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  1. It hit us in the early years! Being around that one person from the opposite gender (or sometimes same) and suddenly get the butterfly feeling rampaging through our chests! Palms get sweaty, words come out as stutters, and we turn as red as a rose! It has got to be the effects of crushing for someone! xD You know how you were in front of the person you had a crush on! Sometimes we would go so far as to avoid them for fear that they may be looking in our general direction! Yes! That is what the heart does to the young ones! Our adolescent years, teen and high school years, and even college and above!

    In rps, it is easy to crush on someone just by the way the character is in the story! Maybe he is a smooth operator~? Or maybe she is a sly lady~? It can be anything that captures your heart and yanks on it, making you post viciously in order to know what happens next! Role plays tend to play off the heart and mind, and when you are attracted to a certain character, you have the tendency to allow for your OWN character to be attracted to them as well! However, its not always plain to see that your character is crushing hardcore; this is why we uses sensory details! We use vivid words to describe and paint a beautiful picture of how our characters act when they're in crush mode!

    There is never any age or time limit on the one you crush for!

    Your Job is To: Talk to your crush in a post using LOTS of sensory details!

    And remember: Length does not matter! Detail does!

    Lastly, and most importantly, Have fun with this! :D
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    Athena slid the cream eyeliner across her eyelid, matching the other with the precision of a much-practiced act. She hummed, a bit off tune, to the chorus of music streaming from her room while flicking some mascara on her eyelashes. Giving her reflection a coy smile, she crinkled her nose and laughed at herself.

    "You ready to go, Sierra?" Athena hollered, her voice carrying throughout the small dorm-style apartment. No answer. She gave her short, auburn hair a little toss and started off down the hallway.

    "Someone is here for you..." her roommate trailed off, her eyes not leaving the doorway. Athena's bounce slowed as she let the open threshold come into view. Her breath caught in her chest. It was him.

    The rush of emotions that followed was strong and some were painful; the tear of heartbreak, trust broken, scars given. But at the same time the fulfillment of that one empty spot, so deep and hidden it's existence is merely fantasy to most. Each inhale seemed to starve the world of oxygen. She walked towards him, his eyes embedded in her, their connection ethereal. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, trying to pull her away from this personified being of destruction, and yet, completeness.

    He stepped towards her; the scent of deep spices and rich cologne invading her lungs; the small amount of air between their bodies being compressed by their own magnetism. The tension seemed to suspend them in time and space. His hand rose. Soft fingertips brushed like velvet against her face, breaking their trance.

    "I thought I'd never see you again." She stammered, her brows unfurrowing and turning upward into a confused plea. He let go of a large sigh, the exasperation of so many words that needed to be said but not enough combinations to say them in. Sweeping her chin up in his steady palm, the palm that had once held everything she believed in, he spoke softly to her.

    "I never let you go. I've been fighting to get to you; fighting my own demons, my own past, fighting for you." His deep voice resonated in her ears like the reassuring hum of the heater on a frosty night. She kissed him, the taste of a warm summer's night mixed with the salty ocean spreading across her lips. He buried his head into her neck, his broad shoulders slumping against her like a suit of armor, worn from the day's work. She wouldn't lose him this time. She couldn't.
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    Kris sat smiling across the table from his friend Phillip. He was good at masking his emotions, and right now, that little skill was pretty important. As he and his beloved friend chatted all he could really focus on was the sweat dripping down his back, the curling of his toes, keeping him on solid ground to he didn't lose control and take the mans lips before him. Every sense was magnified in his body, to an irritating extent, he could feel his pulse in every part of his body, he tapped his fingertips together to counteract the blood that threatened to emerge, plunging on the walls of his being.

    "So, I have a surprise for you, you'll really never believe it." Phillip said to him, a sly smile playing on his lips that could tare a man in half.

    "Honelstly, Phil, I could believe anything that comes out of your mouth, shall I remind you of years past?" He chuckled a little, looking calm and relaxed though on the inside he was screaming, he wished, prayed to god that Phil had become gay and could no longer contain his love for Kris... but that was impossible. He was a homophobic and that is the exact reason that Kris never told him about his orientation, and didn't risk getting a boyfriend to help him move on. That is why. though he knows how painful it is, he is still madly in love with Philip and with every word, loves him more. If he was smart he would end there friendship. Kris wasn't smart though, he was stupid, and in love.

    "No, please don't" He said, his hands up and he laughed deeply. He had no idea of how that laugh shook Kris. For a moment, Kris was dead, his heart stopped, forgetting how to beat as it too was lost in the musical laughter.

    "Why don't you just spill it already, your killing me." Kris laughed

    "Well you know how you said I couldn't commit myself to just one girl?"

    "Yeah." Kris replied softly, his stumach doing flipflops as a woman came in, looking around and smiled, heading over to the both of them.

    "Phil Darling!" She called. She was exactly Phil's type, tall, blonde, blue eyed, and trashy.

    "Kris, this his my fiance Arica." Kris had half a mind to leap across the table, tear out her eyes and chew of her fingers, swallowing her fake nails. So many violent things crossed his mind. He wanted to scream out that he had known Phil longer, that they have been friends since birth, that he loved him more than anyone else could see or feel.

    He knew better and laughed, standing up and holding out his hand "So your the lucky lady who stole Phil's heart."
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