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  1. It was about mid-afternoon, Zai was still sleep in his room as he tossed and turned in his bed, having a nightmare of the previous Fire Nation attacks, the attacks that nearly took his life, and his families. It was tragic, heartbreaking. They are only peaceful Earth benders, trying to make a rebuild what the Fire Nation destroyed. Zai woke up, eyes widened, beads of sweat trailing along his body. He breathed heavily as his mother came into the room. "You okay, Zai?" She asked him with a towel in her hand, wiping dirt off her face and hands. "Yes Ma'am, just another bad dream." He responded while getting out of his bed, walking past his mother and going in the kitchen area, fixing himself a cup of tea. "Zai..." His mother spoke his name softly as she stood in front of him, her eyes tearing up. "The Fire Nation came again this morning and took your father." Zai rose up from his seated position, his mother stepping back a little bit. "What?!" Zai was furious. Those Fire Nation thugs want to take his father and hold him hostage? Oh hell no. "Zai, please calm down." Zai had stopped listening to his mother at this point and was in his room, changing into his Earth bending gear, he also packed some much needed necessities, such as food, water and weapons, like his hook swords and three small daggers.

    Zai walked past his mother again, who was begging and pleading him not to go after the Fire Nation. Her attempts were useless and hopeless, Zai was out the door within an instant. His brown hues looking up at the cloudy sky, his raven colored hair, which was tied back into a ponytail but some hanging over his right eye, blew along with the wind. He stood at five feet nine inches tall, his skin complexion is tanned and his teeth are a pearly, white color.

    Ater standing there, half listening to his mother, he turned left and head for the woods, where he knew Fire Nation, might be lurking. This was his fight and his fight alone. Anyone gets in his way, maybe or possibly killed. Zai was on full alert at all times in the woods, as the sun was setting a little, creating a ominous glow over the forestry. He stepped on twig which caused it to snap as he stopped in his tracks and hid behind a tree, looking every now and then to see if anyone was coming his way. Once the coast was clear again, he walked through the woods, carrying his backpack full of goodies, his hook swords were strapped to his waist line, the daggers, hidden in his sleeves, one in his boot. Zai trekked through woods, hoping that the Fire Nation, or someone from the Fire Nation was near.
  2. Sachi was new to the earth kingdom. Very new. however she was there for the same purpose as most. Running. she was a fugitive. One who knew her past wouldn’t think her to want to run however.

    She was in the marketplace her long red curly hair pulled into a bun with a few loose curls falling down to frame her face. She was around 5'4 and pretty. She had curves that suited her petite body and her eyes were a bright almost glowing golden color. She was often mistaken for fire-nation from her appearance. Yes there were red heads in the firenation. Wait...What was she thinking? She was half fire nation. However she didn’t want to be.

    She was sitting in the woods outside the village, she was not with the other firebenders though. She was on her own, running from her father. She was sitting by a fire and warming herself. she'd decided to stop there for the night. Her father constantly chased her due to his crazy beliefs that she could bend more than one element. She was strict against the idea however. She refused to believe such. It was impossible right? Something only the Avatar was capable of. And she was no avatar. She continued to warm herself content with her alone time.

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    As he walked through the woods, his brown hues scanned up towards the sky, where the darkness was making its presence felt upon the wooded area below. He dropped his head down then shot it towards the single white cloud that was making its way up towards the darkness. Zai raised a brow as he sat his backpack down then took a kneel, while reaching his hands inside of the bag, digging through it. He took a sip from his water then left his backpack leaned up against a tree. He then tightened his ponytail and unsheathed his hook swords from his back.

    While doing a couple of tricks or whatnot with the swords, he ran towards the area where the fire was and then jumped over the several bushes as he landed directly on his feet. He rose up his hook swords, one over his head, then other stretched out in front of him. He was ready for a battle, although the person sitting there wasn't a male, no, it was a...female. He didn't care either way, the battle was on, if she was to accept it.
  4. Kieara heard a rushing through the bushes and looked up from sipping her tea. "Um...." She blinked unsure what to do. "Tea?" She offered not wanting to fight. "I believe you're searching out someone else." She said with a slight smile. Unless he gave her reason she wasn't going to fight him.