Crossover's Cards

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  1. C a r d ' s C o l o r s a n d O w n e r s












    Black Lyrene-san Lyrene Paige " Rayne "

    Everything was the same, school, work, buildings, restaurants, cinemas, malls, cards. Just another ordinary day, that's what everyone would think. You wouldn't even know that someone's watching you, or maybe following you from behind waiting to attack. Lot's of cases had happen of murder, rape and suicide. It was normal for everyone of course since this had always happened. But they never expected that a simple paper of a card could change your life.

    Every card had a meaning, it had different colors and design. Some card like this was rare, it was only told in legends that once a person finds this card they would have eternal protection or destruction. A plain card with a design of a rose with thorns around, these cards were scattered across the world. Red. Blue. Pink. Orange. Yellow. Purple. White. Green. Brown. Gray. Black. Each had different meaning and history, these cards had brought tragedy to the last holders before you, will you handle protecting this card from being stolen?

    In your school Crossover Academy there has been students chosen to be the guardians of this cards, you could either work alone or find those other guardians, it's your choice. Crossover Academy has been an indoor high school where dorms are provided by each grade, don't push your luck the male and female students will also be separated in this matter. You have your own room without any dorm mate, peaceful right? Although there will be high securities at night in case you try to escape, can you handle this without anyone knowing you had a special card. I hope you will.

    Like i said, each of this cards had a deep power inside and you have to find out how to work this power, or maybe handle it. There are some other people like you guarding this kind of card, you might not know it but they might be really close. Maybe you could work together with this people, make sure you aren't alone, make sure you won't tell anyone about this, make sure you don't lose this, make sure you survive. This was a test of the cards.


    Rayne was in her dorm room fixing herself for school, she tied her whitish pink hair in both side leaving some bangs on her face, she was wearing the school uniform very neatly and organize. Now she was ready, looking back on her mirror table the card from yesterday was still there laying down. Last night when she came back from the long semestral break she found a card laying down her bed when she her dorm. It was just a plain ordinary black card with gold lining picturing a rose, she held it for a little while and felt kind of strange. Now it's morning it was still there.

    "Guess i have to bring it then..." her voice was soft and gentle, she held onto the card then placed it on her right bag pocket and walked out of the dorm. Like everyday she will go up in the rooftop and watch the sun come up, that was one of her secret place. The view kept her calm and gives a happy feeling, it made her forget what had happen from her early childhood. The day that she rarely remembers, she shuddered from the thought.
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