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    The Suzuran Senior High School for Boys, known as the “School of Crows” is the lowest-ranking and one of the most violent academic institutions in the country. Students, aptly-named “crows” band together in factions and fight each other for infamy and power. For years, students have tried and failed to unify the school.

    No one faction has ever been at the top.

    20 years after the time of Genji Takiya and the “King of Beasts” Tamao Serizawa, the rules of Suzuran have changed; now it is home to delinquents of both sexes. In this new generation, comes one student who just might be able to bring the school together…

    This is a delinquent RP based off of Crows ZERO, you can find additional information here.
    Any questions, feel free to ask! ^^

    **You don’t have to go crazy with their stories unless you want to—the more we know about your character, the better!**

    [b]Name:[/b] Probably Japanese
    [b]Age:[/b] 15-17 range
    [b]Rank (if applicable):[/b] Please refer to the Suzuran Hierarchy in the Rank & Class tab
    [b]Class:[/b] Ages and classes are explained in the Rank & Class tab
    [b]Appearance:[/b] Images and/or text description
    [b]Personality:[/b] Behavior, fears, hobbies, etc
    [b]Backstory Blurb:[/b] Doesn't have to be an essay
    First Years are 15. Second Years are 16. Third Years are 17.

    Ranks are as follows:

    1. King; no one holds this title and everyone is gunning for it.
    2. Year Leaders; there is one per year and they control everyone in their grade, including Class Leaders.
    3. Class Leaders; there are three per year (9 in total) and their classmates make up their gang.
    4. Classmates; holds no authority but some of the best fighters prefer not to lead.

    You may play anyone in this hierarchy, except the King of Suzuran. You can be a Year Leader, a Class Leader, or even just a regular classmate.
    Suzuran Hierarchy.png
    These are the characters approved!
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  2. Name: Serizawa “Tokia” Tokiyama
    Age: 16
    Faction: Serizawa Army- Leader
    Class: 3
    Appearance: Serizawa Tokia.jpg

    Personality: In Suzuran’s walls, Tokia is very quiet and reserved. It isn’t until she is pushed too far that the seemingly-inherited rage comes out. Most of her attacks are spontaneous, as her mood seems to change like someone flipped a switch. She has gained followers, but prefers them not to hang around her unless they have been challenged. At home, she is bubbly and fun- helping her father run his restaurant and even keeping the peace when needed.

    About: The only child of Tamao Serizawa, she was named after his good friend Tokio Tatsukawa. Her mother passed away during childbirth, so her father did his best to raise her. Most of her younger years were spent studying abroad; during that time, she took to practicing Wing Chun like a duck in water. After Suzuran, she plans on mastering it.

    An idea given to her by a family friend, Tokiyama posed as a boy for two years in order to attend the same school her father did. Gaining respect from her classmates did not come easily, but gave her the opportunity to take advantage of the swirling rumors that the son of the “King of Beasts” was going to attend Suzuran. It was easy for Tokia to feed off the fame of her father; with the art of deception, she managed to use her sly wit and fists to (hopefully) get closer to the top, than her father did.

    In her third year, the rules of Suzuran had changed—putting her in the most-compromising position of having to (or not) explain to her “friends” and army that she really is a female. All summer she spent worrying about this year; will “coming out” attract more challengers, will her army’s loyalty to her wane or will she lose everything completely? As the first day of school approaches, Tokia is ready…
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  3. I'm a big dork.

    crows character - id.jpg

    Rank (if applicable): 2nd Year Leader

    Personality: "You call me cute; I punch your face. That's how this works." Respect is everything to Shoya. You want his respect? You better give him a damn good reason first. He's cruel to his enemies and generous to his friends. He believes that to be strong, one should use whatever tools are at one's disposal. This includes weapons and dirty tactics. Fighting is about being smart just as much as it is about being tough and stubborn. He's usually seen walking around with his nose in a BL manga. Yeah. BL. Got something to say about it?

    Backstory: Delinquency runs in his blood. Shoya is actually quite booksmart but his tendency to punch people to solve his problems has had him expelled from a total of eight schools. Despite being known for reading BL novels and manga, he's never clarified his orientation. He's been breaking noses for being called "cute" for two years running and he's been competing with Tokia for the King title for just as long. He was the 1st Year Leader last year. This year his domination of his grade was much easier because he's already got a good following. Shoya is the younger of two sons in a family linked to the Ichiki Family (yakuza gang).
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  4. Color me interested!
  5. Ho-kay! I've had this sitting here for a while, and sign ups will be open-- I'm just going to start this. So, here we go! ^^ <3
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