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  1. The only person who may have been more stunned than Isabela Rossi was the bellhop himself. Nearby employees watched in shock while initial confusion from Rossi suddenly melted into a curious amusement. Before his aunt could assess what had just happen and retaliate, Adam Rossi took Elodie by the arm as he made a break for the door. He did so, laughing, and with a light energy almost reminiscent to a mischievous school boy.

    By the time he slowed down the Danieli was far behind them and he had broken out into a bit of sweat. The chuckles still hadn't left the local completely and with his head down and his hands resting on his knees, he apologized. "Ahah..hah, sorry for making you run in those shoes but me when I say it's for the best."

    He stopped speaking in order to fully catch his breath and then stood up straight, smiling. "My aunt doesn't handle people well as you can probably tell...and doesn't handle being told off even worse."

    "I know...I know. That's kinda weird considering she's in the hospitality business." Rossi then added with a shake of the head. He took out a handkerchief from his back pocket and offered it to her, a sweet smile still on his lips. "Isabela Rossi isn't the type of woman to get stunned often, Elodie. Consider me impressed."

    It was the truth but if he had been completely honest, Rossi would've had told his companion that he expected her to wilt in his aunt's draining presence rather than politely tell her to leave them the hell alone. It seemed like there was still plenty to learn from Miss Summers and the local suddenly felt his earlier curiosity arising.

    He stopped his thoughts from running wild however and offered her his arm once more. "C'mon. I promise we'll walk the rest of the way to Elizah's."
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  2. Truth be told, Elodie was just as stunned by her react as Rossi had been. In reality, it wasn't like her at all, speaking back. She had been raised to understand her place in the world, and it was very small and quiet. Snapping at Rossi's aunt left her a little shaken, and despite their race from the hotel, she was struck by chills the moment they stopped.

    The only thing that made it considerably less uncomfortable was Rossi's reaction, and when he finally paused, doubling over with a fit of laughter, Elodie found her smile again, "I'm sorry... I just cannot tolerate that sort of behavior. Honestly, being older does not give anyone the right to be rude. And considering she's your family?"

    With a huff, she bent down and unclipped the strap of her heels, sliding her feet free, "Not that it surprises me. My... my mother has something of a common thread with your aunt. It's a large part of why we haven't..."

    Straightening, she shook her head, "Sorry... You don't want to hear those sordid details. Is it far?"
  3. "Would you be surprised if I said I would?" Rossi quickly interjected, intent on not letting the chance of learning more about her slip past him. Ignoring her inquiry about distance for the moment, he stood a little straighter and cleared his throat before repeating himself with a lighter, joking tone. "If there's anything I share in common with my aunt its an interest in the sordid details of others' personal lives."

    He hoped his tone was enough to communicate the fact that he was simply trying to make the topic more approachable for the both of them. Unlike his aunt, the Local had no intention of taking whatever Elodie was willing to tell him and using it against her. Rossi simply wanted to know more. " said it yourself. Your mother and my aunt are alike."

    "Hell if it makes you feel better I'm completely willing to go next. Since I moved to Italy my aunt has given me more than enough information to work with." He chuckled lightly before nodding over towards the direction of Elizah's manor. "Its still quite the walk from here so we've got the time to exchange the juiciest bits along the way."
  4. Smiling dryly, Elodie looked up at Rossi with a shrug, "Alright. But I warn you, you asked." Giving him a gentle nudge with her shoulder, she moved her eyes forward again, the smile fading slightly as she considered where... how, even, to start laying out the details of her ridiculous upbringing.

    "They're not bad people. My parents. They just... they don't live in the real world, you know? I suppose in a way, I'm a lot like them. Or I was, before I moved out. If things had gone according to plan, well... I certainly wouldn't be here, chasing down a lost little boy, or trying to figure out who murdered his nanny. I... I was engaged. We grew up together, Eddie and me. Our... arrangement was planned, pretty much the day I was born. You think those sorts of things died out in the middle ages, but like I said... my family doesn't exactly function on a normal level."

    Clearing her throat, she rubbed the back of her neck, feeling heat creep along beneath her hairline, "Anyway. I found out a few hours before walking the aisle that he was... had been, for a while, actually... seeing my friend behind my back. By seeing, I mean sleeping with her. I thought I'd be angry. Maybe I was, to some extent. But I was also relieved, and I guess that's when I realized that their life? The life that they had planned out for me wasn't going to work, anymore."

    Biting the edge of her lip, she glanced his way again, "That wasn't something they were willing to hear, however. They cut me off. Pretty definitively. Told me that unless I came to my senses, I was not going to be allowed back into their home. At first, I was terrified, but I did okay. I got a job and a place to stay... But my family? We... we haven't spoken in a good, long while. A few years, honestly."