Crystal Chandeliers & Kidnappings

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  1. My Character was a young prince, everyone adored him and was the small kingdoms little angel. A grand ball for my characters thirteenth(or older if you want) birthday was to be held at the grand castle. It was a masquerade theme. Crystal Chandliers lit the gold, silver, and white ball room, elaborate table clothed spun of fine fabrics were laid out on long tables with exotic and delectable foods laid out along them. Young and old ladies swept up in poofy gowns with dazzling necklaces hung on their neck and stunning earrings twinkled like stars from their ears. Handsome young bachlors strolled around the ballroom looking for a girl to scoop up and carry her off to the dance floor or a bedroom.

    Your character arrives, in a simple, yet elegant black mask. Instantly young and old women swooning at your feet. Your character was a very fetching young man. But he did not have his eyes set on any women at this ball... No... He had his eyes set on the young prince. Your character had been secretly planning for years to kidnap the delicate little prince... Waiting for the right time to pounce. Nobody would have guessed it. You were young, extremely handsome, not to mention rich beyond compare.... A very eligible young suitor who could have any pick of woman he so wished. But he didn't care for women, you wanted the angel with beautifulest big blue eyes that could make even the coldest of hearts melt into a big puddle... And you were planning on taking the little prince tonight. You planned on get him away from the crowd and then snatching him up and quickly take off in the middle of the night.

    You weren't leaving without him.

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  2. Hello! I would be very interested. I will send you a message to discuss more.
  3. Alright! Go right ahead! :)