Crow Eater's Fate (Spoilers for Sons of Anarchy within)

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  1. Grant Garcia was a loyal brother to the Bengal bikers. He gave fifteen good years of service to the club, and had become close to everyone in their crew. He was that guy that you could call when things in your life went wrong. He would get up, stop everything he was doing to help someone he cared about. The Bengals were his family, the life of a biker was all that he was. More so he mattered to Teddy Garcia, his little brother. They'd been close since children, neither of them knew what a healthy family looked like until they joined their MC. Their parents hated each other, and a dangerous war was raging still within the Garcia families. Life had been hard for the boys, they couldn't have slumber parties or game nights at their house. Their home was a war zone, fleeing for their lives at the ages fifteen and sixteen. Their brotherhood bond was stronger than their fear of death, than their hatred for the family that had caused them so much damage.

    They had help create The Bengals, a biker group dedicated to helping children in bad situations and helping their community. They started this when they had run away, got their licenses and emancipated, they lived on their own. They built their charter, went to college and found a way to get rich fast. All of their ranch houses and farms went to help others. Many people flocked to their charters, and eventually a charter was opened in every single state in the US. They'd done very well for themselves.

    It tore Teddy's heart out when he found Grant's body in a ditch. Run off the road by another biker and then shot six times, the brother that was with him only saw the image of a reaper on the back of the vest that the shooter wore. They were on their way up to Washington to meet up with a charter about a few issues that they were facing and reunite with 'the family'. They had to make a few stops in different states to meet up with other charters, Grant and David were on their way through Oakland to pick Katie Holland up. They had no beef with anyone, The Bengals made their profit by legit work. Some of it was dirty but still nobody was hurt. They sold parts and produce, owned farms and crops all over the states. They did well for themselves, and aided their communities. often times they were out doing charity work, they hadn't stepped on people's toes.

    So when one of the founding members were found shot up in a ditch and a brother laid in a hospital in critical condition, it came to more than a shock to The Bengals. There was only one group in Oakland that had the symbol of the reapers on their vests, and while in the past they'd been known to be very dangerous they had crossed the wrong group.

    It was why that bright sunny day that five members of the Bengals rolled into Charming. They had all the charters on speed dial, ready to come armed and numbered, ready for war. They had no idea which one of the Sons of Anarchy had killed their brother and injured the other, but if the Sons didn't give him up Charming yet again was going to turn into a blood bath, and this time would be laid waste.

    Getting off his bike, a man wearing the patch of the Bengals (an orange tiger snarling with skulls around the circle) gazed around the city. He leaned against the road king he rode, popping out a cigar. He was sitting there, studying the town. People were weary of motorcyclists in this town and for very good reason. They were going to find out where the Sons were residing, Teddy and his president Antonio Mendez would be arranging a sit down with the Sons current president. Things were going to get very serious for them. The death of one of the founding members was going to be an open wound for years to come.​
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  2. Natalia, hard working mechanic and all round fix it woman was sitting in the workshop on a stack of tractor tires which were to be sent to a farm outside of Charming. Holding a clipboard in her left hand and tapping a ballpoint pen with her right she sighed. It was a quiet day and she lacked having to much to do today and made plans to close up shop early and go grab a drink. Over the past year's it was tough living in Charming with so much fighting going on. So much death that when everything went sour Natalia was sent to Ireland to stay with family.

    Though all that was long gone now. Things were finally clearing up in Charming. The Sons of Anarchy were functioning stronger than ever with her father at the head of the table. Natalia had hope that the club would rise up again from the ashes and rebuild itself with better morals.

    Though that peace was broken when she heard bikes then watched a gang roll by. Lowering her clipboard she placed the pen and the board down and stood up. She didn't fully see the patch on their backs but the mechanic was pretty certain it was the Bengals. "what the heck is going on?" She muttered grumpily as she walked away to close up shop for the day and head home. Though she did have to wait on a customer to pick up his bike.

    Patiently waiting upon her customer to pick up the bike out back, Natalia realized she hadn't really beats a word from her father on a couple of days. It was a little weird since she did help maintain, fix, modify and rebuild the sons bikes.
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  3. Ian pulled in from town. The Teller-Morrow Mechanic and clubhouse had been rebuilt, despite Teller's want for the shop to be their main base. They earned enough money to rebuild what had been broken, though the pain of losing so much was engraved in the walls. Ever since Teller's death things were very different for the Sons. They hadn't seen bloodshed for close to twenty years. Or at least to their knowledge, there had been some accusations here and there but they never stuck. Pulling into the Teller-Morrow lot, Ian looked a little more than nervous when he hopped off his bike. He looked around as the roar of many bikes came towards their shop. 'Shit,' he thought as he made a b-line for the club door. "Chibs, Nat...everyone get out here. Think we're in for a bit of trouble," he shouted into the clubhouse. More like he was, though he was sure that nobody had seen his face that night. He hadn't meant to lose his temper, nor kill anyone. If he'd known who these guys were, he would have backed off.

    Teddy and Antonio were the first ones rolling up to the gate. They parked their bikes against the curb, pulling their helmets off. The rest of their crew came up next to them, making sure everything was in order they approached Antonio and Teddy. Teddy had been promoted shortly before departure to VP. It had been Grant's title and the vote for his promotion was unanimous. "Alright, everyone stay at the gate. VP and I are going to go this in alone, don't want them thinking the worst of us before they have to," Antonio ordered, putting a hand on Ted's shoulder. "We'll get to the bottom of this son, find the man that ran down our brothers in cold blood. They'll pay for what they've done," Antonio's voice was mixed sympathy and venom.

    Teddy nodded, though he just wanted to see the face of the man or woman (or other) that had killed his brother. grant was his best friend, and never went out of his way to harm anyone. They'd gotten a call while in town; David Erul died of his injuries. Two brothers gone, and for what reason? The Bengals were well known for their kindness and gentleness, but they were not innocent bystanders. They too had criminal histories, and took care of rats the way anyone did. Waiting in front of the gate, the two were a force to be reckoned with. The Sons had another bloody sunrise coming.

    Chibs came running out of the clubhouse and towards the front gates. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the two figures waiting at the gate. "What's this about?" he growled as he made his way for them. The men weren't carrying any weapons, they left them on their bikes. But they certainly didn't look like they came to get tune ups on their bikes.
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  4. Nat was closing the garage doors as she heard Ian's bike roll in the lot, he had been god knows where and she wasn't really to bothered asking her friend. As she closed the second door and locked it the roar of bikes made it difficult to not make her look out front. There were heaps of bikes out front and two heading in the gate and stopping.

    She wondered what in the world these guys wanted it clearly wasn't a tune up on their bikes that's for sure. Taking off her work gear she was back in her regular shorts, singlet and steel caps. Then walked out the shop locking it before approaching their new guests.

    Ironically around the same moment her father was. She stopped a meter back leaving her father to talk as she looked at the two men. It was the Bengal's. They would have traveled a good distance to get here and with this many. Her guess was this was about a murder? Or a delivery that her father never mentioned. Though then again he looked as surprised as she was to see them.

    Natalia spotted the weapons for the two men were back in their bikes. Though hers were back in the shop. Never the best idea to carry guns to a friendly conversation. Though at least a half of The Sons which were in the club house came outside the ones inside were arming themselves and ready to arm the others outside if things weren't sour.
  5. Teddy looked through the gate as the Sons started filing out of their clubhouse like bees from a hive. He looked at each one of them as if they could have been the one to kill Davie and Grant. He gave serious doubt that it could have been the president, whoever he or she was. A president killing without reason made no sense, or could point to a definite means to a club's fate. Antonio sized Chibs up as he stood there, arms crossed and legs spread apart. All of them wore their leather vests. Their cuts were their lifeline, their life. Everything about who and what they were. Antonio wore the president's patch well, it was a heavy burden to bear in such times. His black jeans were tattered and torn but still fit him well. He was a veteran from the Afghanistan war, a long scar across his back and down t his leg told the bloody story of a grenade. Shrapnel tore it's way through, almost crippling him. He was lucky to be standing today.

    Antonio had always been a person Teddy had looked up to. Ever since he met Antonio he knew that he would be loyal to this man for the rest of his life. Antonio became a father figure to both Teddy and Grant, and a greatly respected leader even among enemies. Teddy however never felt nervous around him, he always remembered what Antonio used to tell him when he was younger, 'Hold your head up high son. Don't bow to any person, and never see yourself as less important than any. You act like that you'll get treated like that. Admire but don't worship.' That bit of advice always stuck with Teddy.

    Chibs reached the gate and looked Antonio up and down, then over to Teddy. "What do you lads want?" his voice was annoyed and harsh, accusing almost. Teddy guessed that he was well known for being gruff with strangers. Just as well, this wasn't a peace mission nor a social call. Antonio was silent for a minute before speaking. "The Bengals are well known around the states for their work with children and minorities. We make our living legitimately with farming, ranching, butchering meat from cruelty free farms, we sell produce. We aren't well known at all for crime, other than the occasional fight. We keep drugs off our streets as best as we can and aide those who need shelter, send people to detox if we have to. We do work with porn on the side, as I hear nowdays that's what your main business is. My brothers, sisters, siblings, are known for their kindness and willingness to help. I wasn't aware of any violent enemies other than the people who lost their court cases against their children that we had," he said all of this with a straight face, looking directly into the eyes of Chibs, "so you'll forgive me if I wonder why one of your members gunned two of my guys down last week? I was not aware of any hostility between our people. Perhaps you can tell me why one of my founding members and my best friend have been shot in cold blood?" His eyes turned to fire almost, the venom in his calm steady voice was unmistakable. Teddy held his own well, staring at the rest of the club as they came up.

    Ian came rushing up and stared down the men, showing off his side arm. It was enough to send Teddy's blood boiling but he knew better than to rush into things and draw; they did not come for a gunfight. Yet. The gun didn't seem to phase Antonio. There he stood, staring down the leader of the infamous Sons of Anarchy and ignoring Ian. Yes, they were very well known to bikers everywhere. Violent and murder happy, they were a group that most everyone feared. Not The Bengals, no, Teddy and the rest of them wanted justice done for those they lost.

    Chibs looked both confused and angry at the accusation. "How do you know it was one of my members that offed your guy?" he growled. This guy had to be mistaken; the Sons hadn't gotten dirty since Jax died. Ever since he passed things had been quiet and there weren't any blood wars. Ian however shifted uncomfortably and started to get really fidgety. "I think they just want to show how big and bad they are...we can show them right pres," Ian suggested, malice caked in his tone. Teddy glared and put a hand down on his knife but didn't draw it. Antonio glared at Chibs; he looked like he was about to spit. "My guy saw a reaper on the back of the shooter. It stated clearly who it was! The rider was most defiantly male. There is no mistake; two of my brothers are dead and the person responsible hides behind that gate. If you do not hand him over, figure out who it is, we will, and my people want blood," Antonio threatened, his lip almost curling. Ian at this point withdrew his gun and pointed it right at Antonio. "Not if I kill you where you stand," Ian raised his voice, Antonio still standing there. Suddenly there were about a dozen guns pointed at the Sons from where the bikers were parked, Teddy having withdrew his knife.
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  6. Natalia stood in silence taking in the situation like she always did. It was not an easy one of course thanks to a murder that might very well have been from one of the Sons which would really anger her father and put a even larger stain on their reputation since they had gone for so many years being clean since the death of Jax. Watching and reading the body language of the men in front of her she wasn't one to struggle on what she thought of the two individuals in front of her. The leader he was a veteran of some kind hardened and unfazed even when Ian raised a gun at him. The other he looked more emotional and ready for a fight. Nat sighed as she had a feeling this was one of those moments that she had to put her foot into it whether she liked to or not. With guns raised at both sides she knew it was only a matter of time..

    "alright gents calm down if you please" she called out a hint of Scottish on her voice as she reached up and tugging Ian's gun clean out of his hand and tossing it away towards the garage. She was not going to let the peace her father worked so hard to form be fucked up by one idiot int he Sons who obviously had no sense in justice or respect to their Pres or the club. "You want justice for your men and there must be a man in the sons or in Charming posing as a member of the Sons that clearly needs to be found" Natalia said as she crossed her arms shooting a look of utter disappointment to her so called best friend.

    Nat wasn't sure what sort of earful she would receive from her father after this but someone had to speak up before there was a bloodbath. To anyone who saw Natalia she was clearly no push over, she could hold her own and being covered in grease from the last job on her arms she clearly wasn't afraid to get dirty if she had to. "so can we lower our guns and plan a way to solve this shit?" she asked as she stepped back and returned to her silence she had probably spoke completely out of line now but as she thought earlier who cares somebody had to. Nat could hear guns lower on the side on The Sons they had to respect her to some point since she was the daughter to their pres and she had a good point.
  7. Teddy put a hand up, dismissing his club's raised guns. "Lower them, but stand by," he ordered, a flicker of mistrust dancing across his face. His voice was deep and quiet, b His eyes bore into this newcomer, covered in grease. She sounded pretty reasonable with her requests and what she suggested, but his temper was high. He didn't trust the Sons not to have committed such a horrendous crime. They were trying to redeem themselves but Teddy still saw through it; once a violent gang always a violent gang. How was it that he was so willing to stoop to that level? Revenge and pain, the broken heart of a young man whose best friend was killed.

    Antonio's eyes swept passed Chibs and Natalia to Ian. He was the first to draw a weapon and sure as hell looked like he was ready to use it. "Hey, small fry, the next time you point a gun at me will be the last. You'd better make sure your aim is true because if I get up again, you won't. And if I do not, I've got over fifty brothers, sisters, siblings...a whole family, that would love to rip your twig arms off for it. My death would be avenged, like our brothers soon will be," his voice was menacing and held a heavy amount of malice in it. It even made Teddy shiver a little at the coldness of Antonio's voice. He looked directly at Ian when he said it too, right in the eyes.

    Ian felt his heart race. It was now that he fully realized how much trouble he was in, and how he couldn't tell even Natalia about it. It would be suicide; he'd be handed over to this beast of a man that stood in front of their gates. He couldn't even look Antonio in the eyes, part of him thought his brain would turn to ice.

    Antonio's eyes flew back up to Chibs. "You have by tomorrow night to find the killer, otherwise we'll storm through here and find him, or her, ourselves. And make no mistake, you, or anybody in this club, tries to make a run for it, we'll catch you. We've got charters in every single state in this country, working on a few in other countries. We'll find you, and we'll kill you. So don't run, make it easier on all of us," Antonio turned his back. A bold move, almost daring someone to take the shot. But not even the eager Ian was so fast to draw on the man with the icy voice. Teddy however, didn't trust this lot farther than he could throw; he had his hand on his knife and his other hand raised to his club.

    The Bengals climbed back up on their bikes and drove off, heading for the local bar and some to the motel. Chances were that the other charter would be here by tomorrow morning, they would be occupying most of the rooms at the motel.

    Ian knew that he would have to pack his bags when he got home. How could they be telling the truth? No MC was that powerful, right? Besides, he would find a way to leave without being noticed. He was normally on the road as it was. What about becoming a nomad? No, too convenient, he might as well staple the word 'guilty' on his back. He couldn't go nomad and he would have to run, tonight. But then the Sons would know who had committed such an awful crime, and they too would be after him. He'd be a rouge, alone. He looked around as the club dispersed from the gate, buzzing with excitement. "Aye, to the table. We've got a lot to discuss," Chibs told everyone, heading back to the clubhouse. This day had just gone from good to bad. To really, really bad.
  8. It wasn't the best result but better than a shootout in Charming, Natalia wasn't sure who the hell would screw up the Son's reputation after so long trying to repair it. As she watched the Bengals disperse and the sons all return to the clubhouse she watched for people heading to their bikes. None did they all appeared to want to know what the plan was going to be. This was a serious threat and they had to deal with ti as soon as possible. It even appeared to have excited some of the which made her very nervous.

    Heading to the clubhouse herself she wet in with somebody holding the door open for her. It was a worrisome thought that the very man responsible for this shit was most likely in here. She was curious on how she would figure it out. Though it wasn't her job it was her fathers choice in what they did next. God was she nervous to take a seat at the table with him right now. With any of them. Clenching her fists she walked in and took her seat not letting her gaze cross with anyones at this moment she didn't want to stir up anything though she did gaze across at Ian. Something was off about him today. Shrugging the thought away she looked at the table Ian was never good in pressured situations.

    In minutes the respected people were at their places at the table to discuss the situation.
  9. Ian seemed to be a bundle of nerves, but who wouldn't be in situations like these, right? What reason would anyone have to expect him of being capable of actually murdering someone? None, that's what. They would get this worked out, the Bengals would leave and everything would be fine. Though Ian knew that he would really have to watch himself in the club for a while. If Chibs, or anyone for that matter, knew what he'd done, he'd lose his patch and more than likely meet the Men of Mayhem. He shivered at the thought; surely they would understand? He just lost control of himself...that was understandable, right? No need to do anything drastic. But deep in his heart he knew that if they found out, there would be no understandings and no forgiveness, he'd be either given justice by the hands of the Sons, or given to the mercy of that cold, stone faced man at the gate today.

    Ian took his seat and chewed on his fingers. His gaze looked around the table at the other members; they looked mad and confused. Chibs finally took his seat and sat there in silence for a while. "So the facts we do know is that the Bengals aren't here for our parts. One of our members, or someone in town, has committed a murder against a very powerful MC. We've been at peace with Charming for a while now, no gun running, no drugs, just legit business. We've got no beefs with anyone anymore, not with Alverez, not with the Niners, nobody. So who in town in their right mind would try to frame us? Last I checked, we were square with them. How do we get down to the bottom of this? We've got until tomorrow night to figure this out, otherwise bloodshed will be back in Charming once more," Chibs sounded tired and very upset. Ian cleared his throat and looked around the table once more. Tigs was staring at the table, he couldn't get away with accusing the VP. Tigs was known for his reckless behaviour in the past. But he was pretty clean nowdays. Happy wasn't a good idea either; he was far too loyal to the club. There was no way that Natalia would have committed such a crime; Ian felt more alone than ever. How long would it be until the club realized that it was him? As he sat there he knew that he had to leave tonight; run from the Bengals and the Sons.


    Arriving back at the hotel, Teddy and the rest of the Bengals piled into a hotel room (Docker's). Gathering around one of the beds, sitting on tables, chairs, the bed, anywhere they fit, they all were excited. Teddy of course sat next to Antonio, the VP always sat next to the president. "Alright, so tomorrow night if they do not hand over the murderer, we'll be charging in. I guarantee our guns are bigger than theirs. If they stay and fight, good for them, but the man responsible for this will meet our wrath. But we need to do this with tact; so here's my idea. We go to their gate early tomorrow, just me, VP and you Fabian, I know that you've got a major in communications, to try and work peacefully with the Sons. If all goes well we might have our guy sooner, or at least have something worked out where there is less bloodshed," Antonio suggested, looking around their gang. Everyone looked tired, physically and emotionally. Their brothers had both died because of one man, and for what reason? Both of them had been kind, decent people who never got into trouble. Grant had been a role model for so many kids, been a great friend and brother to all sitting here in this room. David had been a word of wisdom to everyone and a father figure to the younger members of the club. He'd been a lifer, and had intended to keep going until he couldn't ride anymore. Their loss would shake all of the charters.

    Teddy nodded at the idea. "It'll give us a chance to get to know the members, see which one could possibly be capable of it. I'm down with the idea," Teddy replied, looking around. Everyone agreed that it was the best thing. They talked for a little while before everyone retreated to their own rooms, though most couldn't sleep. Teddy hadn't been able to get a full night's sleep since Grant's death. He feared the dreams that would always come to him; there hadn't been a moment of his life that he'd spent away from Grant, not counting runs. The two were inseparable, best friends as well as blood brothers. With Grant's death, it shook Teddy.
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