to go around the school. He took a seat and sat then noticed light enter the building. He looked over to where someone may enter. Or not he wasn't that sure but he did notice at the end of the hall to where he was located he saw a red tail. 'Great Zaria is being hall monitor I suppose. Wonder when she arrived? Probable by some spell as usual being she wasn't here on time for the teachers meeting.' He thought to himself.

    Zaira stood and she to had looked where the light poured in seeing a male walk in. She stood where it was still the main lobby of the main building.

    Kmi had moved closer to the map and noticed another student already examining it. "Um any idea where were suppose to go?" She asked still rather confused. She was very nervous for her first day. Especially since she was already confused.


    Kiara Rice had been at the meeting and she was the one who got entrance yard duty. This meaning she was to make sure students would move when time was getting close. She also had the lovely job of making sure no chaos should occur day one. Which made since yet she did feel this should be Frost's job more than her own. Soon she noticed two students stopping and talking what they were now up to she wasn't sure but stood. She glanced around and made sure to keep an eye on both of them now that some tension could be seen in their experstions.



    Frost was the only one not placed at a certain location of the school. It was for the simple fact she had to make sure everything for presentation was ready. She walked in the auditorium after making the announcement and looked seeing the curtains closed and seats empty but area's appeared clean. She went to the box behind to grab a device that appeared to be a remote. It was for her slide show. Frost soon made her way on stage and examined where she had notes from the last few days that she had put everything together. Everything seemed there that she would need. She then went to her seat on stage and sat soon bringing out a small device to examine the school at every area the others needed to be. Then of course there was the few extra of the staff she had placed that some wouldn't meet till after school began or so she hoped.


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