Crowning Moments of Heartwarming

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  1. Post something (image, saying, video) that warms your cockles.

    (HEY! I don't wanna know what you do with your cockles!)

    ....A cockle is a heart valve.


    From Star Trek TNG, "The Wounded." A rogue Federation captain and veteran of a war with the Cardassians cannot let go of his hate and his actions nearly bring the Federation and the Cardassians into another conflict. It takes the everyman, Miles O'Brien, and an Irish marching ballad to snap him out of it.
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  2. Ugh, I know I have a BUNCH of these... Give me a little it to compile...

    This is the first one to come to mind:

    1) Field of Dreams (1989) Starring Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones


  3. This whole movie. I love it.
  4. wow costner looks sooooo young
  5. Piano Man by Billy Joel.
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  6. i feel a song coming on

    its 9o clock on a saturday

    the regular crowd shuffles in....
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  8. Couldn't find the video, but the ending to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, especially seeing Alicia Hughes.
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  9. I watched these episodes when is was so young, but both really stuck in my mind.

    The second clip is closer to home as the night it aired I was sitting next to my step dad, Naran, and he gave me a big hug and made me ice cream, his dad never left him have ice cream right before bed. So naturally I wasn't allowed either, but after watching that episode, I ate some ice cream and went to bed happy I had a dad, something I came very close to not having. My favorite ice cream is green tea flavored. The video can be quite sad. I find that the honesty of Will and and acceptance of uncle Phil to be very heartwarming for me.

    EDIT: I am pretty sure that I reverted into my 7 year old self with revealing my favorite flavor of ice cream.
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  10. Oh man, I came to this thread to cheer up and you just broke my heart again.


  11. evidently part of will ranting about his deadbeat dad was improv'd
  12. Uncle Phil's hug was ad libbed, but rumours that will's acting was influenced by his own childhood are debatable; his parents divorced in 2000 but I don't know of it's known what his relationship with his dad was like

  13. Basically great moments from sports. Such a silly and beautiful thing!

  14. The shot at 1:20

    I cried nerd-tears that, yes, the Avengers Assembled on the silver screen
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