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  1. Mangled limbs. Blood dripping from every surface. It was true madness. I know not where the visions take me for I was not myself and the setting so unfamiliar it was otherworldly. It was like a ripple in my reflection, distorting oneself until they are no longer true. What horrors await my coming days for such telling of blood are no simple fabrications of the mind. I feel they are important. Perhaps they are visions warning me or even glimpses of the futures. I know such words reeks of blasphemy, but I know they aren't untrue. If I am unable to overcome this trial, what of my family. My wife Elene. My daughter Arabelle. I truly fear for the days to come.

    Jake had that dream again. He was someone else in someplace else. It was all very quiet in a candle lit room. He had heard thoughts but they were not his own. They sounded British but he could be mistaken for Jake was not a good judge of accents. In his dream he was writing something down. It was very strange for him because he felt afraid. It was like his heart was being gripped by an unknown hand. This hand squeezed tighter and tighter and it was difficult to breathe. He also smelled blood, but there was no corpses nearby. The dream ended with a little girl walking up him. She was beautiful like an angel, but something lurked behind in the shadows. It was unnerving, and he felt he needed to protect her.

    Jake contemplated about all of this and quickly dismissed it. It was probably caused by all that drinking last night. He did have a pulsating ache in his head. He had work and didn't need to think about his morbid dream. But for some reason the girls face didn't quite leave him. Who was she?

    The path we walk are lonely. They are ours alone and cannot truly be followed. But there are times when two roads converge. When this happen our lives are connected with another. This connection is our humanity. It is our happiness but also our pain. We may diverge. We may even follow the same road with another. We continue on these timeless roads. Living different lives. Crossing the same people. In the end we share the same fate to continue walking along the road. Forever until the end of time.
    ((In this rp I'm trying to have a main characters in the modern age who are able to glimpse into different lives during different eras. All encountering terrible and gruesome situations and even deaths. These glimpses will slowly affect our characters and then perhaps the same horrible events may happen to the characters now. We might find each other, discovering we share connecting vision, and try to figure it out. Or it may be possible for all of us to reach the same violent ends as our predecessors and continue the grim repetitions. Lets find out.))
  2. Victor shot up in a cold sweat, eyes wide with absolute terror. He had that dream again. The same one he's had for the past eight torturous nights. He remembered everything. The cool, heavy rain. The dark of night. The horseman with the scythe, the little girl in the nightgown running towards him calling out to him. The expression on her face as the horseman rode up and swung, sending her pretty head into the air, and hurtling down, landing at his feet. The haunting words of the girl still rung in his ears, "Father, help me! He's going to-" and then the shing made by the metal blade scraping against her spine as it sliced through the back of her neck. The thought sent shivers down his spine. He would have taken a cold shower, but it would have reminded him of the rain. He would have worked on his book, had it not been about his dreams. He would have told someone about it, had he not wanted to forget it. But he couldn't. The sounds still echoed in his mind, he still felt the prickles rain on his arms, the mud of the dirt road on his feet. He made a pot of coffee, and looked at the time. 2:46 AM. He had to get up in an hour and a half anyway, may as well stay up. Anything to get out of that horrid scene.
  3. Fire, fire, fire...It raced along the hallway, the accelerant speeding the process as the hungry flames devoured all available oxygen. "Daddy!" he heard his two twins screaming for him. They weren't speaking English, that was for sure, but he couldn't pinpoint the language they were speaking. Still, he could understand them as if he had spoken it his whole life. God...the fire was heading towards their room. The heat of the flames evaporating the tears that escaped his eyes, he spun around a corner, towards a set of stairs. The boys would be just up them...

    "I'm coming!" his hoarse voice shouts, and almost immediately smoke and fire burned its way down his throat. Choking, he forced himself to keep going, his firm grip upon the once-beautiful banister the only thing keeping him moving. Crawling up the stairs, he watched as the fire reached the bedroom at the top of the stairs, and immediately started burning its way through the wood door. "No!" he shouted, and another onslaught of the choking smoke assaulted his throat. Doubling over to cough, he watched through teary eyes as the fire finally worked its way through the door, into the twins' room.

    He shouted again, a wordless, desperate scream for his children, his beautiful baby boys. While he had been choking, the fire had caught onto his coattails and had started its ascent to the rest of his clothes. Within moments, the fire had started scorching his skin, and though he continued climbing the stairs, still hearing his boys' screams, he never made it.

    Lewis awoke with a start, feeling like he was burning. God...that dream again...Running a hand through his sweat-soaked hair, he pushed himself off of his bed, turning on the bedside lamp to take a look at his sheets. Completely soaked through...Those were the third set in as many days. Peeling off his pajama pants, which were as badly soaked as the rest of him and his sheets, he quickly took a freezing shower, still feeling like he was burning when he got out.

    Changing, he tore his sheets off of his bed before tossing them in the washer. Once in his kitchen again, Lewis leaned against the counter, knowing that he wouldn't get back to sleep after that. Frowning at himself in his reflection in the microwave's window, he ran a hand through his hair again. Gotta stop the caffeine before bed, Lewis, he told himself, thinking that that was the reason for his night terrors. Maybe I should stop sleeping altogether... He couldn't stand that nightmare. Each time he woke, tears were in his eyes and he could still feel the pain, inside and out, as if those two boys who were screaming for him were his. But they weren't...Lewis had never had children, and he didn't plan to.

    God...what was happening to him?
  4. It was 3 days ago when Penelope Emily Pike was told they were filming her newest music video in an old asylum. Penelope, or Penny, was a young musician who made it straight to the charts with her huge range in genre of music, going from classical to even playing for metal bands, playing violin, piano and guitar and occasionally singing. But she is more known for her own style, using her instruments to give out effects and emotions to her listeners. Like the one she was using for the filming. She was using her favourite instrument, the violin and she was using her voice for this one too.
    She rarely sung, but when she did, she blew people away. Some would say it was like an angel, but she hated that metaphor, it was cheesy and unreal. Others say it was unnaturally beautiful and that she should use it more often. Then there are people who think her voice is eerie and that the tones she can come out with were the work of the devil. But of cause, it was all just total and utter nonsense. She sung when she wanted to sing and when the song lyrics were right for her.
    She never bragged either, rarely would have interviews or do anything to become seriously famous, she just wanted to earn enough money to make a nice living while doing what she loved. She didn’t want the fame. She was just a quiet 19yr old girl who liked music.
    So, there she was, standing in front of the old twisted iron gates with the typical vines growing along them to give them the creepy effect. Behind the gates was a long driveway where at the end, was a large dark building, shadowed by large trees that seemed to block out any light from the sun that shone down that day.
    “Great, on a nice day, I have to be stuck in there.” She spoke in a sarcastic tone, pushing the gate open and stepping on to the old hospital ground.

    Darkness, coldness and sadness. Pain, horror and fear. All those senses filling up the body of a young woman, she wanted to fight but couldn’t since she had restriction of any body movements while cold, metal instruments touched the skin of her arm as if teasing her in a horrible way before pressing the object in to her skull.

    Gripping tightly on the gate that Penny was using to hold her body up, she breathing escalated to a high rate as she experienced the pain, she couldn’t see anything, she just felt it all. Tears built up in her eyes as she looked towards the old asylum, the place that had been shut down for over 50 years now for unknown reasons.
    Suddenly, Penelope didn’t want to go any further. She felt terrified of the place.
    Someone, help me.
    A voice appeared to be called out and in a panic, Penny spun round, but there was no-one other than the crew at the end of the road.
    “Penny! Get your ass down here now!”
    The sound of her manager at the end of the drive way caused her to spin back round to look at him. Her feet slowly moved. ‘Don’t go there Penny, it’s the same feelings from when you were at school. Don’t do it!’ her guts were screaming at her to stop, but she couldn’t. As terrified as she was going towards the building, she wasn’t one to run away either.
    “Jesus, you look like you’ve seen a ghost!”
    Penny forced a smile and shrugged her shoulders as she walked straight past the manager, ignoring her gut feelings and now just wanting to get the job done. “Don’t be so stupid, there’s no such thing. Once you’re dead, you’re dead. No ghosts, no after life, no nothing.”
    She spoke confidently. It is what she liked to believe.
  5. Liz was sat at her desk working on the new case that had just come in something about a husband cheating with the kids nanny and the wife wanted everything she can get. Can't really say i blame her Liz thought to herself. She picked up the paper and that when everything changed.

    She was cold and shivering on a floor of a room she had never seen she was covered in blood and there was a man standing just to the side of her laughing, she could see the moon light shining of the blade he was holding he was talking to her telling her she was naughty and that she had to pay for defying him at the end of the day she was his and he wanted her to have sex with him but she had said no, That's when she knew he had raped her she could feel him still inside her. She was shaking, this man had been cutting her but no where it would kill her to quickly. Seeing him walk closer she screamed for help but no one came with tears in her eyes she felt the blade dig in to her throat.

    "Liz Liz earth to Liz" Liz came round and she was shaking and she could feel the tears streaking down her cheeks. Looking up she saw Jaz one of her colleges "There you are you where in your own little world, is everything OK?"
    Liz was in shock but she smiled "Yeah sorry i just hate these case's it seams we get so many of them now." Jaz just shock her head and walked away. Muttering about Liz having a holiday.
    What the hell was that all about it felt so real what's going on with me today. she thought and shock her head and looked back to what she was meant to be doing but her head wasn't in it she was still shaken by what had happened to her just a short while ago.
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  6. Jake worked at a cafe. It wasn't anything fancy, just a place that served coffee and tea. It was a just a 10 minute drive away from his apartments. He mostly enjoyed it. It was relaxing and he felt at peace with the aroma of fresh ground beans, and tea leaves. His manager wasn't too bad either. She was a serious woman who made sure everything was running fine.

    Jake felt the urge to go to work a little earlier. His dream has still disturbed him. He locked the door and left his apartment. His car was parked nearby and he found traffic to be manageable because of the early hour. However after passing a stop sign, things suddenly changed.

    He heard the sound of hooves. He was in some sort of carriage and had a cane in his hand. "Driver, how long to the manor? I believe we've stopped for quite some time. What is causing so much trouble out there." The drive responds politely, "Master Blackwell, I am sincerely sorry. There seems to be some sort of disaster ahead. I cannot in good conscious cross." He seemed annoyed. "What kind of disaster? Has a tree fallen onto the road." "I know not sir for I see no trees. Only a carriage up ahead. It seem to have stopped for some unknown reason." His patience ran out. "I will go and find out. You stay here and be ready for when I return." He was curious and wanted to see for himself what happened. His servant always seem to leave some detail out. He pushed the door open and walked with his cane. The night was eerie and seemed to filled with foreboding. He continued onto the road and finally saw the carriage Where are the horses? The driver? He crept closer. His heart started beating a little faster. He smelled something strange in the air. Sweat slowly glided down his brows. Theres nothing to fear. Its just a carriage. Perhaps they had an accident and had to leave it. The wheels of the carriage seemed fine. There was no damage of any sort. A dark feeling slowly rose within him. He was now arms distance from it. He held his cane in a defensive position as if he was about to hit anything that came near. He extended his hand and unlatched the door. It turned without a sound. He slowly opened it and something was visible within the crack. He swung it open and suddenly realized what the smell was. There lay two bodies. A man and a woman locked in a mockery of what could be called an embrace. The woman was younger, but her wounds was most vile. There were cuts everywhere. Across her neck. On her arms. Numerous all over her legs. The most gruesome one was from her groin up to her throat, exposing everything within. The man was cut as well. His face was mutilated. His eyes gouged out. Each finger was cut until they were dangling. His cheeks were opened in a way where it seemed as he was smiling. A dark a unsound smile, full of wicked emotions. He couldn't take it. The sight was too terrible. He had never seen such a monstrous thing in his life. A couple so destroyed and yet put in such a pose of loving embrace. He immediately evacuated his stomach nearby. He dropped the cane and rushed back to his carriage. "Sir, what was the problem?" He had no stomach to recount what he just seen. "Drive! Go around the carriage." "But, sir, that is dangerous." "I don't... care. Drive! Don't let your eyes peer into that... that..." He could not speak. He just shuffled in and looked at his hands. They were tinged with red. When did I...

    Jake stopped staring at his hands when he heard the loud honk. He quickly swerved right. He had almost crashed into an incoming vehicle. He was covered in sweat and he remembered a strange smell. "What... was that? I almost got myself killed." He calmed down and continued to drive to his work. Jake felt sick. He remembered those two bodies, entwined in a terrible fate. I really need to stop drinking. I don't know if they put anything in them last night. But fuck... does anything last this long?
  7. Liz was finding it had to work she knew full well that this was a big case well it normally is when there is a footballer involved and it would be the making of her career as long as she won, She was fighting for the wife who's cheating husband (said football player) had been dipping a few extra thing's to the two children's nanny. luckily there was no prenuptial agreement's to worry about just the husbands lawyer whom she was meeting with after work tonight for dinner.
    Liz needed to get away from her desk due to the fact that her day dream or more like her day nightmare was still giving her the shakes. Standing up Liz picked up her note's and put them in her briefcase. "Hey Jaz i'am going out are all the reporters still out side the front of the doors?" what with it being a big case you couldn't get rid of them. "Yeah hun good luck getting through" Jaz giggled. Sighing Liz grabbed her coat and headed for the lift to take her down to the parking lot.
    Once she was there she got into her car.

    It was late and she knew her new master would not be happy with her, she was running as fast as she could. then she saw the house it was massive, she had only been here a few days and was still having trouble finding her way around. Knowing she had to keep this job as her family needed food and clothing. She was the eldest of three daughters so she was the first to go to work.
    By this time she had rounded the house and had found the staff entrance she walked in to a candle lit kitchen "Where have you been" boomed a voice from her left " s..orry I....." but before the word's had fully left her mouth she was grabbed around the throat and thrown across the room. Landing in a heap near the wall everything hurt and she had tears streaking her face. "You will not be late again" boomed the voice but then she heard big heavy footsteps walking away.

    Liz oppened her eye's and couldn't stop the tears, what is wrong with me and why am I dreaming of this horrible stuff and feeling like it is happening to me. She thought. Liz looked at her face in the review mirror and got a tissue out and cleaned her face up before she even thought of moving the car.
  8. Hearing a few voices in the distance, Penny glanced over to see a few people standing at the now locked gates of the Asylum. They were calling out to her, wanting her to sign a few things for them. Groaning and slouching, she let her manager deal with them. It was, after all, his fault that news got out that she was filming in that place. He gave the interview on her behalf and it was a slip of a tongue, but a slip that made the front headlines of the most famous magazines.
    Pushing open the large doors, they let out an eerie creek and then a bang as they hit the wall and came to a stop. Her green eyes scanned the large hallway/ reception. The place was a dump, debris cluttered the floor, dust fell from everything it possibly could and in all honesty, it looked like a death trap.
    “Yo, is it even safe to be in here?”
    Penny called out. One of the sound men walked in, carrying some equipment on his back and handed her a violin case.
    “Of cause it is, or else they wouldn’t have let us filmed in here.” He spoke to her.
    She took the case and sighed as she walked further in to the asylum. She leant up against the desk, closed her eyes and took in a deep breath before opening her eyes again only to see everything in pristine condition.

    “It is all my pleasure Emily; my men have taken your belongings to your room, so you no need to worry about them. Just come with me.” A man in a doctor’s coat was standing right in front of her. His moustache on his lips curved upwards as he smiled at her.
    All kinds of negative emotion filled her body; she didn’t want to be here, why did she have to be here? Shooting her eyes from left and to right in hope to find an escape, she saw an open window just a little ahead of her. She went to run towards it, but a pair of large hands grabbed her making her drop her violin case.
    “Get off me! Get the fuck off me, I don’t belong here, you can’t make me stay here! No!!” She cried out loudly, her legs kicking and her arms going to punch the men but failing. She didn’t belong in a mad house, she shouldn’t even be here. She was told that they were going to the beach for the weekend. Betrayal filled her emotions. Such a horrible emotion to deal with as a man twice the size of the petit woman was dragging her away and up the stairs. The doctor calmly following them with his hands tucked in his doctor coat pocket.
    She stopped screaming and kicking her legs as she looked in the doctor’s eyes, there was something inside of them which she recognised. The same look which she saw quite a few times in her own father’s eyes. Fear now joined the other negative feeling. She knew what was coming; she didn’t want it, no!

    Sweat formed on Penny’s brow as the female screams rang in her ears, her eyes slowly looking around the hall and to the stair way as they returned to their run down form. Why did it feel like she had been here before? And what did she just experience again? Twice in one day. Why? Her mouth felt dry, her throat felt sore and her heart was racing inside of her chest.
  9. Jake took one step into the cafe and smelled the familiar aroma of coffee. His tension slowly dissipated as his manager greeted him. Today's start had not been what Jake expected. Creepy dreams and even creepier daydreams. He exhaled in relief. At least this place is relaxing. I better get ready. He headed towards the back and changed into his uniform. It wasn't anything fancy. Just a plain shirt with the cafe's logo on it.

    He saw a magazine on chair and decided to browse through it. It was mostly random stories and advertisements. A trial about some footballer cheating on his wife was starting soon. Jake thought how stupid for people to follow such stories. Once again he thought about the degradation of people's interests.

    Jake personally lived a simple life. He didn't watch much tv or paid much attention to the news. He mostly just worked and hung out with his friends. Not much complexity. Even relationships were simple things to him. He liked someone he would ask them out. If he stopped, then he would stop. He might be considered an asshole or a selfish jerk, but he just wanted simplicity. Stories like these just added unnecessary complexity to the world. He sighed and skipped ahead.

    There was a short article describing the shooting location of Penny's new music video. The article consisted of basic speculations and excitement for the video. What drew him in was the location. It was a asylum in this city. He knew a little common knowledge about it, but not that much. He recalled it was closed down due to some horrible accident or murder... He couldn't quite remember. Was it a fire? Or did a patient escape? After a few moments of mulling it over, he decided it was just some horrible event. He wondered what kind of artist would even consider filming there. It was quite an old building. There should be a lot of dangers from the old structure itself if not even supernatural ones. The thought of supernatural things sparked the scene from his strange hallucination in his car. He shuddered and closed the magazine. He walked out into the front and began morning preparation. Jake tried not to think about it, but the contents of his strange vision filled his mind. Who were those people? Why were they killed? Why am I even seeing such things?
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  10. “Penny, Penny? Oi, Penelope! Snap the hell out of it!” Penny’s manager stood in front of her, gently shaking her shoulders until she finally looked at him, the sweat rolling from her forehead as her frame shook from the sight that she just saw.
    “Oh…” She muttered slightly, knocking his hands from her shoulders. She hated being touched by anyone, even people she did care for, she still hated the feel of other people’s hands on hers, clothes or not.
    “Looks like you’ve seen a Ghost, Penny. Snap out of it, the cameras are all set up and ready. The first shoot will be in the ruined cell.” Penny looked at him with a confused look. She knew nothing of the asylum, all she knew was it was an old asylum which was run down and no longer in business. If business would be the right word for an asylum. Her manager saw the confused look on her face and laughed as he led her down the corridor. “Do you know anything about this place, Penny?” She replied with a shake of her head and he carried on talking. “It all cracked off here, gal. It was, or at least seemed to be a decent Asylum. But over 100 years ago, a loony child, about the age of 17 was a patient here, just went balmy. She was able to set fire to her cell and refused to come out of it. Apparently, her last words were she’d rather die in those flames then the hands of the doctors… But, they did get her out. However, what happened next, no-one really knows. But she ended up dying in a mysterious way. It opened up so many different cans of worms, people started to question the ways that the doctors treated the patients, saying that the girl was murdered because she was an incurable case and she was threatening the doctors’ reputation. The room which she set fire too was never repaired and soon after the girl’s death, this place was shut down.”
    Rolling her eyes, Penny placed the violin case on a table and took out her violin. “Thanks for the ghost story, but it isn’t going to faze me. I need a cuppa, that’s what I need and I think I am going to have it after this shot.”
    “But we have just started.”
    Shrugging her shoulders, she looked on a head and saw the ruined room, the walls peeling from dampness throughout the years. Still painted black from the crazed woman’s actions and it seemed pretty dangerous to even enter it. “I know, but I am not feeling to well today. I think I am coming down with the flu. Either way, we got this place for a week haven’t we? It’s not going to take a week to shoot one music video now.”
    It only took hour and half to get what was needed for the shoot and to film and for her to dress for it. The woman’s music echoed across the asylum which could be heard even from the outside. Her violin mixing with her tones of her voice just set the sense for the building that little bit more on an eerie feel. The whole setting was perfect for the song. But once the filming for that one scene had stopped, everyone was dropped in to complete and utter silence. Everyone felt uneasy, including Penny. But she remained oblivious to it and just packed away her violin and handed it over to her manager who didn’t even try talking to her as she left the building.
    Penny walked in to the city. She didn’t care if people stared at her because of what she was wearing. It was just her outfit for her work, a long white flowing dress, torn and greyed in some parts, the ends now with some burnt resin from the room she were in. She wore over the knees black and white striped socks with flat black pump shoes. Her eyes caught the café and it made her smile and let out a sigh of relief. Pushing open the door, she walked to the counter, eyed up the cake and grinned.
    “A large cup of tea please… and I mean large. And that slice of coffee cake please.”
    She pointed to a specific slice, as she used her other hand to pull out a small white purse which hid well in her outfit.
  11. Shaking her head Liz started the car and slowly pulled out of the underground garage as not to alert the camera crews that were milling nearby, the last thing she needed to today was an unofficial tv appearance she was sure she looked like hell and it was also how she felt. I need me some cake and strong coffee she thought as she watched in the tv crews getting smaller in the rearview mirror.
    Liz relaxed slightly as she drove down the road and listened to the radio going on and on about some singer using the old asylum man she must be crazy doing it there i wouldn't of gone in there before whatever is happening to me started happening let alone now she thought while waiting at the traffic lights.
    Liz indicated to turn left she had no real idea of were she was going it was as if something was telling her to go this way and that but she went regardless. Thats when she spotted a cafe not far up the road cake and coffee just a stones throw away she thought as she got closer.
    Pulling her car around back to where there was parking she got out and grabbed her laptop and paperwork might as well make a start in there before I head off home to do more she thought as she looked the door up. and walked around the corner.
    Upon walking to the front door of the cafe she walked in and headed straight up to the counter she noticed the woman in front of her was rather strangely dressed but hey it takes all to make the world go round. Liz looked up at the board to see what cake she was going to have and waited while the woman in front of her was being served.
  12. Victor had gone to work about an hour or so ago, but didn't really remember the trip there. e was too busy trying to get that girl out of his head. Out of his eyes. Even as he worked as he usually did, he did so absent-mindedly. He kept fading out, still able to see the terrified face of the loose head at his feet. The sound of the scythe still rung in his ears. The rain still pricked his skin... He shook his head, snapping out of the trance, and downed another cup of coffee.

    "You alright, Vic?" a voice at the door asked his. He blinked trying to focus. It was his bosses secretary. "Y- yeah, Suzanne. I'm fine. Just... just a rough night." He cleared his throat and got back to work as she slid off the doorframe and walked away. He rubbed what little sleep was left in his eyes out of them and tried to focus on what he was doing. Despite his best efforts, he continued to hallucinate that the words on the sreen formed the face of the girl, and it went away when he blinked. "I need stronger coffee." he said, and began to walk down to the nearby café.
  13. Jake was wiping a cup dry when he heard the chime of customers. He looked up to greet the incoming customer, but stopped when he saw her clothes. "Are you alright?" he asked. She seemed okay and when she replied with a confirmation, he eased up. "You can sit wherever you like." He took her orders and then the next customer came in. His manager took care of her. Right when he was about to go get the first customer's order, the bell chimed again. This time was a man. He quickly let him get seated and got his order. It was a bit busy this morning. As he was preparing the coffee, he remembered the customers faces. They seemed to be out of it. As if in a strange melancholy trance. Their eyes showed something lingering. Fear? Desperation? He could not see. He returned to the first customer, the strangely dressed woman." As he was about to give her the cup, his eyes once again landed on her torn white dress. It was torn and a bit dirty. He smelled smoke. She looked serene in that outfit. The white. The purity. Almost like...

    Her eyes were like precious gems, too beautiful to keep locked away in a box. Her skin was so pale like her mother. She would often dance around the drawing room with her white dress. She would grin her pixie grin and say, "Father, look what I've discovered today." Her hand would always have some random trinket to show. My wife would often scold her for picking up strange objects. I would laugh and pronounce what a majestic find it was and place it in her collection which was now brimming with a variety of small treasures. "Dear, tomorrow we'll be heading to the Newcastle's manor for their annual ball. I would dearly wish you wouldn't spoil our daughter. She needs to get ready," my wife spoke with somewhat harsh tone. I chucked, "Now Elene, Arabelle is still a child. We can let her do as she likes until she comes of age." Elene puffed her face, "If we don't begin now she would become a proper lady." Arabelle grasped my hand. It was so warm for how white it seemed. "But Father, I am quite the lady already." She then begins to perform a mockery of a lady's bow and strut around the room with her chest held out. I laughed until tears started welling up. My wife was no so amused. I finally conceded. "Fine fine. Arabelle be on your best behavior tomorrow. Perhaps those Newcastle boys might fancy you." She suddenly blushed, "Why would I care for their stares." She storms away after saying, "I will try my best, Father." Elene comes closer, "I worry for her." I wrapped my arms around her, "Why would you even do so? She is quite capable." "I don't know. I just feel something awful will occur soon." "Now now. Don't be like that. I will make sure she will be a safe as houses." "Perhaps we should cancel our attendance." "And deprive our poor girl a chance to meet her friends. Elene, nothing horrible will occur." "I'm sorry.... I'm just scared." I stand and fully embrace my wife. "There nothing to be afraid of." After a few moments, she finally settled down and heads up to our room. I grab my teacup and was about to sip but my hand suddenly lets go.

    The coffee mug shatters on the table and spills onto the woman's dress. The liquid slowly crawls down her like blood. "Sorry! I don't know why I let go." Jake tried to clean up the mess, and gave her rag to wipe her dress. "I'm really sorry. The bathrooms over in the back right there." He points towards the back. "I'll get you another one for free." He tried his best smile but couldn't quite muster the effort. Why am I seeing this now? Damn I really think I should go home and take a rest.
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  14. As Liz placed her order she went and sat down with her laptop and paperwork well I may as well try and get some work done today she thought as she fired it up and found the file she needed to read that had been sent to her from the husbands lawyers. As Liz read through the first few paragraphs she couldn't stop herself from laughing "Oh give me a break" she said allowed with a roll of her eyes, then as her brain caught up she looked up with a slight redness to her face "Sorry" she said as she looked back down and continued to read. Before she continued to read she found the photocopy she had made of the email before she had left and pulled out red and yellow maker pens so she could mark anything that was not quite right. Just as she was about to start reading the person who had served her walked over with drink and cake "Thank you" she said looking up but her mind was finally in the job at hand, as she picked up her red marker she heard a smash but before she could look up to see what had happened she started to shake.

    "YOU STUPID WENCH how dear you drop my food now pick it up and clean the mess before you get me more" bending down to do as she was told she could feel the tears spring to her eyes, the shaking in her hands was making it hard for her to pick anything up "Oh so you think to defy me do you?" she could hear the hate and amusement in his voice "I.... Do not mean" the shakes were raking her whole body, but she took in deep breaths to calm her self. Just as she had managed to pick up some of the bits she felt a strong hand in her hair gripping and she knew if it pulled she would have a bald patch but alas it didn't pull it pushed and her face went in to the mess on the floor. Once the hand let go she could feel the trickle of blood running down her face.

    As Liz came back she could feel the sweat and her heat was beating so fast she was sure everyone would of heard it but she was so worried to look up she just hoped that whatever had happened with the smash was still number one priority.
  15. Penny didn’t realise how her eyes showed roughly what she was feeling, the images from being inside the Asylum kept flashing back in to her mind. The feeling of betrayal and fear filling her chest as well as the anxious emotion on not knowing what was going on. Well, at least trying to remain in denial on what was going on.
    When their eyes met, she just smiled politely and gave a small nod to his question as she ordered her drink. Upon hearing that she could sit down, she didn’t want to because she felt restless and just wanted her orders and get her job over and done with. But no doubt that it wouldn’t be done after one day. Her eyes moved to the other customers that came in, but she paid no true attention, after all; to Penelope, they were just strangers.
    Once her tea was ready, she spun round casting her dress in a flow to make it look almost flower shape before it returned straight by her side. She smiled brightly and went to take the tea but saw the other looking at her dress. She placed one hand on it and shrugged her shoulders.
    “Ignore this. It’s just for my work, I do dress as a normal person”
    She spoke in a small joke and then extended her hand out to get her drink. But suddenly, it felt like an electric spark shot through her fingers which made her gasp out and fling her hand back and held it to her chest as the other still held out. Her eyes grew wide when she realised that she wasn’t in the café.

    “There is nothing like a good cuppa tea, is there Emily?” A woman with messy black hair hugged a tin cup while rocking backwards and forwards. They were in the garden; the cup was filled with mud and had a worm in it.
    Emily looked at the woman, placed her hand on her shoulders and just smiled and gave a small nod on her head. “Of cause there isn’t. But maybe it would be best not to drink that one.”
    The woman shot her an evil glare and hissed “Why not?”
    “Because there is no milk in it if you see?” Emilie knelt down beside the woman and pointed to the brown dirt. “And we have no milk and so we cannot have tea without milk.”
    The woman frowned and hugged the cup to her chest again and started to flick the dirt “but I really want a cuppa. I… really want a cuppa!” She yelled the last bit, slapped Emily’s hand off her shoulder and threw the dirt at her. Soil got on her white gown and the shock of the sudden yell and fear of getting smacked by the other inmate; Emily fell back only to land in the arms of Doctor who greeted her when she first entered the asylum.
    “Come on now Emily, don’t go upsetting your fellow inmates. I am sure we can get some milk.”
    The sadistic smirk he wore when Emily looked up made her eyes widen as she tried to get away, but he kept a grip on her.
    “No, get off me!” Emily yelled out but he didn’t let go, he just held her by her arms and started to lead her back in to the asylum.

    The feel of warm liquid from the tea and the man’s blood land on her hand caused Penny to look down only to be greeted by the hot liquid landing on her clothing. But it didn’t sting nor did she even try to move. Slowly, she looked back at the man and opened her mouth only to have no words come out.
    But finally, she snapped out of it, she wiped the blood on her white dress and shook her head as she looked at his bleeding hand. “Don’t be so daft! Are you okay? You’re bleeding!”
    She saw a cloth and grabbed it to start to help to clean up the mess. She didn’t care about the tea staining her dress or the fact that her order was ruined. She just wanted his bleeding to stop and not have him be in trouble for it.
  16. Jake was glad. The customer did not get angry and even shown concern for his hand. The cut wasn't deep and only stung for a bit. After the initial cleanup, he thanked her and went in the back to clean and cover his cut. The blood oozed slowly from his hand. The crimson color reminded him of dark things. The man and woman in the carriage. He did not want to remember but that image was burned into his mind.

    He finished it quickly and returned to the customer with her tea. "Once again I'm sorry for the inconvenience. My name is Jake and I hope I haven't bothered you too much." He mustered up a smile and extended his hand in greetings. After placing her tea on the table, he went to the other woman customer. "I'm sorry for disturbing you as well. Did you want anything else? One last stop to drop off the man's order and he sequestered himself behind the counter. He didn't feel well today. First the car, now this cup. There was something going on. He had a strange notion that the customers had something to do with this, but he didn't know why. This bothered him immensely. He felt weary. They had certainly something hanging over them. Something not visible to the eye but he clearly felt some sort of kindred bond with them. As if they were experiencing the same things. Maybe I should talk to them some more and figure this out. But what if I'm just imagining things. Today has been fucked up as hell already. He sighed and finally decided to ignore issue. No need to drag them in my messes. Especially since I don't even understand the problem. He sighed at looked at the customers. Their eyes slowly met him one by one.
  17. When the guy who had had the accident started to walk over to her Liz couldn't help but think she had made more of a commotion then she realized oh please please don't tell me I have embarrassed myself I done enough of that at work today she thought as he reached her table, when he spoke she could feel the relief wash through her as her shoulders slumped and she let out the breath she hadn't even realized she had been holding "Oh no I...." Liz wasn't one to stumble over words but what could she say oh I'm sorry I really didn't see what was happening as I was having a crazy moment of my own with a shake of her head she looked up "No you didn't disturb me but thank you for coming to check, and no I still have my coffee but thanks." Liz watched as the guy walked away to see the other customer there is something about him but I just cant put my finger on it she thought but then she looked back at her work come on just because your over doing it at work and hallucinating doesn't mean everyone is the same.

    Liz started to get her case back in order and moved her folders around on her desk top so everything was in better order and she was just about to reply to her clients soon to be ex-husband's lawyer when she looked up and saw the guy behind the counter looking at her, Liz didn't smile she just sat there as if something was telling her she had to be at this place at this time.
  18. Saphira watched the exchange between two people in the cafe. There was no doubt in her mind that these two people were going through the same thing she'd gone through since she was born. There was a momentary pause in her breathing as screams echoed in her head. Blood. So much blood. Better off dead. Need a weapon. Have to finish myself off. The pain... The pain! She gripped the edge of the table she sat at, holding it so tightly that her knuckles turned white and the table began to shake with her. After just a few seconds, though, she was able to break out of her stupor. She doubled checked herself. Too many times she had come back to reality with wounds that could not be explained. Too many times, she had witnessed bloodshed. She gave her head a gentle shake, running her still-trembling fingers through her raven hair. Her piercing blue eyes were tainted with suffering, but never lost the glimmer of hope that one day this would end. She took a hesitant sip of her coffee as she remembered the past; a past that was not hers. It wasn't another hallucination. It was just her memory, which just so happened to remember everything she went through. So every hallucination, every single memory, stuck with her. And they would stick with her for the rest of her life. She placed the cup of coffee down on the table. She would endure.

    Because there was no other way.