Crossing The Line

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  1. Monsters.
    What is the first thing you think of when you hear that word?

    Is it the tales of the creatures under your bed as a kid? Is it the nightmares you always have?

    All of those are fake, right?

    What if I told you that Monsters are real, and closer than you think?

    There may be one right next to you, or right beneath your very skin.

    Long ago, Monsters and Humans were once two completely different things, unaware of each other. However, when witches invaded the human world, the whole wall between the two worlds crumbled under the pressure. Centuries of war, love, and misery later, Monsters have apparently been completely wiped from the world.

    Or so it seems.

    To this day, everyone has a teensy bit of Monster DNA in them. Its what drives us to insanity, to sin. However, not everyone can maintain their human form. Some people (starting at their teens) still have the ability to transform into their inner monster, to be more than human. However, it never ends well.

    Here is where we enter our setting-
    Abyss Academy for the Abnormal. Here, the school takes in teens banished from society for being what they truly are, and gives them a hand in the world. Here, teens learn to control their abilities and how to use them to protect one another, in hopes to rebuild monster world and once again have safety for them.

    However, the problem with hybrids is that, if some of them turn into their 'true' form, there's no going back. They will have no recollection of who they are or who they used to be, destroying everything in their path. With this fatal error at risk for every student in the area, will Abyss Academy's dream ever come true?
    My characters:

    Name-Esther Wall
    Monster type- Demonic spawn, Possession type, 1/4 blood
    Personality type-Ester grew up in a country area, where her mother raised her when her father died. Her mother was a half demon, but an addiction type. Knowing her daughter inherited it, signaled by her bright eyes, she took it under her wing to tell her daughter the secrets of the world, and what she truly was. Esther took it to heart, at her young age, and tried to fight it. However, when her mother was killed by a priest who hunted her down, Esther's inner demon was released as she broke the mind and spine of the priest from the inside.

    On the run from the human world, Esther is a stubborn soul who finds no reason to hide who she is. She may come across as dull to most people, but she is incredibly smart and strong. She can control the minds of her enemies, so she has a manipulative streak. However, that's hardly seen, as she's usually alone. She strongly stands with Abyss's motto, saying humans are the real monsters, and its best to separate the worlds.

    Name-Spade Spineret
    Monster type-Shapeshifter, second class, 1/8 blood, but from the main source.

    Personality type-Spade comes from a shady town, where his family was heavily involved with crime. They had to steal to support Spade and his siblings, 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Spade, however, was never like them. He always looked after his younger siblings and held down the home. He was always picked on by his siblings for having "No spine" or a "weak heart".

    How he revealed his monster form was a complete accident, to be honest. His sister had run into the streets, and had ran in front of a car. Without realizing, Spade had turned into a stone wall. To rebound the vehicle, and broke bones and ribs. After he recovered (and rather quickly, too), his family began avoiding him. Overcome with despair, he was offered a place at Abyss from the headmistress herself.

    Spade is a kind and loving soul, with a gentle nature. In 'Monster' terms, he's a 'Foundation' type, one who will build a large family of powerful types, despite his second class title and weak abilities. He is smart when it comes to basic functions of life. He is weak stomached though, and is a type that needs protection himself.