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  1. He had to escape. There was too much at stake to be caught now. He had lost all of his friends and he had to free them from the cruxis angels.
    After what felt like an eternity Emil managed to find his way out of the angel lair or so it was called.
    He managed to find a small village
    Emil had blonde hair,blood red eyes and a pale face. He wore black clothing with a broadsword and black scarf with an armless vest fingerless gloves and black pants
  2. Rue whistled a tune to himself as he made his way through the wooded path. His steel Javelin clanked against the baldric that held it slanted across his back as he walked, making a rhythm with the tapping of his hiking stick.

    He scratched at the stubble on his chin, looking up in hope of catching some view of the sky through the forest canopy, but it was impossible to tell what time it was; the thick woods made it dark even at noon.

    "I am beginning to think I was given wrong directions" he mused to himself, glancing into the thick shrubbery and, having finished scratching, returning his free hand to the hilt of the short-sword on his hip. The muted greens and browns of his travel-stained clothes camoflagued him reasonably well to any sentient foes, but they wouldn't help much in deterring whatever foul beasts lived in this woods.

    He breathed in relief as he approached what seemed to be a clearing; it was a little village. Relaxing and removing his hand from the weapon, Rue began to search for an Inn, or a tavern, or a pretty lady, whichever came first.
  3. Emil noticed an odd man when he arrived at the village. He was wearing stained clothes and had a javelin and short sword.
    "Do you live here I'm looking for an inn."He asked
  4. Rue stopped as a stranger approached him. "I'm afraid I'm no local" he replied. "But I'm looking for the same thing; are you travelling as well?"

    His olive-green eyes scanned the youth quickly, though he kept any judgements away from his face. "Say, you look like you've seen a ghost, my friend, are you all right?"
  5. "I'm all right. Say since we are both new here let's go look for an inn together."
    Emil said carrying on without waiting for a reply
  6. "If it's an inn you need, I could offer assistance."

    A young woman appeared behind them, the apron she wore over her brown matted dress was dirtied with a mixture of mud and grass. A white bonnet crowned her dark head and she carried a large basin filled with purple and red berries with hands covered in their juices. "Good evening, gentlemen," she curtsied to them respectfully, then walked forward towards them with as much grace as she could. It proved difficult while carrying a heavy basin.
  7. Rue was about to agree to Emil's suggestion when a feminine voice rang from behind them; he spun smoothly on his heel, cloak swaying slightly behind him. He blinked, as he was now facing the afternoon sun, but the new angle of brightness didn't hinder his vision as he took in the woman before him. She struggled under the weight of a heavy basin of fruit; the stains on her hands and apron indicated she'd just finished harvesting the treats.

    "Good evening, madam" Rue replied, making a courteous bow in return to her curtsey "Your assistance would be vastly appreciated; please permit me to help with your burden?"
  8. "Thank you for the help." Emil replied but can we hurry its urgent
  9. Rue spared a sideways glance for the young man standing beside him; he really did look terrible. Rue had seen bones with more colour, and the youth seemed agitated; his clothes weren't in the best condition either; either he'd just got back from a travel, or he'd been in a hell of a fight

    ((I gotta go to bed guys; early shift tomorrow; try not to leave me too far behind ^.^ If you guys want to continue to the Inn my character will follow along and take a room and hang out in the bar; he will also be super courteous to the lady cause he's a flirt like that))
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  10. She smiled at his offer, but shook her head sadly. "Thank you very much, sir, but I'm afraid the innkeeper would have my head if he saw me making a customer carry my work," she replied with a small laugh in her voice, joking about how the innkeeper would have her head for something like that. Still, he would be quite angry. "I'm Maribelle," she introduced herself as she led the way, she skirt swished as she walked. "And what brings you two here to our humble village?"
  11. "Shall we continue to the inn its late and I'm growing weary." Asked Emil
  12. "My my," Maribelle tutted, hoisting the basin higher in fear that she would drop it at any moment if she slouched lower. "In a hurry are we? That's alright - rest before stories, I suppose," The rest of the walk was silent as she led the two towards the Snoring Goose, the local inn of the village. The two-story building was quite wide, and the sounds of merriment and clinking beer mugs could be heard as they entered through the front door.

    "There you are, Marie!" cried the innkeeper. "Bring the berries to the back, and welcome dear travelers! Would you both like separate rooms?"
  13. "That's okay we will share," Emil replied hurriedly before rue could object. "How much would it cost for a night?" Asked Emil pulling out a large bag of rubies.
  14. "Hold your horses, sir," The innkeeper chuckled. "Are you sure you need a room, or a doctor?" he joked while Maribelle ducked under the counter and out the back door. The inn keeper opened a small cabinet where he kept rows and columns of keys, and took one out with the number 'Rm 208'. "Ten rubies a night if it's for the two of you, son. Here's the key for the double room."
  15. "Thank you very much." Emil thanked him and turned to marie and gave her 5 rubies
    "For your hospitality."
    Emil wasn't a flirt but something about Marie made him feel like he could do anything
    "If you wouldn't mind Marie could you come by my room later." Emil asked giving her a saucy smile and a wink then left with rue to their room
  16. Maribelle looked at Emil before she left through the back door where they made wine, and made a rather forced smile. Innkeeper Paul laughed as Emil left for his room then turned to Maribelle to tease her.

    "I told them to call me Maribelle," she sighed helplessly. The nickname 'Marie' was only used by those who were close to her, and here was a stranger - who she met just today - calling her just that. She didn't even know the guy's name! Poor Maribelle just shook her head and went away to give the other workers the berries to smash and ferment. When she returned with cleaner clothes, the innkeeper called for her.

    "Marie! Here's a jug of complementary wine for the travelers in Room 208," he instructed her, giving her a clay jug of wine and two cups. The wine was young, so it was quite cheap to give away as a welcome gift for travelers. Plus it makes a good advertisement to let them try out their more expensive selections. "Be a dear and bring it up to the lad."

    Maribelle curtsied as she took the wine and the cups, then went upstairs. She stood in front of the door of Emil's room and called out. "Sir? Room service. We have some wine for you. It's on the house."
  17. ((I'm done. Sorry guys but I don't have the time available to keep up if I go to sleep and find my doing two things hugely against his character (sharing a room with someone he doesn't know and walking away from a large bag of money with no questions. I'll delete this message later as it is OOC, just say that Rue got annoyed at the pushy younger man , insisted on and paid for his own room and wasn't seen again))
  18. Emil awoke to someone knocking on the door. He searched the room for Rue who was no where to be seen. Emil immediately held his money bag it was still there Rue hadn't stolen it. There was a knock again. "Come in." Emil said trying to compose himself which was difficult to do in a bed.
  19. Allie'sera looked inside the inn through one of the nearby windows, her tiny hands were on the window sill and she had to stand on her toes in order to be able to look inside and she curiously peered at the people inside. Her eyes had a soft turquoise color and her hair possessed a soft blue color, she looked to only be eight years old and her cheeks had a soft blush on it, she was wearing a green tunic with white leggings underneath and with brown leather boots and a soft green cloak with a hood on it, the hood gently resting on the top of her head and across her right eye she had a small mark that had the same color as her eyes.
  20. No one came in bored Emil went to the lobby where he found a young girl 8-9 years old she seemed like she didn't have a place to stay
    "You can come with me tonight if you don't have a room." He told the little girl