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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Necropolis, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. This is where all characters come and go. Any roleplay character you made, whether they are good, bad, or neutral, are welcome here. You can choose to describe your character or describe him/her as you progress. May the thread that binds us and intertwines our worlds stay strong.
    (optional OOC sheet)
    Sex (Male, Female, or neither):
    Weaponry (optional) :
    Powers/ Abilities (optional):
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  2. Example...
    Name: Necropolis
    Sex: Male
    Age: 3,247 yrs. old
    Race: Undead
    Biography: (Necropolis says this) The reason I am named Necropolis derives from necromancy, in which a necromancer had summoned a neutral undead being from another dimension to do battle for him. However, in order to survive, the creature needed all of his magic. Using magic requires you to give up energy, but necromancers must sacrifice part of their soul, or their life force. The necromancer sacrificed all of his soul to bring the creature to life after summoning it from the other dimension, killing himself. This left the creature free to roam with nobody giving it orders. Whenever it dies, it's soul goes to the nearest dead body and revives it. If someone kills this creature of never-ending reincarnation, the creature's soul will combine with the killer's soul, and when he dies, his dead body will be taken over and his soul will mend with the creature's soul. After generations, I have become the next host, and I can go without notice if I don't break the rules.
    Personality: Kind, slow in the head, clever, but quick to back down from a battle, and not ever upset... EVER.
    Weaponry: Fists only... when you're Necropolis, that's all you ever need.
    Powers/ Abilities:
    1. Super silent movement- Unless you are in a quiet place with no distractions and you hear really well, you will never hear undead unit moving in to kill you (Not Necropolis, he's nice). It is an activated power, and it is common among the undead ranks. (P.S: The undead make almost ideal assassins if trained and equipped correctly.)
    2. Body morphing- He can dislocate body parts and move them to different places, also stretching out skin, organs, and tissue. (an example is a 25 foot rope composed of one beings dislocated body parts. It is an activated power, and it is rare among normal undead units. (excluding creations like a lich, ghosts, spirits, demon, and other advanced unholy beings.)
    3. Slow regeneration- Imagine Wolverine or Deadpool's regeneration, slowed down by four times. It's best that after taking some damage, he rest or find cover.
    4. Reincarnation- Whenever it dies, it's soul goes to the nearest dead body and revives it. If someone kills this creature of never-ending reincarnation, the creature's soul will combine with the killer's soul, and when he dies, his dead body will be taken over and his soul will mend with the creature's soul.
    5. The Ultimate Meat Shield- Necropolis is the ultimate meat shield, as he only dies from decapitation or starvation. Necropolis can be a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore depending on the circumstances he is in. He can absorb or deflect anything from cannon balls to spears to the face.
    6. Extreme Knowledge- Necropolis regains his memory of all of his past lives 3 days after reincarnating, so surviving 3,000 years makes you pretty smart.
    7. Cannibalization- A filthy ability Necropolis rarely uses, cannibalization increases regeneration speed exponentially and giving him extra strength.
    8. Regrowth- A mentally activated power that allows Necropolis to use nearby corpses to make temporary clones of himself. It's a bit OP, but it only lasts for about a minute.
    9. Poison- Necropolis can poison someone by hitting an open wound, letting the rotten flesh do it's dirty work.
    10. The final and most powerful ability. This is the only thing keeping him from becoming the king of the underworld.
    Description: Imagine Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy TM character) with skin instead of wood.
  3. Name: Cassius
    Sex: Male
    Age: 27
    Race: Siguar (leopard furry)
    Biography: Cassius grew up in a bad area (think Camden or Detroit) with no family that he can remember. He made a living through pugilism (fighting), and gained a limited education through reading, adventure stories mostly, with books on basic swordsmanship on the side. One day, Cassius had a fateful encounter with a master mage named Madara. The two talked for a bit and after a while Madara cam to like Cassius. He took him in and trained him in the ways of magic and gave him a complete education, including teaching him things about the magical world. With all this change though, one thing from his past still lingers. When he was a boy, reading his books, he came to idolize the main character of the stories, the knight-in-shining-armor type who would do anything for his friends and never give up no matter what the odds. He liked this kind of personality so much that he emulated it in himself, and now wants to be a knight. At the moment though, he is a mercenary, taking jobs that do not conflict with his moral code, stopping those that do and adventuring all of the place, never staying in one place if he does not have business there.
    Personality: Kind, caring, patient with some things impatient with others, has a bit of a temper, always looks to do the right thing morally, empathetic, likes making new friends, hates cruelty and sadism, always wants to defend the weak and innocent
    Weaponry (optional) : Falchion sword (it's a type of sword), kite shield
    Powers/ Abilities (optional): expert spell caster, shape shifting (only has two forms (human and huge, red, four legged dragon) but can acquire more via blood to blood contact with someone else)

    ((whats the starter for this?))