Cruel Circles

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  1. You ever find yourself stuck in a cruel circle? For example:

    What was it and how did you break out?
  2. student loans

    just make sure you're projected salary will cover it a few years down the road
  3. Oh oh oooh!
    How about: need experience for starting position?

    But can't get it because you need experience from said position?

    Also, alot of colleges (see most) are in it for profit.
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  4. Oh I feel your pain for the experience thing!@.@

    Many times people didn't hire me for ANY position whatsoever because I have no experience in the required field and here I was banging my head over the wall like

    " the heck?! How can I gain experience if I don't start doing it from the first place in any type of job? You morons !!"

    I am better now though xD ha ha
  5. It only happened once. After that I started just bs'ing my way on resumes and applications. :)
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  6. I must've been lucky or just good at networking then.

    I never had to BS anything.

    People at work saw I took initiative, directed the troops, did the job well.

    They started offering me low-tier admin duties on top of my regular duties.

    That springboarded into meeting and being useful to some of the upper-level officers at my instutiton. Including the Chief Medical Officer, who is pretty much the Commander Riker to the hospital's president/Captain Picard.

    That springboarded into landing another position, which happens to have good capacity to launch some other career goals for me.

    I guess I'm just too ambitious to think something like a "cruel circle" is going to stop me from doing whatever I want to do.

  7. For your last statement -> Nah. You're just cocky ha ha xD

    And a straight forward Kind of Cocky lol ^^
  8. Coolness.
  9. Working to earn money for video games. ---> No time to play video games because of work.

    That's not how it is now, of course. This is how it was when I was like 18-20 years old with fewer responsibilities. xD
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