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Should this be a Webcomc or a Novel?

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  1. I am at a crossroads on what I should do with a 12 year old project that has been an off and on thing since its conception back in 2005. I'm not a very talented person unless deep thinking is a talent and barely have the skills in writing or drawing to breathe some new life into it.

    As some can see I am merely a competent writer and do not know what to do with this idea/story sitting around. Surely after 12 years of work into it I would like a little more to show for it rather it being just an idea been swimming around in my mind.

    So should this be something I should put as a Webcomic or test my luck with my mediocre writing skills as a Novel? Or am I just wasting my time and let this idea just wither and die?
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  2. Never think that it's a waste of time; if this is something that keeps coming back to you after more than a decade, I say pursue it. If you don't think you're good enough as a writer, then improve. People only remain stagnant in their abilities when they don't bother trying to improve; some of them have large egos and think they are just it, while others lack the confidence. I assume you fall into the latter category, and if so, here's something to consider--the more you do it, the more confidence you'll gain in your abilities. It may not be constant--you'll have moments, days, even weeks--when you feel you're less than worthless.

    When these feelings surface, persevere. Nothing in life worth doing is easy. :)

    I think you could certainly make a novel of it; but like I said, you'll need to hone your skills. It needn't even be right when you first start writing it--first drafts are seldom gold--but something you can improve upon with each draft. :)

    If you want to go the webcomic route, then the same advice applies; hone your craft to the best of your ability. Are you a better artist or writer? Whichever one you have a stronger affinity for, I suggest going with it. :)

    Most importantly of all? Don't give up.
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  3. Big projects and huge investments in time, labor and energy make me indecisive.
  4. Well, if you pursue it, I'm afraid it's going to be all of those things. ^^; I guess what it really boils down to is this: Do you want it badly enough? If you do, you'll make it work, even if it's a complete drain at times.

    If you don't want it enough, then it might not be the path for you.--or at least, it might not be the path for you at this particular time.

    The decision falls entirely to you.
  5. I want it, but I like to keep my face.

    I've had several projects in the past blow up in my face.
  6. Sadly, it seems to be part and parcel to the whole process (so I've been told).

    I guess all you can do is hope it bears fruit, in the long run.