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    He jumped before the missile would hit him and then looked back before seeing another one was about to hit him, he started to jump and the blow made him go more backwards and he then landed on the ruins that once where a house. Hiraii looked around for his friends but it seems that they haven't returned yet. He had to do this alone after all. He started to run to the time machine and was about to jump inside before he sensed something coming for him and he moved away before the bullet would hit him. A man stood before him, calmly holding a gun and a black book.

    Kurai (open)

    -"My... My..." He said with the mask tight upon his face, choking his voice a bit.
    -"Hiraii, how fun to see you in the middle of world war here. Having fun?" He asked in a cold yet enjoyable voice and Hiraii bite his teeth together and then smiled.
    -"Hmph, I thought you would be dead by now. Guess I was wrong. And yeah, I was just about to go into this time machine. Sadly I can't talk more with you right now but we will surely meet again." He said with his smile while Kurai looked at him with his dead yellow eyes.
    -"Well, I can't let you do that. Hiraii. That would be no fun if it just ended here would it?" Kurai said, raising his gun.
    -"I have to kill you first, you see?" Kurai then added and was about to shoot.
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    She was running, as fast as she could. Aniela could sense that Hiraii was in trouble, that something bad was going to happen. She couldn't let anything happen to him. Aniela was told to protect him, she wanted to protect him.

    In a matter of minutes, she found him. A man in a black coat held a gun to Hiraii's head. "No." She muttered. "No. No. No. NO!" She had to save him, get him back to the time machine. The others should already be there.

    Without thinking, she threw herself at the man. Her yellow eyes burning with rage. She began to try to wrestle the gun from his hand, to get it away.
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  3. Kurai was about to shoot but then someone got in his way, it was some brat trying to take his gun from him.
    -"Small girls shouldn't play outside in the battlefield." He said and kicked the girl in her stomach and backed away. He raised his gun again and then saw that Hiraii was about to go inside the time machine and he shot so that Hiraii backed away. And then turned to the girl.
    -"This is no business between you and me, little girl. You see, this is grown up talk right now and I don't want you in the way." He said while his yellow eyes shone in the darkness and the gray smoke was going up the sky from all the bombing. Hiraii got tired of Kurai's talk and throw a bomb at him and then looked at her.
    -"NOW!! Attack him!" He said and jumped on the time machine, he haven't seen anyone else now but he had not time to think of that, he started it and turned back to 1 and a half a year ago when the goverment planned the world war. And he and his crew was the ones to stop the goverment. He started the time machine, he watched her. Can she make it to the time machine before it sents off?
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  4. Aniela fell onto the ground with a grunt. "Thats no way to treat lady." She hopped up, pulling out the gun that was on her back. She aimed it at the man. She began to back up, towards the time machine. "Move and I'll shoot you." She simply stated as she stepped upon the machine, she glanced back to see Hiraii, she sighed in relief.

    She turned back to the man. "I know alot more about battle than you do, mister. I've been through it all." With that, she aimed her gun at his leg and shot. She wasn't sure if he would dodge it, but at least she got a shot in. Her yellow eyes stared into the mans. They both had yellow eyes, how strange.
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  5. The bullet went through his leg, but it was hard to see if he was hurt or not since he just stood there and then he vanished when a whiite light started to shine around them. Hiraii had started to time machine and couldn't wait for the others, so only the two of them could continue this quest and off they went. And before they knew it, they where in a city who was whole, not in ruins, nothing had been bombed yet and everyone in the city were calm. It was a weird feeling since Hiraii just have been in a world war only some seconds ago and now...
    He turned to Aniela.
    -"We.... we did it. But come on, we have to hide the time machine! We can't let anyone take it again." Hiraii thought about the time when their time machine had been stollen and the goverment tried to scare them away and was about to destroy it. Luckily it was saved by one of Hiraii's members from the group. Sadly, he died when saving it but now he should be alive. Eitharyn, the one who did not die in vain but died a hero by saving their time machine and stood up by the goverment but now, he should still be whole and alive in their secret base that they found 6 years ago from now. When they where done with the time machine he took his weapon and threw it in the time machine and then looked at her.
    -"We can't go around with guns... you know how suspicious we will look in front of the citizens."
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