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  1. Gray, cold and overcast in Chicago wasn’t exactly the most ideal weather to be jogging in, but for Special Agent Kyle Jordan it was the only place in the world where he didn’t feel like he had to live a lie. For the last two weeks Jordan felt as though he was living a lie which was now is life. About two weeks ago Kyle Jordan was assigned to be a part of a Task Force in Organized Crime specifically infiltrating The Mortelle Crime Family headed by Elthrial Mortelle. According to various sources she was the new head of the family, and was looking to bring the Five Families under one banner. Namely that of her family’s banner and this had the FBI understandably concerned. Kyle was chosen out of the Atlanta Office and sent into Chicago. He had only a couple of years of experience under his belt which was enough for him to know the ins and outs, but not enough for him to have that “Agency Smell” attached to him yet and didn’t have any personal attachments to him. His parents were killed in car crash while he was in College, and his older sister and him weren’t that close.

    Jogging was Kyle’s sanctuary though. He didn’t carry a cell phone with him, or any ID of any form on him. This was his domain and as he slowed down Kyle saw he had done five miles in just under twenty-five minutes. Kyle smiled as he said, “About time!” It was a personal best and something Kyle had been working for over the last six weeks. Once he took a cool down lap around the park Kyle felt he had earned himself a reward. Kyle stopped off at the local Starbucks and picked up a Café Mocha with a Bagel and Cream Cheese. Kyle had a seat and under just enjoyed watching the people go by. He wondered how many of them were on their way to work? Who was getting ready to pull off a crime? Who would somehow be connected to his current case? For Kyle, everyone was viewed as a suspect to him. He didn’t allow himself but so much downtime, because he worked too hard too long to make it as a Field Agent. Kyle thought he might forever be stuck in Cubicle Land monitoring transmissions and translating various codes, but after his second year in the Agency he proved himself in the field when he saved an OP in Boston from getting exposed with some quick thinking by leaping out of the Surveillance Van. This impressed The Bureau to no end and they spent a year training him as a Field Agent. This was first assignment without his Partner Roy Briscoe by his side. There was to be no contact made by him to anyone within The Agency. Kyle was on his own and if he got caught there would be no rescue attempts. His cover story Rick Cooper frustrated writer trying to make his way in Chicago working as a bartender until something better comes along.

    Kyle looked at his watch and realized that his people watching went a little longer than usual. He quickly made his way back to apartment where he grabbed a quick shower while listening to some of the music he downloaded last night. Once the shower was done as Kyle was slipping on his white tuxedo shirt he kept saying, “Rick Cooper. My name is Rick Cooper.” This was done so he could comfortable with taking away any connection to Kyle Jordan. Rick Cooper was bartender at one of the Upscale Bars owned by The Mortelle Crime Family called The Golden Dove. It wasn’t much but it was a seemingly innocent foot in the door, and besides bartenders here some of the best gossip. Once he finished getting dressed Kyle took a look at himself in the full length mirror wearing what appeared to be a Tuxedo Outfit sans the jacket and said, “Good Evening Mr. Rick Cooper.”

    Arriving five minutes early at work the manager Donny Holmes approached Rick and said, “Hey Coop, listen Adrian called in his mom is really sick so looks like you’re flying solo until we get someone in here to help out.”

    Rick nodded and replied, “You got it Donny. Just doing what I can to help out.”

    Donny said, “All right get to it Rick. Note it on your time sheet that you flew solo.”

    Rick replied, “Will do.” With that Rick was behind the bar in a matter of minutes doing his usual listen and pour.
  2. The day was cold and grey in Chicago, the sun did not shine. The underworld as they were known were always busy and the busiest of them all was the youngest. Her name was Elthrial, she was the newest deadliest crime Lord to take over. She had just taken over and wanted to get all the mobs under her control. She wanted the rule and she would get that.

    Her parents had been killed by betrayal. She had every single traitor dead and hunget for all to see what happened to traitors in her world. She had grown up under her uncle and when she was older became rightful head of the family. She had many ideas that would lead them into the new world and disarm the police. She would spend her nights trying to get those she could to help her brig the other 5 families under her rule. She had 3 out of 5 she was proud of herself.

    Elthrial Sat in her club going over numbers and orders. She was also watching dancers in the club. She sighed and snapped her fingers. " No not like that." She said and stood. Her heels clicked on the floor as she went to the stage and put her white blonde hair down. She snapped and the light's went out."Likethis ladies. Give me a spot James." She said. she sang and danced in her pant suit and when finished. The club employees cheered for her. She smiled and had her henchmen men help her off the stage. She walked over to the bar and looked at Rick." New guy right let me guess Rick Cooper, give me a drink, suprise me, oh and welcome to the family." She said. She smirked and watched him. She normally got a panicked look from the new help. she got her drink and looked at him." Thank you," She turned to her guards and whispered nodding to Rick."Have him join me immediately." She said. She walked to a table to watch the girls rehearse . She looked up when she saw Rick walk over and waved her men off and points to a seat." Sit." She said. She watched him.
  3. It seemed like it was about to be another night behind the bar for Rick. He would once again be listening to people who had more money than good sense complain about their lives, seeing how many drinks they could ingest before they had enough “courage” to either go home or talk to someone at the end of the bar, or Rick’s personal favorite game watching people try to hide their forth finger on their left hand while talking to someone they shouldn’t be talking to. Nice to know that I spent all those years in school and at the academy. The bright side for Rick though was the tips were usually pretty decent. So far though two weeks behind the bar hadn’t yielded a single clue or shred of evidence for Rick to move forward on. Then again the Bureau did say that this Op was going to take a long time to make happen. Rick, or Kyle actually, was picked for this Op for three reasons. One he had a certain level of charm and could think fast on his feet, two he was from outside the loop meaning no one knew him, and third he had no emotional attachments. If something happened to him not a lot in terms of grieving family members. He broke up with fiancé 8 months ago, and his parents and him had a falling out as a result of the break up so they wrote him off.

    Just then Donny came almost rushing by in a sprint towards Rick. He said, “Look alive the boss lady is on the premises.”

    Rick nodded and replied, “Noted Donny.” Elthrial Mortelle, the mention of her name made everybody’s pulse quicken a bit more, and seeing her in the club was enough to make people feel like they should be falling on swords on sight. Rick hadn’t had any dealings with Elthrial he only caught a glance of her last week when there was 30-year reunion of the 1985 Bears Super Bowl Team. What he saw though Rick had to admit was very impressive. He watched as Elthrial showed the dancers how to do their jobs. She had an attention to detail that was also impressive. Clearly Elthrial was not a dumb blonde or someone content to rest on her laurels.

    As he was prepping a couple of lemon wedges Rick looked up to see Elthrial standing right in front of him. Not only did she talk to him she knew his name to boot. Rick merely nodded and said, “Pleasure to be here ma’am.” Rick made her a vodka-tonic and as she walked away he looked over at Donny who gave him the “OK” sign with a couple of nods. Just then her bodyguards approached the bar. At first Rick was going to say something sarcastic, but he figured it best not to rock the boat, well at least not yet.

    One of them spoke, “Miss Mortelle wants you to join her.”

    Rick looked over to Donny who very quickly jumped behind the bar and said, “Go on over Rick. I got your back.”

    Rick looked back at Donny and asked, “Any words of wisdom?”

    Donny replied, “If she asks you to marry you say yes. Getting asked to sit with her is liking being summoned to Mount Olympus.”

    Rick chuckled and said, “Sound advice. and I'll remember to kneel on both knees and not just one as a show of respect.”

    Rick was a pretty sizable guy. Standing roughly 6’1” and about 210 but the two bodyguards walking over to Elthrial’s table with him made him feel like Kevin Hart standing next to Shaq. When she looked up and waved off the guards Rick felt a bit of a rush in his pulse, but not enough to feel uncomfortable or nervous. Just enough for him to be aware of what he said and did for the next few moments.

    Rick sat as he was instructed to and he said, “Hope you liked the drink Miss Mortelle.” Rick looked around and said, “Very impressive club you have here. I’ve enjoyed my time so far and…” Rick then saw something in the reflection of a mirror. It was a man wearing a dark trench coat with a hat pulled down over his eyes. Rick saw him shove the hostess aside and he knew what was about to happen. Without even thinking Rick leaped over the table taking Elthrial down with him. Rick then quickly overturned the table as the sound of an automatic weapon being discharged filled the air. Parts of the table began to splinter around them as Rick laid on top of Elthrial. He could hear the bodyguards begin to return fire, but the shooter was a pro and was taking evasive actions, but the bodyguards were trying to shoot him. Rick knew they were wasting their bullets and sooner or later the shooter would reach Elthrial. Rick grabbed the glass from the floor and he glanced up. He had a lock on the shooter in the mirror and said to Elthrial, “Excuse me for a moment.” Rick took a deep breath and then sprung up hurling the glass at the shooter. Rick nailed him in the face with the glass which was enough to leave the shooter a bloody mess that was staggering back. Rick charged the shooter and tackled him. Once he had him on the ground Rick threw a solid right that shattered his nose. He heard the bodyguards approach and one of them pulled him off the shooter. Rick stood up and walked back over to Elthrial. .

    He said, “Sorry about knocking you down. Are you all right?”
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  4. Elthrial looked as he sat and asked about her drink." Perfect not drink of choice but still tasted good." She said. She watched him and tapped her the glass." Please call me Elthrial and I am glad you like it and why do you work as a bartender and not for me specially?" She asked. She Noticed him look at the mirror before she could look he had her tackled on the ground. She heard the shots fired and covered her head. The table was turned and she covered her head as she listentened to the gun fire. She was pissed that any one would try anything on her life. She heard her guards fire back. She was still slightly pissed that she had been thrown to the floor. She watched him grab a piece of glass and Chuck it at the man. It chucked into his head and she saw him attack the man. She breathed and looked up at Rick as he looked down at her.

    Elthrial stood slowly and brushed herself off. She had glass shards over her body. She glanced at him." You save my life no need to apologize. I am fine thanks to you" She said. her men grabbed him and held him at gun point." Let him go he did nothing wrong. bring me that man and make kneel in front of me." She pointed to the shooter. She pulled a gun from a boot." Who sent you?" She asked. The man glared at her." Wouldn't you like to know." He snapped." It's why I am asking. though your right thanks for wasting my time." She said. She cocked the gun and shot the man in the head." get rid of the body, clean this place up and do your job next time actually Tim." She said stopping the man she pulled her gun on him and shot him. She turned to the other man." Better learn to shoot better or your next." She said " Get Darrel to help you with this. Oh Rick your to be at my side from now on." She said.

    Elthrial walked and went sit at a table." Your no longer a bartender." She said. Your a personal guard and you will be at my side 24/7. I do mean this you will carry a gun. Pay raise, better dress and well you get the pleasure of my company." She said She looked at him and held the gun on the table." Any objections if so I can find someone else. you can join Tim their." She said to the dead body. She watched him." offer won't be on the table for ever." She said
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  5. Watching Elthrial deal with the would be assassin was an eye opening experience for Rick on two levels. First level she didn’t let anyone else take care of the shooter. Second level she took him out with the efficiency and talent of a seasoned shooter. Rick, or Kyle, had seen people die before he had even done the deed himself a couple of times. In this case though, it was done with such focus and borderline ruthlessness that Rick realized this assignment was truly not going to be a simple surveillance and report back.

    Rick was somewhat surprised that Tim was allowed to not only keep his job, but that he was still alive. Some of the other criminals that he had dealt with in the past would’ve taken both Tim and Darrel out along with the would be assassin. Then came the offer of a, somewhat, promotion Rick wasn’t sure what to say at first. He got the feeling though that Elthrial wasn’t the type of the person who heard, or accepted, “no” too often. Rick thought about it for a whole 2 seconds and said, “Thank you...” he started to call her “ma’am” but then smirked and said, “Elthrial I graciously accept your offer. If you will excuse me for just a moment I need to let Donny know.”

    Darrel and Tim were both looking at Rick as he walked by and he stopped for a second to look at the shooter. One he would remind himself the first chance he got to see if he could possibly get an ID on him. Second, he was only human and Rick did allow himself a brief smirk as he admired his handy work. Rick looked at Darrel and Tim and flicked his right wrist back and forth a couple of times. He said, “It’s all in the wrist.” Rick walked away and could feel the two just glaring at him. He knew that this would be a source of tension down the road. For the moment though he was the Golden Child so Rick felt pretty safe, for the moment.

    Donny approached Rick and said, “Impressive moves kid. Are you sure you wanna just be a writer? You got moves and quick thinking skills that are rare to say the least.”

    Rick shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Meh, I’ve seen a few action-adventure movies in my day. Listen Elthrial…” Donny cocked an eyebrow and Rick continued, “Hey she told me to call her that. Anyway, she wants me to be her personal bodyguard so…”

    Donny nodded and said, “Say no more kid. Good luck and watch your back Tim and Darrel they ain’t gonna be thrilled with you.”

    Rick shook his head and said, “Not worried Donny. They got me on size and strength, but I got ‘em on quick wit and a charming personality.”

    Donny shook his head as Rick walked back to the table. Rick sat down but off to the side so he could still see the front door. He said, “Now if I’m gonna be an effective bodyguard I need to be in the loop on your schedule, because I got a feeling whoever tried this will try again. Also I need to see where you live so I can develop other ideas on how to keep you safe at home.” Rick looked around and saw Tim and Darrel with their backs to him. He said to Elthrial, “By the way I don’t think Tim and Darrel are too happy with me being the new kid on the block. That could be an issue down the road.”
  6. Elthrial held up her hand to the two guys as they watched Rick. She saw him debating it and tapped her nails. she had her hand on the gun. She smiled when he said yes." Good yes go talk to Donny." She said and sighed as she looked after him with a small smirk. He was a nice guy and a good shot. see was glad to keep him around and her personal body guard. She put the gun in her belt loop and stood slowly. she looked around and listened to Rick speak to Donny. She had smirked at his comment to the boys.

    Elthrial barely looked at the body and man she killed. she was cold hearted and didn't care. she was number to killing him, she smiled as Donny said what he did. She watched him and waited. she was suprised he wanted to tell Donny. She cleared her throat, to say get a move on it. she didn't wait forever. She laughed at his last comment.

    Elthrial looked at Rick as he walked back and sat down." Slow your roll your not in yet," she passed him the gun." I want you to kill someone for me." She said." Donny bring me my usual drink." She said. She turned to him" Kill Donny when he gets over here." She was testing him of he did it he was a cold blooded Killer and she would kill him. If he didn't he pass the test, it shows he could look out for his own." She watched him and watch his face fall. Her eye's lifted as she took the drink from Donny." Oh Donny Rick has something to say." She said. she watched Rick struggle to do as she asked. when he didn't she laughed and smiled. She stood." Your in, perfect you passed the test and you Donny get to live another day. here sorry didn't mean to scare you." She said and handed him 200. for the drink and your amazing service and loyalty to me and my family. The place had been cleaned up by Darrel and Tim. They were out back waiting for her by the car. She had heard his earlier comment about Tim and Darrel. She got in and looked Tim." Oh Tim I forgot to give you something" She said. he turned to her and she shot him in the head." Take his weapons and ID Darrel and burn the body of any evidence dump it in the river and meet me back at the house. Good luck don't let cops catch you or you are next." She said. she closed the door and looked at the driver to the mansion." She said. she looked at Rick" Welcome officially to the family, here is your phone keep it on you I will call you any time anywhere, new ID, and gun. Think you can handle it or want a knife? " She asked with a smile. She handed him a bag her driver had given her with all his things.
  7. The Bureau didn’t have much in the file concerning Elthrial. At this moment though Rick had enough information to classify her as highly unstable. Killing people as easily as he used to jog two miles without breaking a sweat and trusting Rick so easily. There was a part of him that felt like he should not only sleep with a gun under his pillow but a crucifix as well. Not to mention now since he was in a new house all his items that Rick used to keep in touch with the Bureau were no longer with him. By now, they had to have gotten word about what happened at the club tonight. Rick was willing to bet that they were going crazy trying to figure out what happened to Rick. Although in the back of his mind Rick was willing to bet a year’s pay that the Bureau had at least one or two inside sources who would pass the word along about what happened. That would also include word about Rick’s new standing within the family.

    He looked around the spacious mansion and said, “And I thought that the club was impressive. This is very nice indeed.” Looking at Elthrial he said, “All that being said I recognize that I’m here for a purpose. To keep you alive so that you can take care of your business and feel safe.” Rick stood in the center of the foyer and recognized no fewer than five possible points where someone could get in if they put in the right amount of planning and effort. Rick had a feeling that Elthrial was placing a lot of trust in the home security system, her family’s name to keep would assassins at bay, and of course in Tim and Darrel well now just in Darrel. Rick figured that Tim and Darrel had been with the family for years and they got lazy.

    Rick said, “Now if you will excuse me I will drop my bags off in my room, and then I would like to take a look at the security center of the house. A house this size doesn’t just have a couple of cameras, alarms, and guard dogs. I have no doubt you have a state of the art system in play here.”

    Rick looked around the foyer and he (Kyle) knew enough about security systems that he could see this system was in bad need of an update actually. Once again the family probably grew reliant on reputation and out right firepower to keep people in check. In this case though the old Don was out and Elthrial was in, but she wasn’t used to being the one in the cross hairs. Her unpredictable nature and the family in transition meant this situation was getting fairly dangerous for Rick. Not to mention he had to remember Kyle Jordan was an FBI Agent and he had a REAL job to take care of. All of this made Rick/Kyle vow that when this was all over he was going to be taking a long vacation.
  8. Elthrial nods"All in the family, should see the other house over seas." She said. She was watching him. She had a feeling something was off about him. She nods as he said he wanted to check out the security and drop his bag in his room. She snapped her fingers and a man walked over." Jiles please take Rick here to his room and to look at the security get him what ever he needs.Also make sure he gets the lay of the land." She said and waves the Butler on.

    Elthrial walked to her room and called a man to her." Zane do your research on Rick and figure out who is working for. No bartender is that good and see if we can flip him to our side." She said. she sent him away and went to shower and change. She changed into black pants and a low cut halter top. she put her heels on and went to sit in her office as she went to work. People came and went. only the trusted. When Darrel came in She nods to him." Good job you have tims spot. do better then Tim.Oh bring me the cop from the basement, we have an interigation to do. Also bring me, Rick, because he will kill the cop if he isn't one, if he is he won't be able to do it" She said. She was smart and never stupid. She knew who she kept around her. she got up and walked to the room it had plastic on the floor and a cop tied to a chair. She had no regard for life of other but those loyal to the family. She was still testing him it took a lot to be her Bodyguard.
  9. Rick nodded and said, “Thank you very much. Lead on Jiles.” Jiles replied, “If you will follow me sir.” As they walked along Rick said, “Look Jiles if you wanna just call me rick that’s fine. I’m not used to someone calling me sir or anything like that. I’m just a simple guy who served in the Army Ranger Corps and got out because he got tired of being nearly 30 and shot at all the time. Who realized he never gave himself a chance to be 20 so I don’t rank too high on the maturity scale.”

    They reached his bedroom door and Jiles said, “No offense sir, but it is the way I have been called to carry out my duties. Much like you have been called to serve Mistress Elthrial. I cannot change that any more than you can change who you really are sir.”

    Rick nodded and replied, “All right fair enough. I’ll allow it for now.” The two men smiled at each other for a moment and Jiles said opening the door, “Very well sir. If you need anything just use the phone on the nightstand.”

    Rick replied, “Thank you Jiles.” Jiles walked away as Rick went into the room and closed the door. He opened up his bags and began putting the clothes away. He didn’t notice any bugging devices or hidden cameras, but Rick wasn’t going to doubt for a moment that they weren’t there. This family didn’t rise to the level of the Underworld just on blind luck or being careless.

    Leaving the room Rick was enroute to see Darrel approaching him. Rick asked, “Hey Darrel what’s going on?”

    As big as Darrel was Rick/Kyle knew about three dozen ways to take out Darrel without even breaking a sweat, and before Darrel could lay a finger on Rick /Kyle.

    Darrel replied, “Miss Mortelle wants to see you right now. Follow me.”

    Rick replied, “Sure thing if we get lost I’ll call a cab.”

    Darrel just glared at Rick to which Rick smiled. Darrel took a step towards Rick and said, “Listen here barboy, Tim was my friend and because of you he’s dead. I got no love or use for you. If there was to be a convenient accident involving, you and your untimely demise I would be very happy about it.”

    Rick merely rolled his eyes and asked, “Really Darrel is that the best you got? What you’re gonna get me and my little dog too?” Rick looked at him and said, “Look Darrel I have no idea who you’re used to dealing with, but let’s get one thing straight Tim’s incompetence got him killed. You’re hanging on by a thread and lastly…” Rick shook his head and said, “What the hell.” He side stepped Darrel and stood at the top of the stairs. With his back to him Rick said, “One shot to knock me down the stairs. I’m not even looking at you.”

    Rick stood there and watched Darrel in the reflection of a window. Darrel was almost in a full sprint when Rick side stepped again and grabbed Darrel by the back of his jacket and slammed him into the nearby wall. Rick then let Darrel go as Darrel then began falling down the stairs. Rick reached the bottom of the stairs and leaned into Darrel. He said, “Now listen here you overgrown moron. That was your one shot and you blew it. Next time you and Tim are gonna both be former employees here. Point which way to go.”

    Darrel very groggily replied, “Down the main hall…left…forth door…knock twice and say, ‘clear’ that will get you in.”

    Rick replied, “Thank you Darrel my advice sleep this one off.”

    Rick walked down the hall and did as he was instructed. When he arrived in the room Rick knew right away what this room was for, and he had suspicion what was next when he saw someone tied to a chair and badly beaten. His superiors told him to do whatever he had to do to maintain his cover above all, and Rick was prepared for that
  10. Elthrial was waiting she had the cop tied up he was bloody from the beating he had been given. He looked up when the door opened. he was actually Rick/Tylers co worker. He knew it was him immediately. He went to say something but went silent at ricks look. Elthrial seemed to catch it. she had a small smirk on her lips. She walked over behind Rick her hands gently on his arms." See we had a deal with detective Amos here and we'll he went back on his end on the bargin." She said and slipped the gun into Ricks hand." So he gets a full punishment for crossing the lead family of the underworld. I would like you to do it. You are my Bodyguard after all are you not." She said her lips close to his neck. She watched him gently.

    Elthrial stepped back and walked away to lean on the wall and watch him. She did not flinch at the gun shot. She smirked and called Jiles to have someone clean up and put the body up as a sign for those who cross her. When Rick was about to leave she clicked the gun and pointed it at him." I would not move just yet or you will wind up like him. He seems to know you. Want to explain who you really are and what your doing in my house. Don't lie, you have seen I do not miss or joke around." She said as he kept the gun trained on him."How did you know Amos?" She asked.

    Elthrial was smart and was not stupid when it came to people she knew. She wanted to see how he answer and what her minions came up with. She was what you call an evil genius. She wasn't going to kill him. she was actually kind of fond of Rick in more then one way. She would keep him around that was for sure. She waited for his answer.
  11. The phrase “your cover must be protected under all circumstances” echoed through Rick’s mind as he stepped forward with the gun. In the line of duty it was something that needed to be done, and it seems that this poor soul crossed a line. If it was the two of them in a warehouse and he knew the odds were no worse than 2 to 1 Rick/Kyle might’ve broken protocol and tried to save the cop. In this case there was no other choice on the table. Rick shot Amos in the head to make it as quick as possible. Kyle would confess his sin to a Priest sometime, but that would have to wait.

    Elthrial’s inquiry into Rick seemed to take a step up when she had the gun trained on him. Rick wasn’t too worried mainly because if she really wanted to kill him it would’ve happened at the same time Amos was blown away. Rick looked at the gun pointed at his chest and he sighed with an eye roll, “Really? Okay.” With reflexes that were as quick as lighting Rick managed to pull the gun away from Elthrial by the barrel. Rick then popped the clip out and disassembled it in two moves. He smirked and said, “No I’m not a bartender by trade. Truth is I’m a former U-S Army Ranger.” Rick removed is jacket and dressed shirt showing his tattoo on his right arm. Rick put his shirt back on and continued, “I served for three years and then realized I was closing in on 30 and never gave myself a chance to really by 20 so I got out. I enjoyed writing so I got a job working for the AP as a reporter, but it’s not exactly the highest paying profession in the world.” Rick picked up the pieces of the gun and reassembled it as he continued, “The word is out about some of the activities your family is into so I thought it might make an interesting book. Hence the job at the club bartenders hear a lot of good stories. The attack just sheer instinct. It was called doing the right thing.”

    He took a step towards Elthrial and gave slipped the gun back into her hand. Rick raised the gun back to his chest and gave her a smirk as he asked, “Anything else you wanna know?”
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  14. Elthrial let him take it. She took one put of her boot and pointed that at him. She was sure he would pull some crap. She listened to him and raised a eye brow and sighed. When he handed her the gun back. she put the other in her boot. the other on her hip."Yeah you didn't tell me how you knew Amos first off. Secondly I did not ask for your life story and thirdly if all I am os a story for you. you can get the hell out of my house." She said to him. She kept her arms crossed and a glare at him. She was not a monkey in a zoo." Amos was a detective we had on our payroll, He has no family that will miss him and wasn't in the military. So how is it he would know you unless, your a Undercover cop" She said

    Elthrial watched him her eye's looking for any sign of give. Her arms were crossed and her body was leaning on a pillar. She shook her head." You know what I don't want to know. Actually be fun to see what turns up." She said. El walked over and winked at him, "thanks for getting your hands dirty for me, if you are cop you just killed a man in cold blood. Ethics and morals out the window, maybe you are more like us then you think." She nods to the door.

    " You can go now. I will have Jiles clean this up you continue with your checking of my security, see you at dinner" She said with a nod to him. She didn't let him get more out. She closed the door and locked it as she asked Jiles to clean this up. El grabbed her gun and walked out for the parlor to grab a drink. She wasn't unstable, She just had grown up in a family that killed traitors and those who screwed up. She had no emotions to show, she was raised by her father to be a cold killing machine. Her life had been nothing but a brain washing, She was forced to kill a man at 9. Something in her snapped at that age and she just became cold as ice.
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  15. Rick couldn’t have cared less if his cover was blown or not, because he was still alive and not to mention he could tell that there was way more to Elthrial than met the eye. He was still on the payroll and still had a job so for the moment he had that going for him. Rick knew that with El’s nature she could’ve killed him if she knew he was a cop. Not to mention ever since the killing at the club the whole operation was on the verge of changing. There were tons of scenarios that the Bureau had planned, but if this wasn’t one of them then Rick knew there would be more than a few agents creating some kind of diversion to get him out.

    Rick said with a smirk, “Dinner it is until then.” He gave a slight wink and walked away. Killing the detective didn’t bother Rick too badly he wasn’t the first person to have to kill someone in cold blood during an undercover OP, and he knew he wouldn’t be the last. Chances were very likely he would have to do it again, and Rick even had the feeling in the back of his mind that it might be later on in the evening. Rick left the room and made his way to the main security area as he walked the hallways he took mental notes of possible assault points.

    Opening the door to the security area Rick stood behind the banks of the monitors and studied each one with laser type focus. There were two other security officers in the room, and Rick introduced himself. Obviously El told them who he was, because they hardly even batted an eye at him. As Rick looked at the monitors each monitor told him the same story in its own way, and that was the security in this place was woefully inadequate. The family obviously relied on their reputation to keep the peace so there was no need for major security upgrades, but after this evening’s assault one of the families was getting very bold. Although something troubled Rick, did he tell El what was lacking and allow them to fortify their defenses, or allow things to stay lax and let another assault occur? Rick knew what he had to do once again the cover had to be maintained.

    Rick opened up a bottle of water and began to sip it slowly. His attention was no longer on the monitors Rick knew everything they were gonna tell him for the time being. Rick began to focus in on the shooter at the club. Then several thighs began to add up and Rick wasn’t liking how it was adding up. Everything was telling him that the shooter at the club was a Fed. Rick began to realize he and El were pawns in a very deadly game. If the FBI was about to turn their backs on him then Rick was ready to turn his on them. Not all at once but very gradually and the first step was to let El know what he found out about the security measures, and then secondly would be his conclusion about the shooter.

    Just then Jiles entered the room. He said, “Excuse me Mr. Cooper dinner will be served in the Formal Dining Room tonight in the next half hour. It is advised that you dress for the occasion.”

    Rick nodded and replied, “Absolutely.” He excused himself as he left the security room. Rick went back to his room and put on his Black Armani Suit with a blue tie. Rick arrived in the Formal Dining Room which was Formal in every sense of the word. The marble floors, the fine wood on the table, and the chandelier this room was bigger than his apartment. Rick waited for El to arrive.
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  16. Elthrial did her research on the computer and found what she was looking for on him. She then went back to her work as she wrote in a few books and took a few calls. She would pay those under her rule tomorrow and go to the underworld meeting. She would have to speak and tell them of the attempt and make sure they all were aware. She was writing in a book when Jiles entered." Ma'am Dinner is almost ready. You have a half hour." He said." Thank you Jiles. Oh the time you have requested is yours. You are a loyal man to our family." She said to him.

    Elthrial stood and went for her room. She showered and did her hair El put on a black dress and black heels. The Dress was backless and long, but had a slit up to her thigh. She walked down the steps and went to take her seat at the table. She nods for the other's to join her at the table. The family always ate together. She crossed her legs and nods to Rick." So what is it you have for me?" She asked him.

    Elthrial drank her whine lightly. She had the maids bring out the food and put it on the plate. She was curious and wanted to know what the detective had found she would say later what she had found out about him. She listened to what he was saying and was very interested when he said FBI was after them. she raised and eye brow and looked at him." come with me a minute." She excused herself and sighed.

    Elthrial walked into the study and closes the doors. She looked around and pulled him along and open a secret room behind the book case. She cldied it behind him." Why would your own turn against you? Yes I know your a detective, wasn't to hard to figure out. However I am not mad what I am worried about is the FBI." She said." Your secret is safe with me unless you betray me but that is all in the contract you will sign. Now what is going on with the FBI." She said.
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  17. The dinner fit the setting. Very stylish and elegant Shrimp Cocktails for appetizers, Veal Picotta with Asparagus, and Fruit Cocktail for desert. It was during this time that Rick told her little bits of information about what was going to gage her reactions. They didn’t say much in the open, but behind the cool calm exterior Rick could tell that El was losing her cool very fast.

    Once they were behind closed doors Rick knew it was time to come clean about who he was, because El was showing she was nobody’s fool. Rick nodded and said,Truth, yeah I’m a Fed name’s Kyle Jordan. I am turning my back on them because they turned their backs on me first.” Kyle walked over to a control panel and typed in a few commands. Very quickly the footage of the club attack came up. He said,Pay attention to our shooter El.” The video showed the shooter walking in and Kyle paused the tape. The first thing he did as he pulled his gun was look at the bar. Kyle said, “He wasn’t looking for you he was looking for me. Next notice how he pulled his gun. Very broad motion and very slow if he’s a pro hitter that’s a quick and compact motion. Lastly why shoot at you in the club with your people around you? Getting you and the street as you come in leaves no question about sending a message. They were sent for me because the Feds are probably in bed with some of those within your potential alliance. Killing me sends a message that they are willing to do whatever it takes to work with them I’m a sacrificial lamb. You can bet there are those within your alliance that are willing to do the same. Think about this if I’m wrong then when was the last time you talked to any of them, and why hasn’t anyone contacted you to see if you’re okay? Face it El, you’re on the hit list as well.”

    Kyle shut off the video and said,I’m a pawn and so are you. Someone wants both of us out of the way badly.” He looked at El and said, “The reason I am telling you this simple. I have a bullseye on my head by my own people. I don’t like seeing people get betrayed by those they trust even criminals.” He took a small step forward and said,Besides you know my secrets you figured most of them out. They knew you would and probably they were hoping I would kill you or you’d kill me or we’d kill each other. Bottom line within 24 hours they will be getting nervous that one or both of us aren’t dead.”

    Kyle walked back over to the monitors and cut them on. He said,If you don’t believe me take a look around your estate. For someone who just got shot earlier today everyone is pretty relaxed.” He turned back to El and said, “I can get a lot of this confirmed and maybe even some more information, but I need a scrambled cell-phone.”
  18. Elthrial was mad beyond belief not at him. The information he had given her she could see being true. She looked at the tape as he played it and spoke. She picked up on it quickly. Her mind missed nothing. She had a spoon from stirring her tea. She watched the metal spoon bent easily in her hand as she crushed it out of rage. She was furious," Like I said I don't care where your fun as long as you have my back. I have yours. She stepped up and clicked 3 keys. A screen popped up and she typed in the password and then typed in another password. She pulled up files and showed him." We been tracking every one an everything including the FBI. We were trying to gather all to make the underworld less torn and more solid. The Cops would not be able to catch us. We be the most powerful crime lords known." El let him look at the documents.

    She jumped when she heard gun shots, they were silenced. Well had that chirp. She jumped and pulled up the monitors. Elthrial bit her lip." Fed's and looks like Zanacka from the Valhalla family." She said." We have togo." She pulled a small hard drive from the computer. She stopped when she saw a man walk up to her cameras."If you wish to see Jiles again alive, you will meet up with us for terms, with your crew, oh and bring the cop. Hand over his head and Jiles lives walks free." He said." Miss no my life isn't worth it.

    Elthrial had stopped breathing. Her breath escaped her." Jiles." She grabbed the gun her boot and ran for the door. She felt a hand on her. She struggled." No,no you don't get it. He is like family." She said and broke down into tears. She sunk to the ground." He is all I have left of my parents, but I am not turning you over." She wiped her eye's and sobbed looking down at the floor. She was not one to loose it and cry, but Jiles was the one thing she held dear and close to her heart.
  19. Kyle was familiar with the work of Zanacka. Zanacka was someone who enjoyed keeping others gainfully employed. People like Undertakers, Florists, Ministers, Grief Counselors, and Funeral Directors. In most cases he would be called a mad-dog killer type, but Zanacka actually had a style and a flair for his work. Kyle was sacred of him to a point, and that point was him trying to kill Kyle. Kyle had a healthy respect for life and death situations, but if someone threatened his life that was the line that was never crossed. Kyle walked over to the console and entered in a few key strokes. He said, “I just locked the place down they want to negotiate they’ll do it here. Jiles is their one bargaining chip they can’t afford to lose him.”

    Kyle crossed over to Elthrial and said, “Jiles ain’t dying, you ain’t gonna die, and I sure as Hell don’t plan on it. Besides…” Kyle looked up and down his wardrobe and said, “Getting blood out of this would be a bitch for a funeral.” He gave a couple of nods and said, “We’ll get this wrapped up in time for ‘The Daily Show’ maybe even before the end of ‘NICS: New Orleans’ if it all breaks right.” Kyle’s somewhat confident tone gave way to a more serious one when he said, “Not to mention if things get ugly here whoever the Valhalla Family has here among your staff will have to either expose themselves or work with us.” Kyle embraced Elthrial and said, “Don’t worry we’ll make this happen.”

    Just then the console buzzed and Kyle said, “Oh my could it be that they just discovered that they can’t get out.” Kyle answered and said, “Who is it?” Zanacka replied, “Agent Jordan, open these gates or the butler dies.” Kyle replied, “Oh come on stick around ‘NCIS’ is all new tonight. It’s one of those special episodes." Zanacka clearly annoyed replied, “You think you funny? Open the gates now or the butler dies!” Kyle now as annoyed replied, “You ain’t gonna do shit Jacamar. Yeah surprise I know your first name, anyway, point is Jiles is your only chip in the game and the only thing keeping this from devolving into World War III. Now you have 10 people with you that includes fellow Feds and other associates. Okay we got you out numbered 4 to 1 right now as it stands. He dies it’s a slaughter so think about that Jacamar.”

    There was silence on the line as the static crackled for a moment. Zanacka asked, “Lay out your terms.”

    Kyle nodded and gave a slight wink to Elthrial. He replied, “Okay the stable barns there’s a clearing about 20 yards from it Jiles will know where it is. You bring Jiles alone, and Elthrial will bring me. A prisoner exchange we do it in 10 minutes. You can have person stay behind for back up. Everyone else leaves including our people.” Kyle saying “our people” felt sort of strange to him, because forty-eight hours ago they were the enemy.

    Zanacka was silent and then finally said, “Done 10 minutes Agent Jordan, and no tricks or everyone dies.”

    Kyle replied, “Yawn clichéd Jacamar.”

    Kyle shut off the console and said, “I need one sniper in the pool house in case I don’t get my chance. Use the underground escape tunnel to access it.” Kyle pulled out a Butterfly Knife from his jacket and said, “Secondly I need someone from the staff to use the underground escape tunnel to the stable barns and plant this in the first empty stall on the right in the supply. I’ll excuse myself he’ll find it when I come back and think that was my big plan. The shooter in the pool house is the key. He takes the shot after you and Jiles are clear. If he misses we’re all screwed.”
  20. Elthrial hugged him back when he hugged her. She listened and looked at the screen she bit her lip when they said Jiles would die. She watched the monitor. she had stopped crying her eye's were dry and she was mad, and upset about Jiles. She listened and shook her head no. She wasn't allowing any of this to happen. She couldn't, she promised no harm would come to the FBI Agent next to her and Jiles. She couldn't protect both, she was panicking inside. She had her hand on her gun. She was trying to think this was her house she knew it better then anyone and if she learned anything fight on your own turf your more likely to win.

    She put her hand up when he was telling her what to do." No, I got this." She said. she grabbed the phone and called Damon. She spoke quickly in gaelic and looked at Kyle and held her hand up. She sighed and spoke faster. She sighed and hung up and held the bridge of her nose. " Okay I have this, no worries your bag will be their." She said. She knew where the guns were in the barn. She knew exactly what she was doing now.

    Elthrial opened the door and slipped out. She bit her lip and grabbed the lighter off her desk, up to be father's desk. She looked at Kyle and had him walk in front of her. She had her gun on him. She stopped to change in jeans, a shirt and boots. she knew she have to run. She walked out and looked at Kyle." Just follow my signs and when I tell you to move go for your stuff." She said. she walked to the barn and walked in. She stepped to a certain spot her foot was under the hay. She looked around," Zanacka, Get out here with Jiles or the FBI Agent you want so badly is my kill not yours." She said. She spotted him walk out and looks at Jiles. Elthrial could see he had been beaten good." Ms., Go now" He said." They have.." He got pistol whipped. She glared at him. Don't, Move." She said and nudged Kyle to go. She knelt grabbing her automatic weapon her crew came from behind them. She saw the FBI agents move in and moved for the gas barrel. She lit her zipo lighter." Let him go and leave my property unharmed.If you dont our legacys stop here." She said." Don't believe me look around you hay and underneath it gun powder." She had escape routes and could get out with most. she wasn't one to bluff and he knew it.

    He nods and moved Jiles to go to her." You win this round, Mark my words Mortelle I will have your head on a plate and hold it highly for all to see. Mortelle line will end with you." He waves his hand backing his crew off. One FBI took aim and hit El in the shoulder. She dropped the lighter, El pushed Jiles towards the stable and looked over at Zanacka. She glared at him over the flames and pushed her crew for the tunnels. She made sure she was the last to go even Jiles was out. She looked around holding her arm, she was making sure the barn was clear before she went in. El jumped into the hatch and looked for Kyle to see if he had gotten down safely. She saw him and sighed."Go move or were screwed." She said. She pushed Jiles to go and not take care of her wound. Damon had the steel door, She made it in just as he closed it and the barn made a giant explosion. She had rolled and was on her stomach. However the loss of blood was making her weaker and she felt dizzy. El shook her head at the helping hand up. She could do it herself, making her way up to standing, she breathed deeply." The hatch opens into the house open and make sure their really gone." Elthrial was trying to keep her self focused a hand on her arm. She shook off being dizzy or tried to. Jiles, Damon, Kyle and her were the last to go up. Damon went then Jiles. She leaned on the metal ladder, her eye's closed a minute. She was sweating and bit her lip."Just go Kyle." She said quietly.
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