Crystal Gems (A Steven Universe Roleplay)

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  1. Kindergarden, a reminder of a very traumatic time during Earth history where alien gemstones buried drilling machines into the ground making an army of gems sucking up Earths very rich fertile life in the process...

    The place was quiet and still, eerie really...and far off in the distance, was a light brown gemstone that was floating in a containment cell.
    It was a miricle that the thing was running this long in the first this point nothing was working properly and all.

    It seems that all the backup generators were focused on making this mysterious thing float...but even alien technology can only work for so long before finally starting to fail.
    The lights flickered off and the door slid open; the gem floated out in the open and started gracefully taking form!
    Long light brown hair, tan skin and dark brown eyes with a brown dress that flows out on the bottom touching just above her knees...she was gorgeous in every way!

    The gem was small and now in the middle of her back like a lapis lazuli..and she blinked before she closed her eyes.
    Dirt and sand surrounded Amber before clinging onto her back forming wings...she was a rare gem, once she bursted from the ground her leaders knew that they needed to keep a secret weapon.

    The gem lifted her wings before bringing them down taking off in the air.
    Everyone was gone, they left without her? This didn't make any sense...the mission...

    Amber kept flying trying to gather any information on what had happened...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.