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  1. Ahhh now that I've captured your attention and you found your way into the thread, why not give it a read hm?

    As for the plot, it's still a bit rocky but as a group, we are more than welcome to build it together.

    So, the idea is that, almost in an AU sort of since, a small group of us will be taking the place of the Crystal Gems in beach city; however as OC's. (that also includes Steven/Rose)

    It will be completely OC based (unless we discuss other wise. For example, if we wanted to keep a few villains and towns people than yeah i understand but for the 4 main roles, OC's)

    Number of roles can probably be altered (for example if someone wishes to play Connie in a sense)

    So for our characters, here is what were looking at


    Leader (Garnets Position) (status) :Unclaimed
    Level headed personality. A bit childish at times and can be unstable. Runs head first into all situations regardless of doubts and troubles. Is not a fusion, however, it able to fuse with the other crystal gems. Gem of choice.

    Proud Member (Pearls Position) (status): Unclaimed
    One of the gem army's best fighters. Can be a bit of a loner and prefers keeping to them self. Can become emotion upon mention of their mistakes and problems. Can be fearful but stands strong no matter what. Gem of choice

    Kindergarten Mistake (Amethysts Position) (status): Myself
    A gem fusion made of 2 gem's that were made in Earth's Kindergarten. Can be a bit of a wild animal and pick fights with those she doesn't enjoy. Still a bit iffy about humans but if a good fights coming, they will play the saviors. Gem of choice.

    Half Gem Half Human (Stevens Position) (status): Unclaimed
    Half human and half gem. Does not have to be male. Cheerful and protective of the gems. Teaches the gems the ways of Beach City and how to interact with humans. Inherited the power of (GEM WHOM WILL BE ROSES POSITION BUT CAN BE CHOSEN BY WHOEVER HAS THIS POSITION).

    More characters to come if others are interested. u w u Now them, shall we discuss?
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  2. The holiest of bumps
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  3. I'm completely interested in this, I just don't know if I want Garnet's Position, or Steven's
  4. Also might I suggest Tanzanite as the gem for Amethysts position? Seeing as it only originates from Earth
  5. Welcome aboard ^^
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  6. HOW HAVE I NOT NOTICED THIS BEFORE?!?!?!?!?!?!? This sounds super cool! I'm just a bit unsure what role I should go for... I mean, I love Pearl, Garnet, and Steven so I'm not sure who's role I could bring proper justice to! However, I'm totally superbly interested in this! :D
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  7. I'm reserving Garnet's Position and that's final, though I don't know what gem I'll use yet. I want to Use sapphire but I feel like that isn't exactly AU enpugh, though the only reason I want sapphire as my gem kis cause its mah birthstone.
  8. Is there any position I can reserve? o-o I love this....
  9. I'll be steven... how do we start the rp???
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  10. Will someone answer me... How do we do RP in forums???
  11. I might be interested in the Pearl's Position character... I just need to see if I can get my 1x1 an other obligations sorted out first >_>
  12. I'd happily take some one who'd be a Connie or a Lapis character, depending on whether this would take place before or after the second season. :)
  13. AHHH please do excuse my absents. It seems we have filled up quite nicely. How about we all take this into discussion? :3
  14. Discussion sounds great! I probably should've posted which role I had wanted to take, but since someone else wants Steven's role, I'd be happy to fill whatever role you guys need. :)
  15. Could i be an antispectator? Some gem who was branded a crystal gem helper and was stuck on earth, and less in beach city as an undercover gem that only crystal gems know is à gem? (I'm mobile, so my letters may have accidental misspellings and accents. )I'm primarily on at nights and life makes me not on here as much as i want, but i do post (usually) long posts, could i perhaps be, like, iolite?
  16. I'm very interested in this roleplay. I'd also like to hold the Garnet Position or a position that isn't one of the main gem positions, but I'd have to ask if my gem can be addressed with male pronouns.
  17. Seems that many people are waiting for a position, I wonder if I could be put on the waiting list.

    Many thanks.
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