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  1. Name: Scott "Shatter" Reese.

    Age: 27.

    Mutation: Glass Manipulation. Can create and move any glass object.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Scott is rather shy at first but when you get to know him, he is very loving and caring, also very out-going as well.

    "It's not true, is it?" Scott's worried face looked at Ororo and Logan. His mind was wondering all over the place as they shrugged their shoulders and was speechless. Scott sighed softly, placing his head in his hand, shaking his head as he sat down in a nearby chair. "What if it is true? What are we going to do?" Scott asked while leaning back in the chair, looking between Ororo and Logan, both as they then looked at each other. "First of all, we're going to have to stay calm and not scare the children." Headmistress Ororo spoke as she walked over to the window, folding her arms over her chest, covering her breasts a little bit. "Well, why don't I go and check it out?" Logan asked her as he stood to his feet, as he was sitting on the desk. Headmistress shook her head as she then lifted up her arm towards. "We'll let him go and the new recruit." She pressed a button on the intercom and spoke. "Lilou, please head to my office. Thank you." Scott rose up from his feet, his arms stretched out by his side. "What?! Your joking right? She's a new recruit, she doesn't know what she is doing!" He spoke loud and hoped that Lilou wasn't on the other side of the door, listening to their conversation about her. Professor Logan let out a soft chuckle as his eyes peered towards the door, they all were waiting for Lilou to appear.
  2. Name: Lilou Mina

    Age: 25

    Mutation: can control water and ice.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Lilou is very shy, she does trust many and she keeps silent most of the time. she is very gentle though, with everything. She is very nice though, she try's her best not to get angry but she is very dangerous when she is. she does not know how to control her abilities/mutation yet, she gets frustrated with herself very easily. She dose not trust many.

    "Excuse me Lilou, do you know how to tie shoes?" a little girl asked Lilou as she was helping the other children, the girl had to be very young. "Yes I do, and I will happily tie yours." Lilou knelled down and tied the little girls shoe. "Lilou will you come too my office please!" Lilou looked up form the little girl's shoe and patted her head, saying a sweet and short good=bye as she went. She walked too the office and heard noise inside. A man talking about her being a new recruit. Lilou was new yes, and no she still didn't have an entire grip on her manipulation of ice and water, but she knew what she was doing...for the most part. Lilou rolled her eye's, she didn't recognize the man's voice, but she would met him soon enough. Lilou entered. "Miss Ororo, you called for me. Lilou said almost at a whisper. Her hands were crossed in front of her and she stood about '4'5, tall and slender, in a sleeveless top and black jeans. She liked that she able to wear what she wanted here, out of the things she did like about this place, that was one of her favorites. Logan was in the room as well, she and Logan got along decently, on speaking when she had too, but that's how she was with just about everyone here, the other man, she did not know though.
  3. When Lilou entered the room, the entire atmosphere changed as Scott rolled his eyes, folding his arms over his chest then plopping back down in the chair. "Now that you are here..." Headmistress Ororo heels clicked as she walked towards her desk, placing the palms of her hands upon it, leaning up, showing her cleavage a little bit. "You know what is going on, right Lilou? About Magneto giving his ability back?" She waited for her answer that question before moving on to her next statement. "Oh, where are my manners. This is Scott." Headmistress Ororo waved her arm dismissively towards Scott as he stood and walked over to stand beside Lilou. He said nothing at first, but when he saw that glare coming from Ororo herself, his attitude changed completely. "I'm Scott, nice to meet you." He extended his hand for her to shake. He was a little bit taller than Lilou, only by a foot though.

    "As I was saying..." Headmistress Ororo cleared her throat before sitting down in her chair, scooting up closer to her desk then she spoke again, after placing her hands together, interlocked. "You guys must go to the Morlock Haven and find out what exactly is going on. Don't forget to disguise yourselves. Got it?" Scott nodded as his eyes shifted towards Lilou. Logan just sat there, listening and nodding, even raising a brow at the two before him. Once she gave her response, Scott left the room, talking, hoping that Lilou was behind him, listening. "Now, Morlocks tend to wear dark and disgusting clothing." His eyes looked at her body up and down then back into her eyes. "What you have on now should work." He let a loud laugh before running up to his room, closing the door behind him as he rummaged through his closet.
  4. Lilou smiled at Miss Ororo. "Yes I was aware, I belive Logan told me about it." When Scott was introduced Lilou smiled at him trying to be polite. Lilou listened as Miss Ororo told them about their assignment, Lilou was surprised that she was getting a misson this early in her joining. "I understand Miss Ororo." Lilou nodded at Scott and then at Logan before she followed Scott out of the room. As he spoke Lilou listned, she thoughabout whatshe had that was good enoughfor a disquise, before Scott told her that what she was wearing was fine. Lilou's mouth dropped in shoc from him saying her clothes were disgusting. "Fine, then i won't need to change." Lilou said to herself out load. She walked up the stairs too her room, trying to find some clothes to tak along with her, she found afw outfits that were not hers, thyhad the X-men X them and were black leather so she fiqured it would be good to take along, so she threw it in a bag that she found in her closet as well.

    Lilou went through the rest of her clothing finding odds and ends of clothes that might be acceptable for the disquise. She looked back at the suit adn though against taking but left it, just in case. After she hadfinished packing she walked out of her room. Scott was not out of his yet, so she sood by the door waiting for him. He seemed o be taking forever though.
  5. Scott changed into something disgusting and vile, since he wanted to fit into that Morlock style. He grabbed himself a black t-shirt, a pair of black jeans and a long trench coat, which was also black. He had small bag full of evening clothing, just in case he got hungry and wanted to get a bite to eat. He held the bag in his hands as when he was leaving his room, Logan was behind his door. He gasped but Logan handed him the keys to jet. "Handle her with care." He said as he walked away. Scott nodded and made his way to the lobby. He saw Lilou there waiting for him as smiled a little but tried to change his facial expression when he reached the last step as he spoke to her. "Ready to go?" Scott held the keys up, jingling them like he was a teenager driving for the first time.

    Before she even stated her answer, Scott hopped off the bottom step then started walking towards the room, where the jet is kept. His eyes looked behind him as he hoped to see Lilou following closely. A small pathway open from the bottom of the plane, as at first, it had looked like a slide but the smooth pathway shifted into stairs. Scott walked right up the stairs and was in the jet. "Now, this is nice. Wouldn't you say so..Uhmm..What is your name again?" He was asking while sitting his bag down in a chair, then looking at Lilou. He also walked to his seat, sitting down as he waited for Lilou to sit down before starting up the jet.
  6. Lilou smiled back at him as Scott walked down the stairs. She smirked when he jingled the Jet keys in front of him. "well, they must trust you." Lilou said as she followed closely behind Scott, she walked into the Jet and threw her bag into a seat. " My name's Lilou and Just hang on a sec. okay?" Lilou said as she grabbed her bag and walked out of the plane, too find miss Ororo. Once she found her she started to ask her a question but was inturpted. "Why are you not wearing the uniform that was in your closet?" Lilou looked at her clothes. "Um, I will go change." Lilou hurried into a near by bathroom and changed quickly she looked at herself after she had finished, the suit made her breast's look huge, but she though she looked kinda hot in it. she smiled satisfied with herself and walked back to the jet, completely forgetting to ask Miss Ororo her question.

    "You can go now, sorry I had to Miss Ororo a question but she told me to change so I didn't get too ask her." Lilou said, then feeling stupid figuring that Scott didn't even care. She sat down and buckled waiting for the plane to take off. After it had Lilou looked over at Scott. "So, what is your...um mutation? cause you look normal." Lilou chuckled remembering that some mutants could hide their physical mutations. "If it is physical didn't mean too offend." Lilou asked as she looked down at all the controls.
  7. Just as Scott was about to put the keys into the ignition, he listened to Lilou say hold on. A soft sigh made it's way through his lips as he rolled his eyes and leaned back in his seat. "Hurry up!" He shouted, just as she was making her way down the stairs, going back towards the Academy. In the meantime, Scott was in the jet, with feet raised up on the steering wheel, his hands tapping at the side of his knees, humming a tone as he constantly looked back at the opening of the jet. He removed his feet from the steering wheel, getting up from his seat and walking over to his bag, digging through it as he pulled out his comb and combed his blonde hair with black streaks. He put a little part in the middle. Then he placed the comb back in his bag, rushing over to his seat as he heard footsteps approaching.

    His eyes looked at Lilou when she came back on broad, his eyes also widened when he saw the outfit she was wearing. When she sat down and buckled up her seatbelt, Scott buckled up as well then cranked up the engine as it roared, but his ears twitched when he heard her question about his mutation and that he looked normal. "We are normal!" His voice got a little loud as he then calmed down to answer her question. "I can manipulate glass. What's your mutation?" He said as the opening closed up, the ceiling of the room opened up and Scott pulled back on the steering wheel, causing the jet to lift up in the sky. "Hold on to your mutations." He said, meaning it to be funny. The jet wobbled a little bit then he lined it up and started to fly forward, still waiting for Lilou to answer.
  8. "I didn't mean to offend you, and I can control ice and water. Like if its raining I can control the rain, like in a wet atmosphere and what not." Lilou said as she buckled her seat belt, when Scott told her to hold on to her mutations, Lilou chuckled a little then watched as Scott flew to the destination. "So, how did you end up with the X-men? Like how did they find you and what not?" ‚ÄčLilou didn't know what else to talk about, she didn't want it too be completely silent the entire way there. Lilou realized that there was another steering wheel in front of her, but it was moving slightly in unison with Scott's, she grabbed it having nothing else to do, she didn't really steer, she just wanted to look like she was helping.

    "When I was a little girl, the first time I manipulated water, was this time I was in the bath, and I started playing with the water and when it moved how i wanted it too, my mom started freaking out, she sent me too a psych ward, then when I turned 24, Logan found me and Miss Ororo, and that's how I ended up here, been here for a couple months, they found me like a few moths before my birthday."
    Lilou felt like she was being annoying so she shut up and started to look around outside, no that there was much too look at but clouds. Lilou's eyebrows lifted as she got an idea. she started to mess around with the participation in the clouds, moving in in circles and just playing with it, she really didn't have much of anything else too do. But her fun didn't last very long, eventually her water dropped from her grasp, Lilou sighed and gave up trying to make it work.
  9. "Ahh, water and ice. You and Bobby should get along very well then." He laugh lightly while listening to her next question. Then hearing her ramble on and on about how she ended up in the academy. "Well, when I was little, I had these glass marbles that I could transform into anything. Parents didn't want me anymore so that is when I did my research and founded the academy." He let out a soft sigh then noticed the clouds moving in little circles as that made him laugh a little bit. "Happy late birthday by the way." He said with a soft smile.

    "Alright, we're almost close to our destination."
    Scott spoke softly. Lilou might be a bad person after all, to him, she was kind of sweet. He turned on the invisible mode of the jet and landed in a nearby forest. His eyes shifted towards Lilou as he nodded while asking her. "Ready?" When he said that, no time was to be wasted. He unbuckled his seat belt and got up from seat as he walked over to his bag, grabbing a pair of fingerless grey gloves as he looked at Lilou then walked down the stairs of the jet. His feet were crush the gravel and rocks below him as he looked back for Lilou. "Come on." He waved his arms for her to follow him through the trees as he started hearing voices. He put his finger up to his lip, looking at Lilou then back at the cheering crowd. He looked through the bushes and saw him, up close and personal, the target they was after, the man that was brought back from the dead it had seem like, Magneto. Scott leaned forward as a twig snapped, causing Magneto to stop talking and everyone heads to snap in their direction. "Don't move." He softly spoke as he waited for something or someone to come at them.
  10. Lilou smiled when Scott wished her a late happy birthday. "Ready." Lilou said as the plane landed and turned invisible Lilou unbuckled her seat belt and began following him down the steps. Scott really wasn't that bad, sure he was kinda a jerk, but other than that he was kinda nice. Lilou followed him to the bush and jumped a little when the twig snapped. Lilou Scott silent and quite she waited for something too happen, a man started to walk towards their bush. Lilou looked around she noticed another bush too the right of them, but it was too small to hide them. "Listen, we can't take all of them so don;t do anything stupid, there isn't enough water in the air for me to be able to fight with you, don't try to be a hero, we need to get out of here." Lilou said too Scott, waiting fro him too act. she knew he was smart, but he seemed cocky too, something that could get them in a lot of trouble. Magneto looked in their direction and then at the man walked towards her and Scott. "Leave it be, it is probably a deer or something, the X-men aren't stupid enough to send someone this far out and by themselves." The man nodded at Magneto and turned back to the crowd. Lilou waited for the man to return to the crowd and Magneto to continue to talk.

    She exhaled and looked at Scott. "What now." Lilou whispered to Scott as he continued to stare at the crowd.
  11. Scott fists were clenched just as the male was walking over to the bush, but after hearing the words of Lilou, he eased them to being unclenched. As the male walked back towards the crowd, Magneto started his conversation again. "As I was saying, I am back and ready for world domination. Whose with me?!" Magneto yelled with his fist in the air as the crowd clapped and cheered him on, then as Magneto started to walk away, everyone else following behind him. "Come on." Scott said while grabbing the hand of Lilou, putting them in the very back of the crowd as they blended in perfectly.

    "Wait..." Magneto said as he stepped out of line and slowly started walking towards the back. "So, Charles never gives up do he." He eyed Scott and Lilou as he smirked a little. Scott was silent and that angered Magneto, causing him to use his metal ability to manipulate the iron in his blood as he threw him to a tree. Scott grunted as he hit the tree then fell to ground. "As for you my dear, join us or suffer." Magneto ran his gloved hand over Lilou's face as Scott was getting up slowly. His ears twitched as he heard the trickling of water nearby, getting to his feet as he pointed towards the stream. He pulled out the glass marbles from his pocket as transformed them into glass Katanas. "Hey Magneto! You and your cronies ready for a showdown." Scott shouted as he placed a foot on a nearby stomp, jumping up in the air and landing on two of the mutants, then fighting the rest. His eyes converted over to Lilou to see how she was holding up.
  12. Lilou followed Scott to the end of the crowd. She heard the stream near by. "Magneto, I would be honored to join you." Lilou said as she she reached her hand up as if too put it on Magneto's shoulder, but instead pulled the water from the stream forward knocking Magneto against a tree. Magneto's Flowers started to attack her. Lilou fought, turning the water into ice and piercing skin. she was almost attacked from behind but she took a shard of ice and dug it into the woman's eye, blinding her. She looked over at Scott and he looked too be doing fine. A group of followers tried to attack Lilou all at once, but Lilou lifted her self with the water only to drop herself over them, with a plate of Ice sharp on the bottom landing on the ones below her. She looked around her and the others seemed to back off, accepting defeat. "STOP ALL OF YOU. Don't waste your ablilites on these. They wish too destroy us and themselves, let them be, and let us leave, before we lose anymore." Magneto and his started to leave, Lilou looked over at Scott too see how he was doing.

    "Do we let them leave?" Lilou wasn't really sure what too do, she had become tired, but she could still fight if she needed.
  13. "This is fun." Slash! after Slash! once he was done with the cronies, he looked over at Lilou and was impress. The way she moved was beautiful in his eyes as he stood back and watched her fight. That was when Magneto spoke. He ran over to stand beside Lilou as he nodded while speaking. "Yes, let's let them leave this time." He said breathing a little hard as the glass Katanas turn back to marbles and he places them back in his pockets. His eyes flashed around the forestry area as he took Lilou's hand again, running back towards the jet.

    Back at the jet, he ran up the stairs and took off his trench coat and shirt as he winced at the wounds that he had suffered from being slammed into the tree. He dug in his bag, looking for another shirt. "Hope you brought something else to wear." He spoke to Lilou but didn't look at her as he put on another shirt and a new pair of pants. "I won't look if you need to change." He said as he twirled the keys around his index finger, walking back to his seat as he turned the jet off of invisible mode then waited before taking off to see if Lilou needed to change or not, but he did however turn the engine then pressed his back against the seat.
  14. Lilou Looked back at Scott as he said too let them leave, she was a little shocked when he grabbed her hand, it made her blush slightly, but it quickly disappeared. she listened too him talk as he changed, and she couldn't help but look as he took his shirt off. Lilou thought that Scott was actually pretty attractive, he was muscular. Lilou looked away quickly as he removed his pants, turning away. "Uh, Yea, I am gonna change too." She waited for Scott to return too his seat before she dug into her bag, pulling out a pair of jeans and a black Tank-top, she pulled on her clothes quickly then went too sit down. She cheacked too make sure, the shirt didn't show off her boobs too much before she did.

    "So where too now. That was cool what you did with those marbles back there by the way."
    Lilou felt that compliments were good for people every now and then. She sat in her chair thinking about something too talk about. "So tell me Mr. Scott." Lilou said suddenly. "What was it like the first time you manipulated something?" Her first time was amazing for her, she felt free and relaxed. She wondered if it was the same for Scott. "Wanna know something funny? My uncles name is Scott." ‚ÄčLilou didn't think that was actually quite funny, in fact she thought it was quite stupid.
  15. "I don't know. Back to the academy." He said as he grabbed the steering wheel of the jet, pulling it up which also lifted up the jet. When he had full control, he darted off in the air but suddenly slowed down a little bit. "Thanks. Man, what you did with that water..." He took his hands off the steering wheel and held them up. "Amazing!" Scott then started screaming as the plane was going down. He grabbed the wheel again and set the jet to auto-pilot. "Whew! That was close eh?" He said with a soft laughter then looked over to Lilou to see if she was laughing.

    His ears twitched at her question then he responded. "It was amazing, but afterwards, getting shoved to an orphanage, not so much." His eyes then peered towards the academy as he landed in the backyard. "Oh and another thing, Lilou..." He took the key out of the ignition then rose up from his seat, looking down at her. "Don't call me Mister, makes me feel old." He said as he walked back and grabbed ahold of his bag, ignoring her uncle's name comment as he walked down the stairs, where he was greeted by Storm, who stood in the doorway, he hands placed on her hips, a soft smile dancing across her lips. "How did it go?" She asked them as Scott looked back at Lilou then back at Storm. "It went..well..eh." He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand then saw Ororo raise a brow at them. "Lilou, still Scott is a little tongue tied, why don't you tell me what happened?" Her stance shifted towards Lilou as she cuffed his hands together and placed then over her belly. She was waiting for an answer but wasn't going to wait long.
  16. Lilou nodded her head slightly as Scott said they were going back to the academy. When she felt the plane jerk and Scott say what she had done amazing she couldn't help but giggle. "Thank you, I kinda shocked myself. and yea I guess that was close, but you got it." Lilou chuckled again and looked out the window. She listened to Scott's story about the orphanage and she felt bad for him, she knew what he felt like but it still sucked. "I Will remember not too call you mister. Mister Scott." Lilou Said in a joking voice as she stepped of the plane and they landed.

    As the academy came into view her stomach went into knots for some reason, Ororo always made her feel so uneasy for some reason. they landed and Lilou grabbed her bag. "Well wasn't that a fun trip." ‚ÄčLilou said as she stepped off the ship only too be confronted by Ms. Ororo. She stood at a halt and listened to her ask about the mission and how it all went, when Scott didn't answer Lilou felt like it had really went terribly wrong. "To be honest Ms. Ororo, The mission was...well difficult. magneto figured us out and we had to fight, they backed down, but they warned us for another battle before we left." Lilou said and looked her in the face. "Leave my sight." Lilou walked away too her room and threw her bag on her bed. Quickly throwing the suit she had been given back into the closet hoping too never have to wear it again. It was very uncomfortable and it made her boobs look like mount Everest. She redressed and left her room, not having a clue what she was too do next.