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  1. With romance being one of the most popular plot elements in roleplaying, crushes are rampart. Sadly, most roleplays don't spend a lot of time in the crush phase and just jump straight in to being a couple.You miss out on a lot of fun scenes and character interactions that way!

    For this exercise, you are going to write your character interacting with their crush. They cannot tell their crush they have one, and the scene must end without them knowing the truth!


    • Is your character even aware that they have a crush?
    • How do they behave around their crush? Do they do something weird? Different?
    • Body language is a good way to give hints about a crush. Posture, how close they stand, what they do with their hands, etc.
    • Language, word choice, and tone can often be different with a crush!
    • Not all crushes are created equal. Some are simple likes, some are desire, some are hate-crushes. What kind of crush is this?
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  2. Analise gaped as Armando strutted into the room. Her breath quickened, and she thought her heart might burst out of her chest. He waved at his buddies as he walked past. Oh dear, he's headed this way... She felt her cheeks grow hot as her blush deepened. He took an empty seat next to her and grinned at her pleasantly.

    That smile. Those eyes. I wish I could just wrap my fingers through his thick, brown hair and pull him to me. Hands clenching she noticed she had leaned towards him. Oh dear, what am I doing?
    Analise shifted uncomfortably, wringing her hands, and avoiding eye contact.
    What is he doing here? There are other chairs...

    Analise busied herself in her textbook, trying desperately to pretend that Armando wasn't next to her-- that he wasn't staring at her. She was so focused on imagining he wasn't there, that she nearly fell out of her chair when his hand brushed her arm, trying to get her attention.

    Her breath caught in her throat, and she felt her heart pounding harder. "Uh, yeah?" She said, her voice barely audible, and shaking.
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  3. Constance looked up from the book when she heard the door open. Was it him?
    Was it the boy over all boys, the man over all men?
    No... It was not him. it was simply just another girl from her class. One of those pretty females, one of those that everyone adored. One of those that could have everyone.
    The blonde girl, with hearts on her book, looked down again. He would never look her direction.

    with a button nose, freckled cheeks and a couple pounds too much, she would never be the one he looked to, and she knew it.
    She knew she would never be the girl of his dreams, like he was the prince of hers.
    but a girl could dream, could she not?

    so when the door opened again, and she saw his shoes in the opening, her heart rythm speed up.
    Her cheeks went bright red.
    "Hey, Constance, did you do the homework during the weekend?" he asked, the dark hair in contrast to his brilliant blue.
    "uhm... Y..." she couldn't let him borrow the notebook! "No.. i'm sorry, I was busy" she mumbled, shaking her head.
    He would simply stay in her dreams. he belonged to girls like ms. Princess. Not with girls like her.
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  4. [Made it yaoi because, why not?]

    "You're so cute when you blush~"

    "S-Shut up, freaking idiot."

    Haru shouted at the top of his lungs, not caring that he was attracting attention towards....Kiyoshi and him. The annoying pest deserves it, he thought, scowling as he glared at the taller male. His glare wasn't as effective as it should have been for his face was as red as a tomato. Stupid Kiyoshi said some things that made him quite flustered. But anyone would have gotten flustered with the things he was sayings! It wasn't because Haru liked him, nope.

    "Maa, Haru-chan. You're causing a scene."

    The blond spluttered. "Well, I wouldn't be causing a scene if a certain baka didn't say such....things randomly!" He retorted indignantly, hands clenched into fists at his sides. How dare he blame the whole thing on him?! Muttering could be heard as Haru ignored it, still glaring at Kiyoshi. "And don't call me Haru-chan!"

    "Oh? You mean you didn't like it when I said you'd look good in a French Mai--"

    Before he could finish, Haru's fist was connecting with his jaw, gritting his teeth as he did so. As Kiyoshi dropped to the ground, Haru shook out his hand, same scowl as before on his face. People stared in shock, but the blond could care less. "That's what you get, you idiot," he growled. Huffing and puffing, Haru turned away from the scene with his head held high, like he didn't just sock a dude in the face. Everyone parted for him as he walked off, fearful that they'd get the same treatment if they didn't.
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  5. Z stared at herself with narrowed eyes in a mirror hooked on a wall. She just had to be sick. Had to. There was no other possible explanation to why she had all of a sudden gotten hot in the face and why she occasionally couldn't speak properly around him. Oh, maybe she was allergic to him! Just maybe. That had to be the answer, 'oh dear whatever deity let that be the reason'. She couldn't help but notice she was...nicer to him too. Like...sharing. Since when did she share things!? Z shuddered at the thought.

    "Um, Z? Are you okay?"

    "Gyah! What's wrong with you? Don't sneak up on me like-" Z bit her tongue and looked away for a moment, not realizing she had scooted away from him by a few inches. "N-Never mind it...Yes, I'm fine. Just...tired is all." She willed herself to calm down because she could've sworn she heard her heart through her ears. 'What the hell is wrong with me?! This is it...I'm probably going to die.'

    "Z are you sure- uh, maybe you should get some-"

    "I'm fine! Sheesh. You don't need to treat me like some child, okay?" Too defensive. Way too defensive. Z crossed her arms and muttered an apology, not looking in his direction. With a much softer and much safer sounding voice, she spoke again. "I'm- I'm going to go. We can, um, hang out later, cool?" Before he could answer, she turned quickly, trying her hardest not to run.

    ...To think she didn't even realize she was freaking out because she had a crush on her best friend.
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  6. "Hmm." Really? That was the best answer she was going to receive? She'd just asked the boy next to her what the teacher had said, as she'd been drawing but not listening. At all. Well.. She surveyed her options. There was- Wait! Tara's eyes widen then slitted. He was there. The boy she was worst enemies with yet managed to fall in love with. Benny. The way his eyes seemed to take everything in.. And just sparkle like sapphires.. She shifted in her seat to a different position, one leg crossed over the other and leaning back more. He looked over at the work she'd just done - An anime girl in her teens, with a deer caught in the headlights look, "S'g-d," he mumbled. Her heart pounded frantically in her chest, "What did you say?" The blush on her cheeks darkened as he looked straight at her, so she stared at the wall on her right. "Your work is good." She played with the bracelets adorning her arms, with a mumbled thank you as he scooted his seat to be a bit closer. And then.. The bell rang. "Later, weirdo," he called over his shoulder. "Whatever, freak." She shouted back.
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  7. Nathaniel looked up from his computer and his class work,pushing his glasses up his nose. He smiled as he looked around the computer lab,taking in his classmates before his eyes landed on the teacher. Mr. Lance. He thought to himself,he knew this was wrong of him,he shouldn't like his teacher but he couldn't help it. Those eyes,that were always nice and caring and didn't seem to ever get mad at anyone. And it wasn't always his eyes that drew his attention,it was the way he walked,so proud and confident in himself. He looked back down at his computer and scrambled to look like he was doing work as Mr. Lance made his way over to him. "Do you need help,Nathaniel?" Came the deep voice behind him that made his heart do back flips and his stomach drop to his feet. "N-no,sir.I was just looking around." Nathaniel responded softly,turning around in his chair to look up at his teacher. Man,he was muscular,Nathaniel could see his biceps as he pulled a chair over to sit beside Nathaniel. "Well,lets take a look." Mr. Lance said softly before being called away by another student who actually needed help. "You always know where to find me." He said as he left,letting Nathaniel breathe again.
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