Crying with laughter?

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Never had it happen to me...So no idea.


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Okay, I want to know the things that genuinely make you laugh so hard that you cry.

Here's mine. Comedian Stewart Lee. Perfect timing, delivery, intelligence and surrealness.

True genius.

Saw Stewart Lee last year at the Fringe, I intend to catch him again this year; the man's a fucking genius.

Link below is a comedian called John Oliver; does a fucking fantastic podcast and his stand-up's pretty sweet, too.



Honestly i don't rly know i have never had a singal thing that just makes me laugh so hard i cry its just more like moments to me. For example me and my little sis got laughing so hard one time we started to cry but i cant even remember what it was about it just happened.


I thought autistic people didn't have emotions. :|

Calling shenanigans on this entire thread.

Lunatic AI

Youtube commenters tend to make me laugh until i cry- but I'm not sure thats the same, cause I really wind up crying.

Like, for example, this one girl who commented on a song about being devastated at being dumped-she was going on and on for multiple posts about how it was all about the beauty and wonderfulness of The Holy Spirit and how it was written just for her to reaffirm her faith and She Wasn't Trolling. That was what killed me.

Or people who knock points off in product reviews because they didn't wash their hands and so got the product dirty after they took it out of the box. Or because they like another product that does something else completely better. "It's a great apple, but unfortunately, well, it's no banana."

Or this one woman, who came into my restaurant when I used to work and flat out REFUSED to believe we didn't carry soymilk. She tracked down and asked everyone on staff- even the poor busboy. Then proceeded to whine loudly to her friends the whole meal that she could not believe a place like this (oh, did I call it a restaurant? it was a truck stop.) could let themselves run out of soymilk. But since no one got fired I assume she never figured out we were all busting a gut at her...

Basically, obliviously stupid people. Not that I haven't done my own share of stupid things, but at least I don't take myself too seriously.


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When I first saw this, I was in hysterics. Just the breakdown of one character contrasted with the quiet sadism of the other... it works...



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Pretty much anytime I see Margaret Cho step up to the mic. Although her older routines are permanently etched into my brain so they've lost a bit of comedic power.

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Calling shenanigans on this entire thread.

Also; I've never seen a comedian or movie that's that funny. I get my kicks off real life.