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  1. They say it comes with sweaty palms, butterfly filled stomachs, and jittering limbs. Most people don't go through that type of feelings and for others, it's a pattern.

    But, everyone is different, which is why I am asking....

    How do you know you're crushing for someone?


    In a sense, what is crushing? Symptoms? Outcomes?

    well, it happened often for me in the past.

    I can tell when I have crushed on someone when.. idk. If you have their number, you want to text them and have conversations as often as they come up on your mind. but then also, ya don't wanna annoy. o wo' and usually you get a little worried you might annoy them.. and self conscious.. but not in a bad way. Like.. the terms of getting butterflies? That is real, in my mind. ya wanna hang out with them more.. and ya wanna make mix cds for them and draw pictures and write poems..
    I still do that now, and feel that way often, very often. But, the difference now, it's only directed with one person in mind.

    - w-''
    Crushing is nice I think. It can be stressful if you let it be, but.. most times it is nice. c:
  3. When I'm crushing on someone, I also want to talk to them a lot and random things make me think 'oh, I'd like to talk to them about...'
    There's also a certain degree of nervousness in talking to someone I have a crush on, all jittery and hoping that they approve of me.
    I also try to remember things, such as what food they like and what color. And I ask too many questions...

    Being straight forward and being upfront with my feelings is really the only way I know how to react. When I am attracted to someone, I am not good with being subtle.
  4. I generally text a crush as much as I do my best friends. Then again, I tend to crush on people I have known for a little while. It isn't, "Oh we hung out a few times, you make me feel good. Let us be more than friends."

    But anyways, here are some symptoms.: Blushing, kind of looking away when in conversation, smile, almost out of nowhere compliments. There are others but I don't remember them right now. xD

    Also, I tend to tell the person. Because I have "waited" and tried to be subtle. It is better to get shot down right away then slowly die in a desert of uncertainty and such.
  5. Serious crushing...(This has happened to me just last Saturday =w=)

    When you're ready to talk to your crush and try to make the crush laugh. But then when you're in their presence, your throat just locks up and any ideas in your mind for talking just go *phbbt* and you end up just staring at the guy. But then you realize thats happening and you stutter about buying a movie ticket at the booth.


  6. When I crush on people, they're on my mind a lot. I don't act anything out of the ordinary, unless this person is special enough to make me want to take my mask off. In real life, I'm mostly aloof and quiet. But people who I really like tend to bring out the real me, be it a small dose, a large dose or all of da Fluffy. Also, I'll try to talk to the person as much as I can without seeming like a creeper. And if I REALLY like the person, I'll invite them to play games with me. o:

    That's all, I think. I see these people in my dreams, put them into my fantasies, and all that stuff to see how they'd fit in with my life. I never go past that unless the person is still in my thoughts many weeks later, because most of the time my crushes on people don't last. I'm too sensitive, especially about rejection, so trying to score a hottie never seemed worth it unless I felt crazy about 'em. I prefer to follow my mind instead of my heart, and my mind is always telling me "Don't even try, you'll regret it." And even if by chance the person could have been "the one", I shrug it off and move on. There was no husband of wife in my future, honestly, because I thought that romantic relationships weren't right for me...

    Well, that was until I met the love of my life. I've no regrets about the path my heart has led me today.
  7. T ^T that was so beautiful, fluffs. -sniffle.-
  8. -nodnod- Yes :'D That made my day, especially the very last line.
  9. I crush very easily, so it 's pretty funny when my friends go "What, another one?" Or at least I used to be like that...For the first time, the 'crush' went past the three-four months time boundary...

    I'm basically like everyone else, the butterflies, the wanting to text him.

    I'm a little stranger in the sense that even if I see him from far away, a glimpse of him from my window, or the back of his head in the hallway, it'll be enough to have my head spinning for the whole day. (^0^)
    At the same time, I'll see things like a pretty sunset or a cute squirrel and text him a picture (xD). But one thing I noticed that's different from simple crushes is that I can be myself around him. My good sides, my bad sides, my teary crying face and even my ugliest depression moments, he's been there; when I've gotten hurt or cried or complained, he's seen it and he's still my best friend. So just that feeling of being so comfortable with each other is amazing. And then, sometimes I'll be with him, but I'll see him as my best friend first and my love interest second.

    We'll be sitting and talking and suddenly, my mind will go "Gosh, he looks so good today." And my heart will skip a beat. I know that there's a possibility it might not work out, but to have a friend so close to me that makes me happy is love enough for me.
  10. I know I have a crush on a girl when by one look, she becomes a familiar stranger. When I can't stop staring at her. When I can't stop thinking about her. Especially if she doesn't have to talk to me for me to know I want her. Even if it's love from afar.